Fanduel Is Real

FanDuel: Is It Real?

The majority of people who are new to daily fantasy sports have undoubtedly heard of FanDuel from ads, radio, and television stations. However, if they are considering giving fantasy sports a try, they might be asking if FanDuel is trustworthy or if it is a fraud. The short answer is that FanDuel is a very trustworthy and legal business that never defrauds its clients. Discover why FanDuel is a respectable and legitimate company by reading on.

Analyses of FanDuel

In the world of fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports are relatively new. Since its inception in 2009, FanDuel has experienced exponential growth. It currently rules the market and has about 600,000 weekly lineup submissions. In addition, FanDuel awarded cash prizes worth more than $400 million in 2014. If there were any doubts regarding the reliability of its website, they would not be able to carry out this and grow so significantly.

Daily Fantasy Sports are Legal

Because winning money in daily fantasy leagues is completely legal in the US, companies like FanDuel may operate without fear of being shut down by the Justice Department. Many sports bettors switch to playing DFS due to its obvious legality so they can use their knowledge and study in a more regulated and safe online environment, where they can deposit and withdraw money just as quickly as using their PayPal account. A few states (Arizona, Washington, and Louisiana) do not permit daily fantasy sports because of their own regulations, but most states do.

What makes FanDuel legal?

To put a stop to the online sports betting sector, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was passed. Online fantasy sports were protected from the law because they were recognized as games of skill. In the vast majority of states, a skill game is any game in which the player’s talent determines the winner primarily. When picking teams in daily fantasy sports, extensive study and market expertise are crucial. Although there is still some element of luck involved, a significant portion of games is determined by the skill of the players, which is why it was deemed legal.

Using FanDuel to Make Money

Nobody ever said that winning real money on websites like FanDuel was simple; success requires a certain bit of industry expertise and study, despite the fact that doing so is completely legal. However, it is definitely possible to earn a sizable sum of money on FanDuel if you put enough time into it. Numerous businesses are joining the Daily Fantasy Sports market, which is thought to produce between $3 and $4 billion annually thanks to the millions of Americans who sign up to try their hand at online gaming. To make sure they get a piece of the action, NBC, FOX, and CBS all launched their own fantasy sports websites.


Anyone interested in giving FanDuel a shot can do so without having to worry about breaking the law. This is not the case with internet sportsbooks, which are unregulated and run outside of the country. It is important to follow the rules by playing on websites like FanDuel because many states restrict people from using overseas gambling sites. Know your boundaries when playing FanDuel, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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