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Fantasy Pickems

You’re sick of losing fantasy draft competitions to seasoned veterans. Looking for a faster, more satisfying way to take pleasure in fantasy Bounty

As long as you can correctly predict which teams will win, Fantasy Pickems is your ticket to having fun and winning large.

Let’s examine more closely at the app’s functionality, availability, and other important information.

Where can I play?


 Offers two game modes: Fantasy Pickems and Standard. To get started, download the app to your iPhone or iPad and start playing. It’s simple to use this feature whenever and wherever you desire.

To play from your browser instead, go to the Bounty

 Website. This option provides a solid overview of contests, balancing, etc. On their website, you can also obtain additional information, such as the guidelines that apply in the event that a game is postponed or called off.

Fantasy Pickems gameplay and UI in Bounty

We’ll display both variations so you can get off to a strong start with your pickems.

Mobile adaptation (iOS)

To launch the app after downloading it from the App Store, press its icon. To redeem your free $5 and begin entering competitions, you must establish an account. To access the account registration page, tap the Live Contests icon in the middle of the navigation bar.

Following account creation, $5 will be added automatically to your balance, ready for wagering. To view the contests that are up for entry, choose the “Upcoming Contests” icon on the navigation bar’s left side. At the top of the screen, you can sort contests by sport. Details like the contest’s start date and end time, the number of entries, the entry fee, and the total prize pool are also visible.

1. Tap a contest’s card once you’ve found one you want to enter.

Choose the athletes or teams you believe will prevail in each of the listed contests.

2. Click ENROLL at the bottom of the screen.

3. To verify your entry, tap CONFIRM. You’ve just chosen your pickems, it’s that simple!

Under the LIVE CONTESTS category, you can see live results and contests that are now in progress.

There are a few methods you can use to deposit more money. The DEPOSIT button is located at the top of the screen. OR,

1. Access your PROFILE (right icon on the navigation bar).


3. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and provide the necessary card or PayPal information.

4. Click DEPOSIT NOW, and you may start playing.

The process for withdrawing is the same: go to your PROFILE and select VIEW MORE BALANCE WITHDRAW.

Version in a browser

1. Go to the Bounty website and sign up or log in.

2. Select CONTESTS and look through the list of contests until you locate one you want to participate.

3. To see the pickems page, click VIEW.

4. Choose your (hopefully) lucky winners, then scroll down and click ENROLL.

5. To validate your entry, click OKAY.

The contest’s statistics, including the start date and time, entry price, prize amount, and number of entries, are displayed at the top of the page. As you can see, the deposit and withdrawal procedures are virtually same between the browser and mobile versions.

The HOW TO PLAY portion of the browser version, which includes basic contest rules, information about Bounty

, specialized

-related rules, and more, is an advantage.

To get a better understanding, you can also view the game’s teaser.

It shouldn’t be more difficult to play fantasy than this.

 Enthusiasts of different backgrounds can enjoy cheering on their preferred teams or

Men thanks to Bounty


Fantasy Pickems from Bounty Our opinion

Fantasy Pickems is a fun way to enhance your enjoyment of

 while enhancing your sense of competition (particularly if you play against friends!). The pickems process is made as simple as possible thanks to its user-friendly design; you can make your selections and sign up for a contest in under a minute. Not at all awful!


• Simple to use

• Playing doesn’t require substantial knowledge.

• Contests that are updated regularly

• Gain monetary rewards

• Prompt and thorough


I wish there were more contestants to choose from


If you’re looking for a fun fantasy

 App where participants don’t have to live and breathe statistics, Bounty

 is definitely worth a look. Have any recommendations for applications we ought to examine in the future? Comment below and let us know!

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