Ownersbox Fantasy App

Review of the OwnersBox Fantasy App and DFS Website


  • Weeklong fantasy sports competitions
  • Easy contests to enter
  • terrific incentives and promotions


  • restricted payment options
  • superior to the app on desktop

Over the past ten years, the popularity of fantasy sports has skyrocketed in the US.

Although OwnersBox fantasy sports is only the most recent interesting addition, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to have a prominent position in the fantasy sports industry.

Here at WSN.com, we’re all about daily fantasy sports, so whenever a new website starts to gain traction, we don’t waste any time in bringing in our experts to get the facts. Also, OwnersBox.com has made some intriguing advancements.

The goal of OwnersBox is to bridge the gap between traditional season-long fantasy sports and contemporary daily fantasy sports. The battles are held on a weekly basis rather than over a single day, so you’re not required to play for the long haul, but it’s also less intense than DFS contests.

It’s a novel approach to the fantasy genre and a good development for the US market, where OwnersBox is now accessible in more than 35 states.

Your comprehensive OwnersBox guide can be found on this page.

Before determining whether to sign up, we have information on everything you need to know.

We go into how the contests operate, how to claim bonuses, how to bank, a detailed analysis of the software, customer service information, and much more.

There is much to discover and enjoy.

OwnersBox offers fantasy sports.

OwnersBox Quick Overview

Here are some recent OwnersBox news stories:

After delays caused by the COVID 19 epidemic, the sports-tech firm gathered over $1.7 million in funding in 2020 and ultimately launched toward the end of the year.

You must be physically present in one of the 35 US states where OwnersBox is currently available to play.

Entry requirements include being at least 18 years old, 19 years old in Alabama and Nebraska, and 21 years old in Massachusetts.

There are competitions for the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL.

As opposed to the DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) games offered by companies like DraftKings and FanDuel, OwnersBox wants to pioneer the idea of WFS (Weekly Fantasy Sports).

Drew Brees appears heavily in advertisements on the website and is an investor.

Where Can I Get An OwnersBox?

OwnersBox has advanced significantly in a short period of time and is currently operational in most US states. The list of lawful and illegal states can be seen below.

Keep in mind that you must be physically present in one of the legal states in order to participate in a contest with real money.

If your home state isn’t yet included, we would nevertheless recommend you to keep an eye on it because we expect the availability to continue to expand.

How Do OwnersBoxes Operate?

OwnersBox wants to dominate the market for what it refers to as WFS, or weekly fantasy sports. The format aims to combine the advantages of long-term season-long fantasy sports with the best features of Daily Fantasy Sports (flexibility, convenience, short-term victories).

Despite the fact that the format is largely new, in our opinion, it still feels similar to some DFS competitions on DraftKings and FanDuel, so there isn’t a particularly steep learning curve to be concerned about.

At the moment, OwnersBox offers two different categories of contests, each of which is available for fantasy basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. There are several possibilities within each of the two categories—Head 2 Heads and Tournaments.

Face 2 Faces

Head-to-head competitions pit players against one other over the course of seven days. You’ll need to choose your team and roster, and the player with the most points after one week wins the actual cash award.

Additionally, there are Head 2 Heads that last for 2, 3, or 4 weeks. These competitions pit many fantasy teams against one another in a round-robin elimination system, with the winning teams moving on each week.

Four teams compete over the course of two weeks in two rounds of elimination.

Eight teams compete in 3-week competitions across three rounds of elimination.

16 teams compete over four elimination rounds in matches lasting four weeks.

Live snake drafts, in which the sequence of who gets to pick each round is reversed, are used to start every Head 2 Head competition. The teams do not overlap because each player can only be utilized once.

You can participate in open Head 2 Heads matches or challenge your friends to closed competitions.

Additionally, there is an auto-choose tool that comes in handy for newbies and instantly activates if you miss your time to make your own decision.

Depending on the sport you’re playing, the roster and scoring differ, but if you’ve played DFS or other fantasy sports, you’ll probably be familiar with them.

The victorious teams advance to the next round and get a reward each week in multi-week competitions. During multi-week contests, you can also exchange some items each week.


Compared to Head 2 Heads, tournaments are more comprehensive. These competitions allow several entries, and the player pool is typically significantly bigger. Additionally, it increases prize pools, which results in a larger payout for all participants.

The players on your squad will be chosen using a salary cap, which varies based on the sport you are playing. There are no constraints on how much the rosters of the various teams can overlap, unlike in Head 2 Heads, and there is no live draft.

Before the deadline, when your lineup is locked, you can change your lineup and replace players as often as you like.

A brand-new NFL Superflex salary cap game was also introduced by OwnersBox. Absolutely look into that as well.

They are legitimate WFS competitions because tournaments are only one week long.

The awards are based on the number of participants in each event. To view the breakdown of payouts, click on the “Prizes” section of the contest information card.

For the following buy-ins, you can compete in both tournaments and head-to-head matches:

  • $1
  • $3
  • $5
  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000

We appreciate that OwnersBox caters to gamers of all stripes with to its extensive selection of betting possibilities.

OwnersBox now only offers tournaments and head-to-head matches, but additional contest categories could be added in the future.

Nevertheless, we appreciate both formats. They are perfect for both novice and seasoned fantasy players alike because they are entertaining and easy to use.

OwnersBox Mobile App and Software

Most of the feedback from our experts concerning OwnersBox’s software was really positive. Exploring the many contests and navigating the website are both simple.

A master list of all the future competitions takes up the most of the page’s space. The list can be easily sorted using the filter mechanism at the top.

To exclude things you don’t want to see, simply tick or uncheck the corresponding boxes.

For each of the four sports, Head 2 Heads or Tournaments, the scheduled start time, the buy-in, and more, for instance.

The list can also be sorted in a variety of ways, including payouts, buy-in, player count, and more.

With its excellent design, it’s simple to discover all that OwnersBox has to offer without getting overwhelmed.

However, the website is actually much more than just a platform for entering competitions. The platform’s effectiveness as a sports news website alone very much shocked our specialists.

The top of the screen has a scrollable bar that lists all the forthcoming games for that week. Using the drop-down menu on the left, you may switch between the four most popular sports.

The News Feed is located on the right side of the screen.

This is a feature that has appeared in a few online casinos and sportsbooks, but it has never performed as well as it does here. Injuries, transfers, team news, and other news updates are virtually continuously being released.

You can customize it so that you only see news about particular sports, scoring plays from games, and other topics.

Even if you don’t want to join a fantasy league, you might still access OwnersBox to check the schedule or stay up to date on the most recent news.

At OwnersBox, the impact of social media is obvious. Any friends you have who use the website can be added, and you can speak with them using the messaging box in the right corner.

You are urged to follow persons you have recently competed against in competitions in addition to adding people you know in real life. It enhances the social aspect of playing at OwnersBox.

OwnersBox is also accessible as an app, which you can download from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and App Store on iOS and Android devices (depending on your location).

Overall, we prefer the desktop version of the site over the sports app, which does a fantastic job of condensing the website to a workable mobile format.

OwnersBox is essentially much more than simply a method to play fantasy sports, in the end. We adore the site’s news and information components, and the social media features undoubtedly have the ability to set it apart from other fantasy websites.

App and Software Highlights

Easy to explore and participate contests because to modern, sensible design

We adore the social chat feature and the news stream.

There is a good selection of entry costs, and rookie competitions are suitable for beginners.

Easily switch between light and dark color schemes by pressing a button.

Issues to Address

Due to the enormous amount of information on the main site, we believe that overall the app is not quite as useful as the desktop site.

There is not 24-hour live chat support.

Offers and Bonuses at OwnersBox

OwnersBox has provided several bonuses and promos for new users, much like all fantasy sites worth their salt.

According to our investigation, almost all of OwnersBox’s perks are transient, meaning that new ones are frequently introduced in their stead. The good news is that they appear to be numerous, both for brand-new gamers and campaigns that current players can choose to participate in.

The one exception is the Refer a Friend program, which is an ongoing, ongoing promotion.

The offers that were active at the time of our OwnersBox review are listed below. Although they could alter, they offer you a good idea of what to expect.

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