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You’ve found the ideal place if you’re seeking an impartial review of Everygame that presents information in a fair and honest manner. A respectable sportsbook called Everygame has a casino that is divided into two parts: the Classic Casino and the Red Casino. Additionally, the website has an entire area devoted to poker! We’ll examine some of the areas where this online casino and sportsbook, in addition to all of its wonderful services, may improve in order to give the most accurate and objective Everygame review that is humanly feasible.

The Positives and Negatives of Every Game

We are dedicated to providing you with an honest review of Everygame Casino in 2022, and part of that commitment is telling you, the reader, both the positive and negative aspects of the website. Even though Everygame is a reliable and professionally run online sportsbook and casino, there are still some issues and areas where it may be improved.


• Allows participation from US players • Constant Customer Support

• A welcome bonus of 125 percent up to $1,000

• A positive reputation in the industry; • A full mobile experience


• The user interface need simplification.

• An surge in wagers on alternative prop bets

• A modest selection of table games and video poker machines

• Prolonged delays for bank wires and checks; appointment-only customer service; phone-only customer service

Vital Information

  • the website everygame.eu
  • The company welcomes American clients
  • A 100% first-time customer bonus up to $50.

The Curacao Gaming Commission has authorized the operation of a sportsbook and a casino. Both services debuted online in 1996 and are accessible on the Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

• A 2.5 out of 5 user satisfaction rating

• 5 out of 5 compatible mobile devices

• Customer service receives 3.5 out of 5 stars.

• 4/5 Time to Payout

Finance: 2.5/5

Our Employee Review

Everygame.eu is a terrific location to visit if you want to take part in some of the top online casino games and sports betting accessible! Because there is a whole section devoted to playing poker, this online casino is ideal for high rollers and those that play for big bets. Try your luck at the online casino and receive a bonus of up to 100%, or sign up for the online sportsbook now and receive a bonus of up to 125%. Poker players will win if they take advantage of the hefty 200 percent sign-up bonus on their initial deposit. If increasing the amount of green currency in your bankroll is your main priority, then you should be at everygame.eu. Period. The name is Rex Hoffman.

It could be challenging to locate a reliable sportsbook in the modern globe. Despite the enormous range of platforms that are currently available, it is a fact that this is the case. Most of them don’t provide an enjoyable betting experience. Nevertheless, this is not the case with Everygame.eu. This post will look at a business that has been around for a while yet is still relatively new to the market. Large incentives, a well-organized website, and round-the-clock assistance are just a few of its alluring qualities. There are a staggeringly vast number of betting possibilities to choose from, both in terms of quantity and quality, and there are many different types of live action. Everygame.eu is definitely worth a shot from your perspective! Mr. Chad Romero

Each and every game’s score

The following is a summary of the factors that we thought were essential when writing our evaluation of Everygame. When evaluating this online sportsbook and casino for real money, we took into account six important aspects and averaged our results to arrive at a final score. To provide an honest and objective assessment of this product, we took into account the following factors:

The total rating for Everygame is 3.7 out of 5.

Using Everygame for all of our customers’ and readers’ demands regarding online casino games and sports betting is, in the vast majority of cases, in their best interests. This website finds a healthy balance by providing users with a wide range of welcome and daily bonus offers, as well as a sizable assortment of online casino games and sports betting markets. Additionally, customers will have access to thorough mobile experiences and top-notch customer support. Everygame has built a strong name in the world of online gaming since it was first introduced in 1996, and we heartily endorse them.

User Experience was given a 2.5 out of 5 rating.

Everygame should be commended for making a website that is simple to use and comprehend, but we expect some modifications to the site’s overall design to occur soon. The current version of Everygame offers a respectable amount of substance, but it is also rapidly forgotten. Both the adding of some additional intriguing images and the reformatting of some pages with enormous walls of text that make it difficult for the reader to understand the information being delivered are things that we would really like to see. Because the site’s aesthetic is so in need of some TLC, this section of the Everygame review is one of the most lacking.

Banking Options are rated as having a 4 out of 5 rating.

When it comes to the many options players have for making deposits and withdrawals, Everygame is among the greatest online gambling sites. We discovered a variety of choices, including bank wire transfers, credit cards, digital wallets, and virtual currencies. The majority of the solutions featured very good minimum and maximum spending limits, no fees of any type, or very affordable costs. We truly would prefer to get things processed more soon as checks and bank wire withdrawals could take three to five business days or longer to become available. The most significant area where banking should be improved is in this regard.

For both Sports Markets and Game Selection, the rating is 3.5 out of 5.

In its casino and sportsbook sections, this online casino site provides access to a huge selection of engaging games and betting options. Sports including basketball, football, darts, cycling, cricket, and cycling are among the many that bettors can wager on. . There are numerous alluring odds available, and putting a wager is pretty easy.

There is the Classic Casino as well as the Casino Red when it comes to the casino side of things. . RealTime Gaming is the exclusive provider of the games, and users can choose between playing for free or using real money. The Classic Casino provides players a variety of alternatives, including a nice assortment of games and live dealer tables, therefore we do recommend playing there.

For individuals who enjoy making wagers on sporting events and playing casino games, everygame.eu is a trustworthy website.

The bonuses and promotions at Everygame receive 3.5 out of 5 stars.

We found a reasonable collection of bonuses for real money while researching Everygame for 2022. In contrast to the sportsbook, which gives new customers a welcome bonus of 100% of their initial deposit, poker players earn a bonus of 200% of their original deposit when they sign up. In addition to the huge 125 percent casino welcome bonus that is offered to new customers, a bonus growth program enables players to receive an additional free bonus after each of their initial four deposits. We were very pleased with the mobile bonus program, which gives users a bonus each week merely for using their mobile device to play Everygame. This deal is only available to those who use a mobile device to visit Everygame. As usual, the introduction of a robust loyalty scheme for devoted players was a pleasant surprise.

Customer Service & Support receives 3.50 out of 5 stars.

Making the site’s phone lines accessible round-the-clock would significantly raise the caliber of support and help the company offers in the context of this Everygame review. Customers currently have to contact the website and arrange a time to speak on the phone. With the exception of this peculiar circumstance, we thought Everygame’s customer care was excellent. Emails are responded to within one day, and live chat assistance is accessible round-the-clock. We had pleasant and positive interactions with the customer service team as well. They were exceptionally talented in every facet of Everygame and had undergone extensive training!

The rating for mobile connectivity is a perfect 5/5.

In this section of our evaluation, we have given Everygame the perfect score of 5/5. Customers have the choice of using instant play to access this online sportsbook and casino or downloading the gaming software to play on their mobile devices or desktop computers. Given that the majority of online casinos only offer instant-play options, it is nice to see that this choice is offered to customers. Generally speaking, Everygame runs fairly smoothly on mobile devices, barely exhibiting any latency, hiccups, or other difficulties. The website’s functionality is substantially the same whether it is viewed on a desktop computer’s huge screen or a mobile device’s smaller display. In terms of navigation, handling, or graphic quality, not much has changed.

For each game’s user interface

Throughout our evaluation, we discovered several aspects of Everygame’s user interface that we enjoyed, but we also discovered a number of places where we believe there is room for future development. For example, we appreciated how easy it was to register for an account on the website. Despite being simple to use, there wasn’t much room for the reader’s imagination. You were able to locate the precise information you required without confusion or mistakenly landing on the incorrect page.

Everygame merely needs to provide its website a with more attractive design in order to boost their user interface. Even though it performs well in terms of practicality, the general aesthetic might be enhanced and even made to attract more attention in the future. It’s difficult for users to understand the content because many of the site’s pages lack high-quality photographs and have a lot of descriptive text.

Everygame Offers Sports Betting and Casino Games

Market research on sports betting

When we initially visited Everygame.eu, one of the first things we noticed was the enormous selection of different sports betting markets offered. In addition to the condensed list that is given here, there are other avenues for gamblers to wager on the economy, politics, and the entertainment industry. These betting markets are found on the website’s “non-sporting” area, which has an entire section devoted to “non-sporting.”

The following is a summary of the primary betting markets that are now accessible through Everygame.eu:

• Baseball

• Hockey

• Football

• Basketball

• Tennis

• Soccer

• Golf

• Esports

Australian Rules

• Boxing


• Cricket

• Cycling

• Darts

• Handball

• Racing horses

• Motorsports

• Tennis table

• Snooker

The Top Bets area of Everygame.eu should also be checked out as it will give you some information about the wagers that are receiving the most attention at any one time. You can be certain that you won’t miss any of the exciting action occurring right now if you do this.

The sportsbook at Everygame.eu also provides consumers with a huge selection of live betting possibilities. Being able to choose this option at the sportsbook allowed bettors to keep placing wagers throughout a live game, match, or athletic event, which we thought was quite unique.

As the action develops and changes, the oddsmakers will continue to present fresh betting opportunities. Bettors may stay up to date on the action thanks to a stylish live score feature and a multi-match view!

Detailed analysis of online casino games

With the exception of the slots section, the selection of casino games on the Red Casino side of Everyday Casino is significantly smaller. However, the game selection at Everyday Casino’s Classic Casino is notably bigger, more varied, and more sophisticated. Slot machine games are widely available, but we would like to see more options for table games, specialty games, and video poker. The Classic Casino should have no issue keeping you entertained if you appreciate playing a variety of games as much as we do.

The fact that all of the games were being provided by RealTime Gaming, a reputable and well-known business, pleased us. A definite advantage in our Everygame Casino review is the option to play the games for real money or in demo mode.

The following is a list of the games you can play at the Classic Casino:

Playing slots online

Fortune-bearing Buddha

• Copies of Fortune

• Thailand Emerald

• Lil Red.

• The Hyper Wins

• Wild Twister

• Large Santa

• Gold from Egypt

• A third Bubble Bubble

• Warrior Princess

• The Helios Legend

• 7 Sparky

• The Lucky Catch

• Florida Jackpots

• Deluxe Asgard

• 7s Wild Fire

• Deluxe Jackpot Pinatas

• Wild Spring

• Patrick’s Lucky Forest

• Magic of Mardi Gras

• Soccer Fortunes

• Play Frog Fortunes.

• Witchy triumphs

• Money Bandits 3

• Deluxe Achilles

• Luau for Wild Hogs

• Lux Vegas

• Diamond Festival

• Five Wishes

• Winmore, Dr.

• Pulsar

• Magnificent Mushroom

• Trick or Treating

• Thunder Lords

• 777

• Pearls of the Mermaid

• The Mariachi Five

• Trigger Joyful

Flame Dragon

• Cubee

• Winner Pig

• Abundant Treasure

• diving underwater

• Stardust

• Panther’s Gold

• Poker video

• Face and Aces

• Poker All American

• Joker and Deuces

• Wild Deuces

• Double Wild Double Pay

• Triple Joker

• The Jacks or Better

• Multi-Pay Jacks or Better

• Poker Joker

• Multi-Pay Joker Poker

• Four-card stud

• 10 or Better

• Multi Pay Tens or Better

• Blackjack

• Blackjack in Atlantic City

• Traditional Blackjack

• Downtown Blackjack in Vegas

• Blackjack Perfect Pairs

• Blackjack on the Vegas Strip

• Single Deck Vegas

• Game Tables

• The game of roulette

• Blackjack in Atlantic City

• Traditional Blackjack

• Downtown Blackjack in Vegas

• American Roulette

• Blackjack Perfect Pairs

• Blackjack on the Vegas Strip

• Single Deck Vegas

• Keno

• Progressives

• Crazy Cat Woman

• Mega Cash Mine

• Mine, mine, mine

• Pay Dirt

• times Cool Cherry

• Lucky Sevens 7x

• Present-giving Items

• 10x Ultimate

We were amazed by how well-developed this section of the Everygame.eu website was, and it was a terrific component that we discovered there! If poker is your preferred game, there are a ton of events and competitions that you can participate in here.


As a prize for participating in these poker events, players can be given entry into even larger tournaments. The Malta Poker Festival, one of the most important annual tournaments offered by Everygame.eu, is also referred to as a qualifier.

Bounties competitions

In this fiercely competitive style, the contestants must employ both strategy and violence. In these poker tournaments, players can win prizes by ejecting rivals from the game. These games are available all year round at Everygame.eu and are regulars there.

A sit-and-go

These wildly popular games, which can be played on Everygame.eu, feature single elimination and can last anywhere from a few games to many hours. One of the primary factors contributing to their great attractiveness is the availability of new user registrations at any time of the day. Once the necessary number of players has been reached to fill the table, the registration period for new players will end.

Although it’s not hard to join, they could be very highly competitive!

Offers for the Sunset

On Everygame.eu, there are various different poker games accessible, one of which gives players the chance to win $10,000 every Sunday. In Stockholm and Los Angeles, there are weekly games that are even bigger.

Bonuses and Exclusive Offers for Every Game

A balanced mix of evergreen features at Everygame would be beneficial to both new and dedicated players. According to this assessment, Everygame offers its players access to a variety of useful tools and resources that may allow them to routinely increase the size of their bankrolls. It makes no difference if you go to try your hand at poker, play casino games, or make sports wagers that you enjoy watching. You have an opportunity to increase the amount of money in your bankroll by seizing these chances. Another instance that we found to be very intriguing to watch was the introduction of unique promotions that change from month to month and are themed after specific seasons or holidays.

Type Bonus Information

100% welcome bonus for new customers at the sportsbook New sports bettors at Everygame.eu can take advantage of a 100% welcome bonus that can be used to wager on the sports that they enjoy the most.

Poker players who are new to Everygame.eu will value this exclusive welcome offer, which includes a 200 percent bonus on your initial poker deposit up to $1,000.

25 No Deposit Spins at Our Casino

• Up to 200 percent in bonus

• Up to $1,000 in bonuses

• Enter Bonus Code EGPP1000

Up to $1,000 in casino welcome bonuses and 125 percent of your initial deposit are available!

One of the most noteworthy advantages of this Everygame Casino review is the sizeable character of the wonderful welcome bonus that the casino gives its new players.

• Exclusively applicable to first deposits made by new players.

• A $1000 maximum matched contribution at 125%.

The minimum deposit is $20, and the maximum bonus is $1,000.

Use the SIGNUP1000 discount code.

A welcome package worth up to $5,555 is available to rookies. (Casino)

You can benefit from the Everygame Casino’s generous welcome bonus and an additional free bonus on top of that.

• In addition, receive a bonus for free.

• The proper order must be followed while redeeming each deal.

• A minimum down payment of $20 per coupon

Only a total of $200 can be withheld from the additional free bonus.

Mobile Prize

We hadn’t encountered this intriguing offer at the vast majority of the other online casinos we had previously investigated and evaluated. This promotion is available to 20 lucky winners each week who use their mobile devices to access Everygame Casino. We consider this to be one of the best offers we came across while doing research for our Everygame review because we usually like seeing prizes and deals that are specifically created for returning customers.

• Accepts iOS and Android users

• Each week, $100 will be awarded to a total of twenty winners.

• A new drawing will be posted every Wednesday.

• The bare minimum deposit required to be eligible is $50.

• The minimum bet is $500.

• $20 to $100 worth of free extras

Loyalty-Rewarding Program

The comprehensive loyalty program at Everygame Casino, which automatically registers users and rewards points for each time they play real money online casino games, was another of the review’s highlights at the time.

• By participating in Casino Red’s promotions, you can earn comp points.

• In the future, you can convert your points into cash.

• One comp point will be given to you for every $10 wagered.

• 100 Comp Points are equal to $1.

The Classic Casino’s live dealer games are exempt from the rule.

Every game Offers Real Money Banking Options.

During our research for our Everygame review, we came across a number of banking choices, all of which greatly satisfied us. This website provides its users with a wide array of alternatives for making deposits and receiving payments, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and electronic wallets in addition to a huge selection of other payment methods. We think it’s a really amazing attribute that this service can offer its users such a high degree of banking flexibility.

Multiple Deposit Options for Each Game

This Everygame review’s absence of fees and fairly reasonable deposit limits stood out to us as particularly noteworthy. Cryptocurrency and electronic wallets are without a doubt the way to go if you want to tighten your limits.


American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are all credit cards that are accepted here.

• Neteller, Skrill, and Skrill 1 Tap

Three different virtual currencies are Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

• EcoPayz

• Paysafecard

• SEPA Bank Transfer for the EU

• EZeeWallet

• The Global Currency

Different Payout Options for Each Game

Giving customers who want to utilize a credit card a greater choices would be the one thing we could modify to improve the payout options at Everygame. Check withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to complete, which is a long time compared to many other payout options that can be finished in as little as 48 hours. This spans a large amount of time.

Payout procedures

• Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

• Check

• Wire transfers to banks

• Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz

• Transfer between users

• SEPA Bank Transfer for the EU

We were really pleased with everything we observed when it came to cryptocurrency and electronic wallets, with the exception of the lengthy wait times for bank wire transfers and physical checks. These are unquestionably the best methods for managing your money at a place like Everygame. However, User2User Transfer is the method that is most strongly suggested for cash withdrawals because it enables a speedy payout!

Every single mobile game

It’s challenging to find fault with the mobile experience at Everyday Casino because of the way it was created. Customers have the option of downloading the gaming program or accessing this website with instant play. You may either download the game to your mobile device or view the website directly using your web browser as long as you have a steady internet connection. You can select from one of these options as long as you have a steady internet connection. Although it will take up more space on your smartphone and the game selection will be smaller, you can still play your favorite real money casino games and make mobile sports bets without an internet connection.

Every game can be played on a variety of mobile devices with the iOS or Android operating system, such as smartphones and tablets. We are very grateful that using the site on a mobile device went so smoothly for us. When compared side by side, the user interfaces for Everygame on desktop computers and mobile devices are quite similar. Customers will find driving and navigating the vehicle enjoyable. There are no errors, bugs, or lags of any kind when accessing the website on the smaller size of a mobile device because the menu configurations remain mostly similar!

When everything is taken into account, Everygame’s mobile connectivity and compatibility emerge as one of its most exceptional characteristics.

The dedication of Everygame to its customers

Throughout the course of our research of Everygame, we came across a range of customer service choices, and we were pleasantly delighted by them. Live chat is available to customers 24/7, and every customer care representative we interacted with was exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. The only thing we could change or improve, if there was anything, would be to make the phone contact option available at all hours of the day and night.


Email If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the customer service staff at Everygame via email. You might anticipate hearing from them in a day.

• For all general and sportsbook questions, contact bet@everygame.eu.

• Poker – poker@everygame.eu

Casino email is casino@everygame.eu.

• Payment-related questions: payments@everygame.eu

Live Talk This method is by far the finest way to get in touch with the Everygame customer service and support staff. A live chat symbol may be seen in the lower right corner of every page of the website. At any time of day or night, simply click on this symbol to quickly and easily contact customer support!

Telephone, Sadly, it’s not always possible to reach customer assistance using this method. In order to speak with the support center over the phone, customers must reserve a time slot in advance. Although it is apparently a support option, it is not the best or ideal solution.

Each game’s FAQ

Is Everygame.eu a Safe and Secure Option for Online Gambling?

Yes, Everygame.eu is a reliable and trustworthy gaming site. Due to their full licensing by a reputable gaming regulatory body, they are required to conduct background checks on all potential customers and employ SSL encryption. This is done to ensure the security and privacy of any personal or financial information provided to the website. In order to keep their gaming commission license, a site must agree to unbiased third parties inspecting them on a regular basis. These checks are performed to ensure that the website complies with all the security standards established to protect its users.

At Everygame.eu, is it possible to play for free?

Even while many individuals join Everygame in the hopes of winning real money by playing casino games or making sports bets, there are also free bets and casino games that can be played in demo mode for sports bettors. Creating an account on Everygame is free. Customers of a casino have the option of playing with real money or in demo mode, which lets them enjoy their favorite games without the risk of losing any money. Players who want to develop their skills or learn more about games they have never played before will find these games to be ideal. Players can place bets on their preferred sports without using real money from their bankrolls because free bets are offered at online sportsbooks.

How can I be certain that this review of Everygame is truthful to the core?

We talked extensively about the advantages and disadvantages of this online sportsbook and casino, as well as the areas that we believed required improvement. We liked a lot of things about this online sportsbook and casino, but we also didn’t like a lot of things about it. To provide you the most accurate and comprehensive image of Everygame, we will now discuss both its positive and negative aspects.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this particular online casino is the best option for you. Despite the fact that we recommend the website, we evaluated it objectively and took into account both its benefits and drawbacks. Because of this, you can trust that our assessment of Everygame.eu in 2022 was neutral and factual.

Can I use the Everygame Real Money Gambling Site on my mobile device?

You may surely use a mobile device to play casino games and place sports bets at Everygame.eu! You can access this online gaming site from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device as long as it has a web browser and a reliable internet connection. The website works flawlessly on mobile devices running iOS and Android. There haven’t been any configuration changes made to the menu, and there haven’t been any mistakes or issues either!

Everygame.eu: Is it Reliable?

Everygame has been granted a full license by the Curacao Gaming Commission and must abide by all rules established to safeguard users’ privacy and the integrity of their data. Everygame is required to check the backgrounds of all new users, to connect over an SSL-secured connection, and to submit to regular compliance audits. Everygame’s customers are required to receive casino games with random number generators and get a specific portion of their wagers returned. These requirements apply to the games the company offers in its casinos.

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