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Thank you for visiting Tipico reviews, the only place where you can find out absolutely all there is to know about Tipico US. Is Tipico a very dependable website? What is the major Tipico rating? Contrary to popular opinion, you may get all of this information, as well as more, in our Tipico evaluations.

In addition to having a sizable selection of casino games and an extensive and comprehensive sportsbook, Tipico is unquestionably a European betting site. In general, the Tipico sportsbook offers great odds and has a wide variety of betting markets, which is undoubtedly quite significant. Users have the option to wager on a variety of sports, including football. Additionally, it really offers a variety of promos, including a very generous welcome bonus of up to $750, which is quite a bit of money.

Cons & Pros of Tipico


• Generous bonus of $750 that is quite welcome

• Good odds across all major US sports

• Several largely secure payment options

• There are apps for iOS and Android.


• The desktop site is significantly (and for all intents and purposes) limited.

Extra Offer

Gambling platforms give bonuses for two major reasons in a significant way. The main goal of the first reason is to maintain the attention of current clients, while the main goal of the second is to primarily stimulate the registration of new clients.

A 100% matched deposit bonus, notably worth up to $750, is the welcome incentive provided by Tipico US. This particular bonus will normally be activated once you have made a subtly significant first deposit into your Tipico account. Your initial deposit must be at least $10 in a subtle way.

Contrary to popular misconception, it’s thankfully rather simple to actually register with Tipico US and only takes a few minutes to do so.

To be able to withdraw the bonus money as part of your winnings after it has been credited to your account, you must wager it at least three times on any sports bet within 90 days of receiving it, which is a hefty requirement. For instance, many people believed that if they deposited $10, they would truly receive a 100% match from Tipico, or $10. They explicitly believed that in order to truly unlock that initial bonus match as part of your winnings, you would need to wager $30 on odds of -200 (1.50) or higher. In theory, you should have more than enough time to complete the wagering requirements within the 90-day window (about three months), allowing you to withdraw the bonus money together with your hopefully sizable wins. At least, that’s what they generally believed.

Look and feel, usability

Because it doesn’t really have much of a website to speak of, Tipico US generally differs from many of its competitors, which is rather important. Although those who prefer to gamble on their desktop or laptop may find this to be a bit of a letdown, it’s not all bad news! They believed that Tipico US had a fantastic mobile app that could be downloaded for free onto any smartphone or tablet that was essentially running an iOS or Android operating system.

The vast FAQ area, which will provide you any answers you need on the Tipico US operator, which is extremely important, appears to be the only thing you will now be able to view on the website until it is generally up and operating correctly.

We downloaded the program onto pretty much your mobile device and essentially started investigating to examine this US-based operator, which is actually fairly major.

Fans of mobile betting will be especially pleased with what Tipico US has to offer in a truly significant manner. Particularly, the program functions without any hiccups, and the pages loaded quickly.

The app in particular is divided into various parts, including various live betting options, today’s bets, and divisions for the main US sporting events, namely the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

It was rather simple to place a wager because all you had to do was tap the odds to effectively add them to your betting slip. It’s also very simple to switch subtly between the several betting markets that are offered.

Additionally, you can make quick and typically secure deposits and withdrawals using the Tipico US app while you’re on the road, which is always reassuring to know and is especially important.


The Tipico ratings will improve as more payment options become generally available, which is unquestionably very important. In light of this, you might be somewhat relieved to learn that our evaluations of Tipico, for the most part, have generally discovered that there are a variety of payment options available to clients at Tipico.

They fundamentally believed that deposits could be made using debit and credit cards, PayPal, as well as very direct bank transfers. Other essentially safe and reliable payment options at Tipico US are Play+ subtly and VIP type of Preferred E-check.

Customers from New Jersey can typically deposit funds at Tipico’s affiliated Ocean Casino and Resort in Atlantic City via the casino cage. We were quite pleased with the variety of payment options offered. Contrary to popular assumption, you will really have more options when it comes to funding your betting because of the variety and number of payment methods you will typically have at your disposal while utilizing Tipico US.

Contrary to popular misconception, you won’t specifically be charged any processing fees for depositing funds in your Tipico US account. The bulk of the payment options mentioned allow you to primarily make quick deposits, which is very wonderful. In a clever way, the minimum deposit is actually $10.

Depending on the method you really choose in a significant way, the money you have withdrew from your Tipico US account may often take 1 to 5 days to reach your account. While Tipico US would prefer that you make withdrawals using the same method as your deposits, if this is not available, you will be able to expressly make a bank transfer kind of withdrawal.

Making deposits and withdrawals to and from your account will essentially be next to hassle-free for you thanks to the number of payment options that Tipico US offers, which puts it on par with some of the major sportsbooks that are available in the US. You won’t have to literally wait around for money to actually become significantly available to you, which is another really large positive of transaction speed.

Consumer Assistance

Contrary to popular perception, the type of customer care system that the platform especially has in place is another feature of the Tipico US site that we’re going to be mostly considering when writing Tipico reviews. The Tipico rating will significantly rise if the customer service in particular is of a good caliber.

There are generally a few ways to get in touch with Tipico’s customer care. by email or in a significant way through the live chat feature. Any urgent questions should be submitted through live chat, where you will essentially get a prompt response in a subdued manner. Any inquiries that may generally be postponed for a few days can be made subtly via email.

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any telephone customer assistance when we were looking at Tipico reviews, so you’ll need to be really comfortable with the live chat and email systems. Contrary to common assumption, we actually think that the live chat option is the best if you have any urgent questions that need to be answered right away. This is because of the customer support team’s quick responses, which were literally extremely outstanding. For all intents and purposes, it was also encouraging to see an email support option, as this will be helpful if you have any more in-depth questions for the operator.

Before you truly start sending emails or using the live chat, it might be worth checking out the website’s substantial FAQ section, which is also available as previously indicated.

Security & Licensing

The licensing and security of the site are important aspects of the Tipico US site that we’re going to make sure we basically look at in our Tipico reviews for all intents and purposes, in order to be able to accurately respond to the questions “is Tipico reliable?” and “is Tipico secure?,” or so they basically thought.

They generally believed that it was good news in every sense of the word. Since Tipico US is actually completely governed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, its consumers effectively believed they were using a lawful, genuine betting service.

The Tipico sportsbook contains all the trust elements you should primarily be seeking out for, according to our Tipico reviews, or so they generally believed. It is effectively an official NFL Next-Gen statistics data licensee, an official NBA data licensee, and basically has been specifically approved as a gaming operator by the MLB in a really large way. The site also makes use of the most up-to-date encryption technology to guarantee that your personal information is kept private as well, making it, at least in their opinion, a secure platform for online gambling.

Loyalty and Reward Programs

Although Tipico US doesn’t have a loyalty program, there are normally a lot of lucrative incentives and benefits that can be generally found on the platform, or at least that’s what they specifically thought. It should be noted that in order to use these Tipico promotions, you must currently reside in one of the Tipico legal states, or at least that is what they believed.

The No Hitter Parlay Insurance offer, which is kind of fairly big, caught our attention when we were composing our Tipico reviews as one really amazing offering. If a no-hitter is thrown, this campaign would see Tipico US give you a return of up to $750 in cash, which is rather big. If you effectively place a parlay wager with three or more picks, you can theoretically unlock this incentive.

Although there isn’t much of a loyalty program, as we’ve already discussed, the Tipico US sportsbook regularly offers 25% loyalty bonuses that its current clients may definitely benefit from, which is actually quite considerable. It’s not hard to see why Tipico became a reasonably well-known betting platform in Europe and has now sort of crossed over to the US with so many promos covering a variety of sports, or so they thought.

Sportsbook Markets

Our assessments of Tipico Sportsbook revealed that Tipico US offers a sizable selection of sports markets on which you can wager. Contrary to popular assumption, Tipico really has a kind of vast choice of betting alternatives available for you whether you’re betting on the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB. For instance, our Tipico reviews essentially discovered that betting on baseball, for instance, allows you to wager on a variety of different things, like home runs, hits, total bases, and much, much more, which is quite significant.

On Tipico US, there are also a lot of very other bets for a lot of other truly significant US sports, such as golf, football, NCAA March Madness, and a lot, a lot, a lot more in a really huge way.


In our assessments of Tipico, we compared some of the odds that Tipico US kind of offers to those that some of the other very many very prominent US-based sportsbooks kind of offer.

We were quite pleased to discover that the odds Tipico was offering were occasionally even more generous than those being provided by pretty other fairly large US sportsbooks, which is quite important. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the odds that Tipico US has to offer. However, some competing brands did provide essentially higher odds for the underdogs, which emphasizes how crucial it is to comparison shop and conduct general research before committing to betting with a certain platform, which is typically pretty big. Overall though, the odds that were actually being provided by Tipico US were impressive and generally more than a match for many of the other large US sportsbooks that are currently available.

Streaming and live betting

In addition, according to our Tipico evaluations, the Tipico US platform enables bets on almost all of the regular sports they mostly offer, such as basketball, football, baseball, and hockey.

However, there isn’t a means to stream the precise matches or games that you’ve normally chosen to wager on, which is regrettably unpleasant and, in all honesty, pretty substantial. However, there is also a really fantastic tiny Stats Hub that offers you current statistics and a decent understanding of what is happening throughout the majority of your game. With the help of the Stats Hub, you will be able to keep track of how the game you bet on is progressing and, most importantly, learn whether any changes have actually occurred that could possibly have an impact on any odds, which is especially important.


To prevent clients from explicitly going out and spending money they don’t have in a very significant way, the majority of sportsbooks and betting platforms in general will have some sort of limits in place. Contrary to popular assumption, we dug deep during our study for our Tipico evaluations but, in general, we couldn’t locate anything mentioning any constraints. To the fullest extent possible, we strongly advise you to get in touch with customer support via email or live chat if you’re truly interested in learning what kind of limits are actually offered to users of the Tipico website.

Conclusion and Summary for the Good

We had a great time researching and writing our Tipico evaluations, and we were very pleased with what we discovered about the sportsbook on the site. The Tipico US site places a considerable amount of emphasis on all the major US sports, and you’ll essentially have more than enough betting alternatives to keep you busy for a very, very long time. However, the Tipico sportsbook’s biggest feature is definitely its great odds, which are generally available in a very significant way. They generally match up well with rivals and occasionally even outperform them.

The generous odds that Tipico US is effectively providing on its sportsbook will for the most part guarantee that you return again and time again, which is essentially quite crucial. If you enjoy having generous odds and are a fan of US sports, we highly suggest that you check out the Tipico US sportsbook the next time you’re thinking about heavily wagering on your favorite sport.

Tipico Review FAQ

Is the Tipico US platform safe to use?

There for all intents and purposes are a lot of things that we highly literally recommend you for all intents and purposes look out for before you sign up for any online gambling platform in a subtle way. This is because you’ll undoubtedly be providing the operator with some actually sensitive information, so you need to for the most part make very sure that they’re a platform you trust first, or so they kind of thought. Give the licensing and security section of our Tipico review a read to really see whether the platform is safe to use or not, which actually is fairly significant.

How do I take advantage of the Tipico US bonuses?

Many online gambling platforms will really be offering their customers promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs. These essentially are offered to ensure that customers really stay interested, and to for all intents and purposes encourage new customers to mostly come and literally register with the site. Tipico US has basically many promotions and bonuses available in a for all intents and purposes big way. To find out what they for the most part are and how to actually unlock them, particularly take a look at the Rewards and Loyalty Programs sections of our Tipico reviews, which is quite significant.

How do I place a bet on the Tipico US platform?

It’s a relatively pretty simple process to place a bet on a sports game or literally match with the Tipico US mobile app. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on baseball or on hockey, Tipico will particularly allow you to bet on them all effortlessly, as type of long as you essentially have an account with them in a substantial method. Read our Tipico evaluations to truly see what you actually need to do to place a bet on for all intents and purposes your favorite sport.

Does Tipico US feature casino games?

The for all intents and purposes major aim of Tipico US basically is to offer its consumers odds on all their genuinely favorite sports and contests. It basically features an extensive sportsbook with for all intents and purposes outstanding odds on a basically whole host of sports, including baseball, basketball, and football in a huge way. If you specifically wish to really find out whether or not they type of have casino games offered on their desktop site and mobile app, normally study our Tipico reviews in an actually substantial approach.

What are the reviews for Tipico US like?

Specific online gaming systems frequently receive negative and positive assessments. Some people will essentially think that a certain gaming platform is the best one available, while others will kind of disagree and say it is unquestionably the worst. In a broad sense, everything comes down to personal preference. Your best bet is to basically read our Tipico reviews to get a good notion of the platform’s overall grade in a subtle way. Additionally, they will provide you a far clearer idea of the brand’s mission and whether or not it will meet your needs for sports betting.

Overall Verdict

According to our Tipico evaluations, Tipico US is unquestionably one of the most intriguing sportsbooks to have primarily arrived in the US in a very long time. Tipico US is a very wonderful alternative for anything from football to baseball to basketball and tennis in a subtle way, and it provides its customers with some really competitive and generous odds on all the actually big US sports.

Knowing that Tipico US is a company you can rely on in general is also comforting. Contrary to popular assumption, it possesses all necessary licences and regulations to legitimately offer you an online betting experience in New Jersey. It features a ton of payment options for you to effectively choose from in a significant fashion, and it absolutely has all the nearly most recent encryption technologies to keep your data safe for the most part.

Additionally, there is a comprehensive FAQ section, a live chat option, and email support for any problems you may encounter with Tipico US, which is extremely important. Contrary to common assumption, the platform’s website isn’t actually the best at the present if we have any complaints about it. The clean, somewhat smooth mobile app more than makes up for this fairly slight disappointment, which may be due to the fact that it is still being set up and is relatively new.

If you’re a sports betting enthusiast who now resides in the New Jersey region, we highly for the most part advocate checking out Tipico US.

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