Overview of My11Circle

Overview of My11Circle

India is quickly becoming a center for the expansion of online fantasy gaming sports platforms. Since the launch and growth of Dream11, comparable podiums in India have seen a meteoric increase. My11Circle is the most recent platform to join the list.

My11Circle is a sports fantasy gaming site. It is committed to offer its customers with opportunity to play Cricket games and earn incredible and genuine money. My11Circle was founded in January 2019.

Mr. Trivikraman Thampy and Mr. Bhavin Pandya are the founders of My11Circle. Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. is in charge of the initiative.

On this site, you may take part in live matches or other leagues, create your own team, and win cool and legal cash. If you have abilities in your favorite games, such as Cricket, you can use them to earn cash prizes.

The platform has received over 1.3 crore+ app downloads and has 1.3 crore+ users with Rs.7 crore+ prizes to be won. My11Circle has gained a large number of users in a short period of time, which is a good sign for the brand.

My11Circle is a skilled Management Team with extensive experience in the online gaming industry. When you play a game on our platform, you may be certain that you are participating in a legitimate platform to win money. It is not unlawful because it requires your knowledge and talents to win matches and cash on such sites.

If you want to play Cricket but can’t find the time due to your hectic schedule, My11Circle can help! It is the ideal platform for watching your favorite sports live on your laptop or smartphone. You can create your own team and play daily fantasy cricket. The endeavor improves your game skills and motivates you to take home large monetary rewards.

If you enjoy playing and watching cricket and want to use your skills to earn money, My11Circle is a better place to start.

My11Circle has recently teamed with Mr Saurav Ganguly, former India captain and current BCCI Head, to expand its reach in India.

Overview of My11Circle – Everything You Need to Know

Here’s our quick My11Circle review, which will tell you everything you need to know about this platform.

How do I sign up for My11Circle?

You may join the millions of My11Circle members who are already playing Fantasy Cricket and collecting cash incentives.

• Go to the My11Circle registration page.

• It will prompt you to enter your Username and Password.

• You must also provide your personal email address.

• You may also register using your Facebook ID.

• When finished, click the ‘Register For Free’ button.

To get you started with the registration procedure, below is the MyTeam11 Login Link.

Download the My11Circle APP

There are primarily two methods for downloading MyTeam11 Apk.

The first method is to download and register for the My11Circle App by dialing 8010400200.

The second and more easy approach is to use the URL provided here to get the MyTeam11 Apk.

What sports are available on My11Circle?

My11Circle is a platform dedicated solely to cricket. Nonetheless, it has ambitions to include other sports in the near future.

How do I play My11Circle?

As of now, My11Circle just allows you to play fantasy cricket. To get started, follow these steps:

Registration is the first step.

You are aware of My11Circle registration, and the first step is to register on the website or the App.

Step 2: Select a match

You must now select a match that will be broadcast live on My11Circle. You have the option of participating in several T20, ODI, and Test series and tournaments throughout the year. You can choose between domestic and international matches.

Step 3: Lead a Group

You must now form a team of 11 players with 100 credit points. One team may select a maximum of seven players. You should also have a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders on your team. You can also select two people to serve as Captain and Vice-Captain. You should choose your Captain and Vice-Captain carefully because they can boost your score and chances of victory.

Step 4: Select a contest.

My11Circle offers a variety of contests, including Practice, Private, and Cash contests.

Step 5: Monitor your players.

When a game begins, you can view the players’ performance in the Live Match Section. As the Live match unfolds, you may see your squad’s performance based on the Points System.

Step 6: Determine the final score

After a match, you will be able to see the final score and your Team’s rating on the ‘Completed Tab’. The winning positions are determined by the different Teams’ ranks, which are determined by the points earned.

Step 7: Cash out your gains

If you won an amount after the match, you can now enter your My11Circle account and withdraw your winnings into your bank account.

How can I fund My11Circle?

To be eligible to play games on My11Circle and win cash, you must first fund your My11Circle account. Adding money is a simple process. Take a look at this:

• Navigate to My Account.

• Select the ‘Add Money’ tab and input the amount you want to add.

• After that, you can contribute money by selecting a payment mechanism.

• Your purchase has been completed.

• Your additional funds are now visible on the My11Circle My Account page.

How do I withdraw funds from My11Circle?

You will continue to win and be awarded with cash as long as you continue to play Fantasy Cricket games on My11Circle.

You can quickly withdraw the funds once you know the quantity is sufficient. Here are some measures to take:

Step 1: Navigate to the My Account area.

You can withdraw funds at any time by going to the My Account area of the App or website.

Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

You can enter the amount you want to withdraw. You can only withdraw an amount equal to or less than your Withdraw able Balance. You’ll find out about it on the ‘Withdraw Cash’ page.

Step 3: Your ID must be validated before you may withdraw cash.

Your ID must be validated in order to be eligible for the cash withdrawal. If this is not done, you will be requested to upload the most recent ID Proof Copy. My11Circle’s customer support team will review it and validate the uploaded document.

After that, you can enter your bank information, such as bank name, account number, account holder name, bank branch name and address, and IFSC, to have money transferred into your account.

You are permitted to withdraw a minimum of Rs.100. The maximum amount that you can remove from your My11Circle account might be any denomination. The balance displayed in your withdrawable account includes all of your cash gains, including bonuses and others.

Referral Code for My11Circle –

My11Circle provides a very appealing refer-a-Friend Referral System, which you can earn every time your friend plays on My11Circle. You will receive 10% of your friend’s spending on My11Circle.

A user can earn up to INR 500 for each friend they refer. The Refer-a-Friend Referral Structure is shown below.

However, there is a catch: you must use the Bonus Cash earned by participating in the leagues on My11Circle.

You can begin by clicking this link!

My11Cricle Coupons & Deals –

There are now no active promo codes, but there are some deposit deals available on My11Cricle.

My11Circle Review: Last Words

With so many online fantasy sports platforms in India, My11Circle has managed to carve out a position for itself in a relatively short period of time. The existence of over 1.3 crore subscribers on the platform demonstrates that it is well-liked by die-hard Cricket lovers.

Furthermore, they can earn large sums of money by utilizing their sports knowledge. My11Circle is one of the best sites in India dedicated completely to cricket. Yes, as it is only the beginning, it hopes to include other sports soon.

Users are usually inspired here since they can play against none other than Saurav Ganguly. Overall, it is a fantastic platform for fulfilling your desire to indulge in the absolute fun of following Cricket and even scoop up tremendous winnings.

Everything on My11Circle looks great, from the user interface to the ways for loading funds, withdrawing money, and contacting customer service.

If you are a die-hard Cricket fan who enjoys playing fantasy online games at all levels, from domestic to international, you can count on this platform to earn large Cash Prizes.

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