Review of FanDuel for 2022

Sportsbook FanDuel review FanDuel operates a fully functional online casino, an in-depth horse racebook, and a thorough sports betting section in addition to the daily fantasy sports for which they are well known.

You can get a complete breakdown of each and every feature of this dynamic gambling site in this FanDuel review. This will include outlining the aspects of the website that we adore as well as some of our complaints and suggestions for how FanDuel might be changed or improved in the future. We want to give you the most truthful assessment of FanDuel we can, and then you can decide if it’s the right online casino for you or not.


  • Accepts American clients
  • $1,000 Risk-Free for New Bettors
  • Outstanding, appealing user interface
  • Online casinos, horse racing, and DFS
  • There is a wide variety of bet types available.
  • For fantasy sports, get FanDuel points.


  • DFS complaints are common.
  • There are Few Sports Market Options
  • difficulties with the live chat feature
  • Unavailable Decimal/Fractional Odds
  • Unavailable cryptocurrencies
  • Only Six Markets for Fantasy Sports

Assessing FanDuel

FanDuel was rated overall by looking at six main categories of characteristics and averaging the results. In order to provide you the most realistic image of FanDuel, we will examine each of these aspects with the utmost objectivity and honesty. Here are the elements and criteria that our team of knowledgeable researchers looked at to determine FanDuel’s overall score in 2022.

Score overall: 4.3/5

FanDuel is among the top two daily fantasy sports sites for the finest all-around performance, and they appear to have really gotten off to a fast start with this unexpectedly vibrant and comprehensive sportsbook.

FanDuel has a basic, user-friendly design that looks really stunning and gives off the impression of being entertaining, slick, and quite professional. Thanks to mobile connectivity, fantastic banking choices, and incredible customer care services that let users get in touch with the website day or night, FanDuel offers a fantastic gambling experience while on the road!

Even though there are a few minor aspects that may be improved (the availability of cryptos for deposits and payouts, more evergreen bonuses, etc.), overall this is a solid online gambling site that we wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!

5/5 for user interface

In the FanDuel review, we had to go with a perfect score for the user interface! The website is really visually appealing and very simple to use. The layout of the site’s menus and navigational tabs is clear and simple, making it easy for users to navigate the site and find what they’re looking for.

The sportsbook on FanDuel included a ton of features that made it easier for bettors to expedite their betting process, such as automated line updates while you’re putting together your bet slip, live betting odds that update without refreshing the website, and the well-known Stake All Straight option. Later, more on that!

Markets for sports wagering: 4/5

In all honesty, there aren’t many sportsbooks that can match FanDuel’s selection of sports betting markets, but there are a select handful that can match it in terms of the range of bet kinds available to users.

Even though FanDuel only provides 19 sports markets (and there aren’t many unique sports markets here), they definitely dominate in terms of bet placement! This extends far beyond betting on moneylines, spreads, and totals. Later on in this FanDuel sportsbook review, we will discuss these. This website is fantastic for making wagers with actual money on your preferred sports!

Bonuses for Real Money: 3.5/5

You will find the motherlode at both the FanDuel sportsbook and the daily fantasy sports area if you enjoy seasonal specials and unique monthly incentives. In our assessment of FanDuel’s sportsbook, we found one thing to be lacking: evergreen bonuses and promotions. We’d love to see more variation in this area in the future.

But by all accounts, FanDuel appears to have a ton of tools available for users to maintain healthy bankrolls.

Options for banking: 3.5/5

Overall, we were very satisfied with FanDuel’s banking choices, both for deposits and payouts. Customers at this well regarded sportsbook may fund all deposits instantly and without any fees. Bettors can now take advantage of payouts in as little as 24 hours due to PayPal and the FanDuel prepaid card!

FanDuel’s apparent lack of bitcoin banking methods is our main critique of the company, something we would greatly like to see alter in the coming years.

Cryptocurrencies are currently too mainstream for FanDuel to leave them out of their selection of banking choices.

5/5 for mobile compatibility

We were very pleased with what we observed in terms of the FanDuel mobile experience. The website functions flawlessly on iOS and Android smartphones. By visiting, anyone can instantly enjoy betting on their preferred sports, horse races, fantasy sports, and online casino games from the comfort of their mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

The FanDuel website functions nicely on a mobile device’s smaller size and has the same excellent visuals and handling as on a desktop PC for Mac or Windows.

5/5 for customer support

We will agree to give FanDuel’s customer service and support yet another perfect score. All of the main contact ways are available on this site, just as we would anticipate from the top real money online gaming sites we review. Nearly all of their contact options, including toll-free phone, live chat, and yes, even email, are built for 24/7 access.

Each of these methods for contacting FanDuel was put to the test by our staff, and we discovered that each met the promise of 24/7 access. Additionally, we discovered when analyzing FanDuel that their customer service team is quite knowledgeable and supportive. A perfect score in every way!

FanDuel’s interface for users

We discovered that the user interface for this website was some of the greatest we have ever seen when conducting our 2022 FanDuel review!

It was outstanding in every way!

The website was not only very attractive, but it was also quite simple to navigate. FanDuel is anything but a mediocre product because there is so much flexibility for players to handle their lines and betting slips!

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics that contribute to the top-rated sportsbook’s overall appealing aesthetic and user-friendliness.

Home Page for FanDuel

When you first visit FanDuel, you are greeted with a very straightforward but gorgeous main page! Everything is spelled out plainly. The four primary parts of the website—Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, Horse Racing, and Online Casino—are displayed in the top menu. First-time visitors can use the to quickly find what they’re searching for without wasting time or effort trying to figure out how the site is organized.

A link to information on FanDuel’s responsible gaming policies may be found just below the main menu, among other things, on the home page. This provides more details on the rules governing minimum deposit amounts, maximum wager amounts, time restrictions, a timeout from your session, and other restrictions.

Additionally, each state’s resources for responsible gaming are listed, along with links to other websites like Gambler Anonymous, the National Council on Problem Gambling, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We appreciate the inclusion of these points because it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the legal system in your area. Since gambling addictions and disorders are also very serious issues, we were happy to learn that the website also listed national resources.

Returning to the home page, there are also a few links to FanDuel reviews written by users who have loved the service. Additionally, there is a section labeled “Why FanDuel?” near the button. that outlines the main advantages and benefits of FanDuel in what we would like to think of as a sales pitch. This is probably directed towards new readers who might be interested in utilizing the site but need a little more persuasion. Definitely a lovely touch, this!

The extensive menu that can be seen at the very bottom of the page is the other significant aspect of the home page that we would like to discuss. This menu is a wonderful place to start if you’re unsure where to go for what you’re looking for.

Such a well-designed home page, I must say. It has a fantastic design and provides its users with some nice menus and tabs for quickly and easily surfing the website! No lagging, problems, or glitches of any kind were present while we navigated FanDuel.

Sportsbook FanDuel

The sportsbook section has a user interface that is just as appealing and simple to use as FanDuel’s homepage, as you can see in the image below. The many sports betting markets that FanDuel offers are listed in a vertical menu on the left side of the screen. Another menu option limits the choices to the most widely-liked betting markets as well!

There is plenty of room for individuals who add a lot of information to their slip and want to examine everything without having to scroll down, as the betting lines are positioned in the middle of the screen and the bet slip is prominently shown off to the right. While performing our assessment of the 2022 FanDuel sportsbook, we also noticed a few other excellent features, including as the Stake All Straights option and the automatic betting line updates. Instead of having to walk through many lines and manually type out the amount for each, Stake All Straights enables bettors to automatically place the same amount on various bets. If betting lines change while the bettor is putting together their slip, the lines that have already been applied to the bet slip will be automatically updated!

Race on FanDuel

Here is another another superb illustration of a fantastic user interface element from the online racebook of FanDuel. The popular races are highlighted in the centre of the page, right next to the various start times. On the bottom of the menu, there is a list of the most popular songs.

Casino at FanDuel Online

FanDuel’s online casino has a user interface that is both well-designed and well-organized.

Find all of your favorite casino games online, including table games, slots, blackjack, and roulette. There is also a link to the numerous casino promos that are supported!

Betting on sports at FanDuel

We were really satisfied with FanDuel’s existing online sportsbook and the amenities offered for their consumers, despite the fact that they are a relatively young player in the online sports betting sector.

We discovered a respectable number of sports betting markets, including popular markets for football, soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball, that might satisfy any ardent bettor or punter. But the quantity of wager choices offered inside each market is where FanDuel really shines! One of the truly outstanding moments of the sports betting area was this.

Available Sports Markets 19

When it comes to the variety of sports markets offered, FanDuel is quite average when compared to other online sportsbooks of its size. They mostly focus on the larger markets while dabbling a little in the niche areas, such as cricket, handball, and a few others.

This is a passable service for US bettors who are primarily interested on the well-known American sports leagues in terms of market variety, but perhaps not the best option for those who wish to bet on sports internationally.

The markets that FanDuel currently offers are as follows:

Australian Rules










Hockey on ice



Soccer League

Union Rugby



ping pong


When we looked more closely, we found discover a modest selection of international sports under the Sports menu. For international soccer, primarily:



LaLiga (Spanish League)

League of English Football (EFL)

A Serie (Italian League)

Ligue M (Mexican League)

Ligue 1 (French League)

Bundesliga (German League)

Premier League (Portuguese League)

Eredivisie (Dutch League)

Europa League, UEFA

NFL Bet Types: 37

In this area, FanDuel really shines! A limited selection of sports markets to wager on is one thing, but offering a wide variety of wagering options is quite another! This significantly widens the field and gives punters fantastic options and ways to succeed financially!

Here are the ways you may wager on football at FanDuel using the NFL as an example! There are a whopping 37 different ways to bet and wager on the NFL alone!

Spread wagers

Cash Line Bets

Total-Point Bets

Victory Margin (4 Way)

Match/Total Points Dble. 1,2

A Different Spread

Total Alternative

Away Team Points Total

Home Team Points Total

Two Results

Victory Margin (5 Point)

Victory Margin (10 Point)

First-half victor

You will find significantly less diversity in the types of bets at standard sportsbooks. The majority of the time, individual NFL football game wagers at other sites may include futures, player futures, season props, and possibly some playoff bets or wagers on how many fantasy points a bettor might accumulate.

6 Daily Fantasy Sports Are Available

An crucial fact about this real money sportsbook and fantasy sports website, FanDuel, has come to light in this review: they are, without a doubt, the second-largest daily fantasy sports operator online, trailing only Draft Kings!

While nobody like being the underdog, FanDuel finds that this is a very advantageous position to be in. Your name is out there, and a ton of professional players as well as a ton of amateur players are drawn in due to the lesser prize pools (relative to Draft Kings)!

The fantasy sports that FanDuel currently offers are listed below:

  • League of American Football (NFL)
  • Professional Baseball (MLB)
  • betting on college football (CFB)
  • Golf Professionals Association (PGA)
  • American Football League (EPL)

The majority of FanDuel tournament entrance costs are very reasonable for bettors. Some of them are free, while others may only cost a few cents. Additionally, some larger events have much higher entry fees.

We appreciate how FanDuel enables folks with limited resources or bankrolls to take part in tournaments. We would want to see FanDuel establish more affordable buy-ins for some of the larger prize pools in the future. We’ll have to wait and see.

The site’s beginner’s tutorials and research section were two more elements we discovered while conducting this Fanduel review that we truly liked. It’s admirable that FanDuel wants their daily fantasy sports players to get better. There are several books and articles that bettors can study to enhance their approach and increase their enjoyment.

A wonderful selection of informative, in-depth articles that address the upcoming fantasy day or week may be found in the research section. Currently, these articles discuss Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA) (MLB).

Bonus Offers on FanDuel

Bonuses from sportsbooks

The FanDuel sportsbook offers some of the greatest evergreen bonuses and promotions, including those listed above. Additionally, there are a ton of seasonal sales that change frequently throughout the year and during the various seasons. Please feel free to check out the FanDuel sportsbook bonus area for additional information on them. Enjoy these perks and promotions that FanDuel is currently offering to both new and returning users while you wait.

Deposit Methods for FanDuel

During the course of our analysis of FanDuel, we were really impressed with the deposit choices we discovered on this website. With several reliable choices that are fee-free and promptly accessible, customers can enjoy the utmost flexibility when making their deposits!

As previously stated, the absence of crypto banking choices on FanDuel is our main banking-related quibble, although we don’t think this detracts significantly from their total banking rating.


You can use this e-wallet to deposit money at FanDuel as long as your PayPal is linked to your bank account! You cannot use Bank of America, Capital One, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Union Bank, or Huntington Bank at FanDuel if you belong to any of these banks. However, you can get around this restriction by using PayPal. The cash are immediately accessible and there are no costs! Refer to the restrictions that are on your specific PayPal account for depositing restrictions.

Cards of credit or debit

Except for the banks listed below and the majority of prepaid cards, there are almost no restrictions on using credit or debit cards to make deposits. However, as was already explained, you can get around this by using PayPal!

  • American Bank
  • One Capital
  • Bank of Huntington
  • A TD Bank
  • Bank Union
  • By Wells Fargo
  • Prepaid FanDuel Card

You can also cash out using the prepaid card provided by FanDuel. Fund the prepaid card with a Visa, Mastercard, or ACH transfer to get immediate access to your money and no monthly fees! Although it can take a few business days for the physical card to arrive, you can use your money immediately now!

Bank Transfer Online

As previously indicated, there are a few banks where using credit and debit cards at FanDuel is problematic. And this is yet another workaround for the card not working. If you belong to one of the banks specified in the section for credit or debit cards, online bank transfers are an entirely legitimate and practical choice for making a deposit. Most prepaid cards can be used with this manner as well.


Use of PayNearMe.

To create a barcode, go to the PayNearMe deposit method and enter your phone number or email.

Simply print off or save the FanDuel barcode to your phone.

To fund your account, present the barcode to the cashier at any 7-Eleven, CVS, or Family Dollar and give them your preferred payment.

Within 15 minutes, your money will be accessible for use, however there are some daily limits to be aware of. You will be restricted to $500 in a 24-hour period and $10,000 in a 30-day period.


Make your deposit through the VIP Preferred Network using your checking account. To make this happen, simply have your account number, checking routing number, and a copy of your state-issued ID on hand. Watch how your money becomes instantly accessible and fee-free!


For this option, you can pay with money orders, banker’s drafts, personal checks, or cashier’s checks. For more information on where to send your check and what information to include when you send it in, visit FanDuel’s deposit page. Make all checks payable to Betfair Interactive, the parent firm of Fan Duel.

FanDuel Payout Procedures

We were equally as pleased with FanDuel’s payout possibilities as we were with the ways to make deposits. In accordance with our 2022 FanDuel review, this website excels at giving users means to receive payouts swiftly, with PayPal and the FanDuel prepaid card taking the lead in that regard.

The absence of bitcoin payout alternatives at FanDuel is our only criticism of their payout procedures. Given how well-liked cryptocurrencies are right now, we hope that FanDuel will eventually offer them as a payout option. With the addition of a few cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, they could easily add 3 to 5 extra 48-hour payout ways! PayPal

The greatest banking option to utilize at FanDuel is PayPal since you can benefit from fee-free deposits with funds made available right away and quick payouts that can arrive in your account in as little as 24 to 48 hours! By far, this is the most effective and quick method of banking with FanDuel.

Prepaid FanDuel Card

The FanDuel prepaid card functions as both a payment method and a debit card that is connected to your FanDuel account. For the prepaid card to function as a payout option moving forward, customers must use it to make at least one deposit. When this requirement is met, FanDuel bettors can expect a prompt payout in as little as 24 to 36 hours!

The money that is loaded onto the prepaid card can be used to make new deposits, to get cash from ATMs, and just about everywhere else that takes Discover cards!


Although it has a slower payout option, it is still a good choice for FanDuel banking. As long as you have a current routing number for an account there, you can send e-check transfers to your local bank. It takes three to five business days for the payout to appear in your account after the cashout has been approved, which takes up to 24 hours. Prepaid cards, PayPal accounts, and credit union accounts are not compatible with ACH/e-checks.


This may not be the ideal course of action for you if you insist on receiving your money quickly because it will take 5 to 7 business days for the money to become available.

FanDuel for Android

FanDuel is a website that offers real money sports betting, an online casino, a racebook, and fantasy sports. It is compatible with almost all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. This means that users of FanDuel may place real money wagers while enjoying the comfort and convenience of their smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Everything may be done while on the road for a continuous experience! Customers may now quickly and easily access their preferred sports, online casino games, horse racing, and fantasy sports whenever they want. There has never been a better or more widespread opportunity to gamble for real money! To start the fun, just go to on your mobile device! That is all there is to it!

How Can I Get in Touch with FanDuel Support?

There wasn’t much we could find wrong with FanDuel’s customer service! Except for US mail, nearly all customer care methods are accessible around-the-clock. We discovered that every member of the customer support team with whom we spoke was incredibly amiable and carried themselves with the highest professionalism. When it comes to potential upgrades to the customer service here, not much is on our radar. Overall, it’s excellent.

FanDuel FAQs

Is this FanDuel review entirely unbiased and truthful?

Yes, our evaluation of FanDuel is frank and impartial. In addition to examining the elements and features of FanDuel that we value, we also identified several areas where we thought the sportsbook could perform better or where future enhancements might be made.

In order for you, the reader, to obtain a realistic picture of this well regarded gambling site and ensure that it is a suitable fit for you before joining, we have provided you with a completely honest and transparent review!

Is FanDuel a Reliable Source of Real Money Winnings?

Yes, there are numerous methods for players to win real money on! As mentioned in this review, FanDuel now offers a thorough sportsbook where gamblers can make real money wagers on a variety of sports, including golf, tennis, basketball, football, and more. Additionally, the website has a section devoted to horse racing, and FanDuel offers an actual money online casino option! There are numerous methods to gamble here and make real money!

Is it safe and secure to use FanDuel?

Yes, FanDuel is a secure and safe place to play for real money. This reputable sportsbook and online casino are completely authorized by an established gambling regulatory body. All new users who join the site must pass a background check. Safety procedures like Know Your Customer and Personal Identifiable Information are used during the screening process. Additionally, FanDuel is obligated to use SSL encryption to safeguard any financial and personal data that users may choose to provide to the sportsbook.

FanDuel is a legitimate and authorized online sportsbook.

At the online sportsbook, racebook, and casino operated by FanDuel, US customers may legally place bets and wagers. The fact that FanDuel is fully licensed by an established gaming regulatory body in an authorized jurisdiction makes it a wholly legitimate and practical choice for US bettors.

These online gambling sites are required to follow a number of safety and security standards that safeguard both their users and their customers in order to keep their licenses.

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