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Download Dream11 App, Referral Code, Points System, Deposit and Withdrawal

Do you enjoy playing fantasy sports? If so, Dream11 is the greatest app to get you started on your fantasy sports journey!

Fantasy Sports is for people who are passionate about sports and have a lot of information about them. If you can forecast how a game will play out, you should definitely begin your fantasy sports journey with Dream11!

Dream11 is one of India’s most popular fantasy game apps, as well as one of the safest!

In Dream11, you can enter various contests and perhaps win a large sum of money. In addition, you can select from a variety of sports offered on the app.

In this essay, we’ll go over fantasy sports and the Dream11 fantasy software in depth. Continue reading to learn how to download, acquire a referral code, withdraw/deposit money, and weigh the pros and disadvantages of the Dream11 app.

What exactly is Dream11?

As previously said, Dream11 is a fantasy game software. Dream11 is one of India’s largest fantasy game platforms, with 12 crore+ users and 1000+ contests every day.

According to their website, the Dream11 app is rated 4.7/5 (a total of 2,750,143 ratings were used to calculate this!)

With so many sports to choose from, you’re bound to find one in which to engage in fantasy gaming. With various daily contests, you have the opportunity to win and earn money on a daily basis. On the app, there are giant contests where you may win up to 1 lakh rupees. In addition, Dream11 is an app built in our country that is currently solely available to Indian consumers. As a result, you won’t have too many issues with customer service.

Download Dream11 App For IOS Users

If you have an iPhone, simply search “Dream11” on the App Store. The app is now available for download from the App Store.

Users of Android

Dream11 is not available on the Google Play Store, therefore follow the steps below to download the app.

Step 1: Visit the official Dream11 website.

Step 2: Select the first option that appears (Dream11 website)

Step 3: Select the Download App option to obtain the APK.

Step 4: After installing the APK on your phone, you may begin playing fantasy sports on Dream11! Please keep in mind that you must authorize your Android phone to install applications via APK in the phone settings!

2022 Dream11 Referral Code

Do you have any experience with the Dream11 fantasy app? If so, then stand up! We’d like to offer you a referral coupon to help you get started.

Please enter the reference code before registering!

What does a Dream11 referral code entail?

A referral code is essentially a code for a new user. This assists the new user in earning prizes upon registration. As a result, this would assist the new Dream11 user in getting started!

What good is a referral code?

The Dream11 referral code will earn incentives for both the new user (the one who has been referred) and the sender of the referral code (the one who has invited the other).

Where should the referral code be entered?

When you check in to your Dream11 account for the first time, you must enter the referral code!

The user will be asked about the referral code when they sign in, and this is the only time they can enter it. As a result, proceed with caution.

If you are new to the app and do not have a referral code, enter the following:

How to Sign Up for Dream11

Dream11 registration is straightforward. Simply follow the instructions below to sign up for the fantasy sports app:

Step 1: Get and install the app.

Step 2: Select the Register option. (If you have a referral code, enter it here.)

Step 3: To complete the registration, enter your phone number, email address, Facebook ID, or Google account.

Step 4: Once inside, you’ll need to submit some information, such as your age and location, before making your first payment in the app!

Dream11 offers a variety of Fantasy Sports.

The following Fantasy Sports choices are currently available on Dream11!

• Cricket

• Football

• Basketball

• Baseball

• Volleyball

• Handball

• Hockey


More sports are planned to be introduced to the Dream11 app in the coming days!

How do you play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket?

Simply follow the steps below to begin playing fantasy cricket on the Dream11 app. Here we will thoroughly instruct you on how to form teams and the various types of competitions:

Step 1: First and foremost, choose the LIVE game in which you wish to join, taking note of the date and hour. (For example, if a Test match is taking place between Pakistan and Australia and you want to play fantasy cricket for this game, select the match.)

Step 2: Select the sort of contest you wish to participate in the Dream11 app (there are other types of contests available; we’ll go over them later…).

Step 3: Begin putting together a Fantasy team of 11 players for the match between Pakistan and Australia!

• Your team will consist of 11 players (From both the Australian and Pakistan squad in total)

• Your team will not have more than seven players (For example, you can only select seven Australian players in your team, hence you need to play at least four Pakistani players)

• You can only select 1-4 wicketkeepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders, and 3-6 bowlers. (You must meet all of the above criteria in order to create your fantasy team on Dream11!)

Step 4: Now that your Fantasy starting XI is complete, you must choose your captain and vice-captain on Dream11. (Note: Choose the player you believe would do best in the game!)

• The player who is named captain earns 2x the points in that game. • The person who is named vice captain earns 1.5x the points in that game.

Step 4: Finish by clicking the Confirm button to confirm your participation in the contest!

Contest types accessible on the Dream11 app

On the Dream11 Fantasy Gaming platform, the following contest types are available:

• Massive Entry Contests

• Reduced Entry • Only for Beginners • Head-to-Head • Low Entry Contest • Huge Winnings

• Winner Takes All • Free Practice Contest, etc.

Other contests for various “major games” have also been introduced!

Fantasy Points System in the Dream11 App

We have distinct point systems for different sports in the Dream11 app. Everything is mentioned in the app, so you won’t have to look for it! .

To view the points system, launch the Dream11 app -> select a match (in the sport for which you want to know the points system) -> click on a contest -> the points system will appear before you make your squad.

In this review, we will simply use football as an example to discuss the points awarded for various activities!

Cricket, kabaddi, basketball, and other sports use a distinct scoring system! The Dream11 app will clearly display all of the information on the various point systems! Also Check out our full post on the Dream11 point system.

How to Make a Deposit on Dream11

Depositing funds on Dream11 is simple. Simply follow the steps below to successfully deposit money on the fantasy gaming app!

Step 1: On the app’s top right, select the “Wallet” option.

Step 2: Select the “Add Cash” option.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to add.

Step 4: Choose your payment method (options include UPI, Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card, Online Wallets, and Amazon Pay).

Step 5: Finish the payment

How to Get Money From Dream11

Withdrawing money from the Dream11 app is a simple process. Take a look at the procedures below to withdraw money from the fantasy game app!

Withdrawing funds is only available after your Dream11 account has been validated!

Step 1: On the top right of the app, choose the “Wallet” option to see how much you’ve won!

Step 2: Navigate to the Side Navigation Menu by selecting “Profile.”

Step 3: Select “My Balance” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the “Withdraw” option.

Step 5: Enter the amount to be withdrawn.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 50, and you can make three withdrawals every day.

Pros and Cons of Dream11

• It is one of India’s largest Fantasy Sports Apps (in terms of user base)

• The app is secure to use

• It is the official app for India’s games (BCCI)

• It is the official app for the following leagues:

• The most rewarding fantasy tournaments include the IPL, Big Bash League, NBA, and Pro-Kabaddi League.

• A low minimum withdrawal amount of Rs. 50, for example.


• A large user base (more competition) • the app’s user interface is not very user friendly at the present • Verification is required for withdrawal (but makes the app safer), and so on.

Customer Service at Dream11

Look no further if you need assistance connecting to a Dream11 technician.

Here are the details you’ll need if you need assistance with the Dream11 app:

helpdesk@dream11.com (Helpdesk) \sshop@dream11.com grievanceofficer@dream11.com (For All Inquiries) (For any complaints)

Send an email to any of these addresses to obtain the assistance you require!

Dream11 App Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dream11 legal and safe to play?

According to the official Dream11 website, “Dream11 is regarded a game of skill and so immune from regulations of Public Gambling Act, 1867 and thus a valid (legal) activity as per Constitution of India.”

Does Dream11 pay out real money?

Yes, if you win contests, Dream11 will pay you with real money. You can also withdraw money from the app to your bank account!

Is it safe to give Dream11 your PAN card information?

Yes, the app merely requires your information to authenticate your KYC. As a result, sharing your PAN card information on Dream11 is absolutely risk-free.

Can I transfer funds from Dream11 to Paytm?

No, as of today, you can only withdraw to your bank accounts because Paytm accounts do not include your state/city.

Is Dream11 illegal in any state?

Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh have all banned Dream11.

Why is Dream11 not available on Google Play?

Dream11 is not available on the Play Store because Google does not allow apps with “cash contests” to be featured.

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