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Review of OwnersBox Fantasy Sports

A common defense is that “daily fantasy sports is hard to keep up with” or “fantasy sports takes an entire season to identify a champion and gain money.”

So, those defenses are no longer legitimate. Offering weekly, daily, and season-long fantasy betting opportunities is OwnersBox Fantasy Sports. Drew Brees, a future Hall of Fame quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, thought OwnersBox was so great that he decided to invest in it.

We’ll answer all of your queries regarding the DFS website and mobile app in our OwnersBox review.

Positive Features of OwnersBox Fantasy Sports

• OwnersBox Reward Scheme

• Player statistics are given.

• Quick automatic player updates

• Welcome Bonus from OwnersBox

OwnersBox offers new users a fantastic welcome incentive. On your first deposit into your account, they will give you $30 for free!

OwnersBucks are virtual money that can only be used in OwnersBox contests. You get $5 just by opening an account. OwnersBox will automatically deposit $5 in real money into your account after you validate your account.

If you’ve never used OwnersBox before, you can sign up using our links to take advantage of their awesome Welcome Offer! $25 free is the bonus!

Rules and Regulations

• $10 is the minimum deposit.

• A maximum of one account per individual. No co-owner accounts exist.

• You must be at least 18 years old or the legal age in your state.

• You must be physically present in a state that OwnersBox accepts.

How to Join OwnersBox and Receive a Welcome Bonus

At OwnersBox DFS, creating a new account is a relatively straightforward process. I registered for an account in just two minutes, and my 25 OwnersBucks were credited to my account right away.

1. to sign up for an account, click on one of our links.

2. When enrolling, use our special promotional code to receive your bonus.

3. Place a deposit of at least $10.

4. Install the OwnersBox app on your phone and begin playing.

You must submit certain fundamental details, like your name, address, and date of birth. OwnersBox simply requires that you be 18 years old, or at least the minimum age needed by the state where you open the account, to participate in DFS.

To use OwnersBox, your state does not need to have approved online gambling or a sportsbook. While the majority of states allow it, others don’t. OwnersBox honors American legislation and welcomes clients in the majority of states.

Being physically situated in one of the states is a necessity. OwnersBox DFS invites customers for you to make a deposit or sign up for a sponsored competition. Customers from the below-listed excluded states are not accepted by OwnersBox.

Recognized States

In Alabama

• Alaska

• Arkansas

• California

• Colorado

• Florida

• Georgia

• Illinois

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• Maine

• Maryland

• Massachusetts

• Minnesota

• Missouri

• Nebraska

• Massachusetts

Jersey, New

(New Mexico)

• Ny City

Northern Carolina

South Dakota

• Ohio

• Oklahoma

• Oregon

• Providence

Carolina, South

Sud Dakota

• Tennessee

• Texas

• Utah

• Vermont

• Virginia

Western Virginia

• Wisconsin

• Wyoming

Affected States

• Arizona

• Connecticut

• Delaware

• Hawaii

• Idaho

• Indiana

• Iowa

• Louisiana

• Michigan

• Mississippi

• Montana

• Nevada

• Pennsylvania

• Washington

Ongoing Promotions at OwnersBox

A $25 OwnersBucks prize is automatically given to new members by OwnersBox just for opening an account, among other promotions. You receive a $5 cash payout to your account after you confirm it.

OwnersBox has a referral program that rewards customers with discounts. They refer to it as a “Referral tree,” which resembles a multi-level marketing strategy.

The Referral tree has three levels.

Tier 1: Introduce a friend to OwnersBox. You receive 25 OwnersBucks after they deposit your first $25.

• Tier 2: You receive an extra ten OwnersBucks when one of your recommendations signs up a buddy.

• Tier 3: After your Tier 2 referrals deposit $25 and bring a friend to OwnersBox, you will receive an additional five OwnersBucks.

When you’re on the Dashboard screen, click the “Refer” button to invite friends to sign up with OwnersBox. The “Refer” button on the contest information card is the alternative method.

OwnersBox Payment Options

OwnersBox’s banking options are currently restricted. Both deposits and withdrawals must be made with a minimum of $10.


There are only two ways to deposit money using OwnersBox. The first is using a credit card, such as one from a company like VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

The second approach uses an ACH bank transfer. Canadian users can only deposit using credit cards, though.


The withdrawn monies will be reimbursed using the original deposit method if a withdrawal request is submitted within 90 days of a deposit. Any additional monies that you request on top of the original deposit will be transferred to your bank account via ACH.

Checks or ACH transfers can be used to send other withdrawal requests. According to OwnersBox, withdrawals will be handled in five business days.

OwnersBox Fantasy Sports use

The Head-2-Head and the Tournament are two distinct ways to gain money. With the cap and game limits in both, you choose the starting lineup you believe to be the best.

2 to 16 teams compete against one another in head-to-head matches for up to four weeks. Each week’s loser is disqualified from the competition.

The tournament format is set up like a bracket and offers larger rewards. As you advance through the brackets, your pay is progressively increased.

You choose ten participants for each of the two formats. You may control how your players are managed, and you don’t need to wait a complete season to win and get paid in cash!

Mobile App OwnersBox Review

The OwnersBox app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The Fantasy Sports action is also available on their website, ownersbox.com.

There are now two themes available for the app. By far, the superior of the two is the dark background with the white, gray, and green print.

Though the software is not the most intuitive, figuring out where everything is doesn’t take long. Pop-ups and help screens provide explanations, pointers, and directions that are helpful to new users.

OwnersBox Specifications

The blog on the app should be visited by all players, especially those who are new or unskilled. Articles about tactics, player rankings, team previews, player suggestions, and other topics can be found there.

OwnersBox’s mission is to promote a social environment that is enjoyable and fun. You may establish secret contests, invite friends, create groups, and even engage in some trash talking.

You need statistics to succeed in fantasy sports, and OwnersBox DFS complies by providing a wealth of data that will help you choose players.

You can avoid selecting a player who will reduce your chances of winning by using a continuous feed that provides important player information, such as injuries or if they are starting.

Available OwnersBox Sports

Currently, the sports available on OwnersBox DFS include:

Baseball in Major Leagues




Tools and Resources for Responsible Gaming from OwnersBox

Tools from OwnersBox Fantasy Sports can help you manage your play in a prudent but exciting way. There are many other user limits, for instance, that you can implement.

Please be aware that after a restriction has been established, any increase is prohibited for 90 days. Customer service for OwnersBox cannot also remove user restrictions.

OwnersBox permits the following restrictions:

Deposit Caps and Notifications

You choose a threshold for Deposit Alerts. If you go above that limit, you receive an email notifying you of it. Additional deposits are not prohibited from being made by you. You are only informed when your limit has been reached.

Put limitations, which you set for how much money you can deposit into your account each day, week, or month, are significantly stricter.

Limits on Contest Entry and Alerts

The rules for Contest Entries are the same as those for deposits. You are only permitted to participate in a certain number of contests at once.

Entry Cost Caps

You won’t be able to enter any contests that cost more than your predetermined cap on entry fees.

You can ask to be excluded if you think you need to take a break from fantasy sports. You can choose a lockout time between 30 and 365 days. You won’t get any email notifications for the lockout time, and your account is immediately locked.

Call or contact the National Council on Addiction Gambling at 1-800-522-4700 for support and hope if you or someone you know has a gambling problem.

Background and Legal Aspects of OwnersBox

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was enacted into US legislation in October 2006. Daily fantasy sports were made lawful under the bill’s language, while poker and sportsbook websites were forced out of business.

In June 2007, the first fantasy sports website became live online. Over the subsequent two years, more websites emerged. DFS has been outlawed in a few states, while others have chosen to do nothing about it.

The majority of state governments are in charge of overseeing online fantasy sports regulation.

On September 5, 2020, OwnersBox will formally unveil its ground-breaking platform across North America.

OwnersBox Client Support

Although OwnersBox.com doesn’t have a phone number, there is 24-hour customer assistance available. The Help and Support page has a live chat button in the lower right corner.

When I asked inquiries utilizing the live chat, I received prompt assistance. You can see where you are in the queue when the chat first starts.

I’m starting to prefer live chat over phone conversations because they provide you a transcript of your conversation for future reference.

You can also send an email to OwnersBox general support or open a request ticket with customer care.

Program for OwnersBox Loyalty

Their OwnersBucks are the center of the OwnersBox Loyalty Program. There are three methods to get OwnersBucks:

• Participate in their paid contests

• Recieve promotions and bonuses

• Success in OwnersBucks fantasy competitions.

You receive 1% of the entrance fees you pay in OwnersBucks when you participate in a paid contest. For instance, if your entry fee is $300, you will receive three OwnersBucks.

Depending on your “rank,” OwnersBucks are converted into actual money at a certain pace. Your rank and conversion rate increase as you participate in more contests.

Last Words on OwnersBox

New fans of fantasy sports will be produced by OwnersBox Weekly Fantasy Sports. They apply original twists in a variety of contexts, giving their brand a more distinctive way to participating in fantasy sports.

The intense excitement of fantasy sports is increased by the live drafting, the thorough data, and the player projections. Additionally, you get to socially debate, argue, and plan for other players.

Being a new business, OwnersBox should be making some changes in a few areas. OwnersBox’s banking options are not as varied as they ought to be.

Additionally, it is frustrating since OwnersBox requires you to contact customer care in order to withdraw a portion of your initial deposit.

Although OwnersBox offers several of my favorite fantasy sports leagues, it would be fantastic to see golf and NASCAR included.

It’s great to offer a $30 free welcome gift to new accounts! For the bonus without an OwnersBox coupon, don’t forget to use our links.

FAQs about OwnersBox reviews

These inquiries concerning OwnersBox Fantasy Sports are frequently asked.

OwnersBox is it legal?

In the states where OwnersBox accepts customers, yes, but just there. For details, refer to the list above in our OwnersBox review.

How many participants in the contest earn prizes?

In contrast to most fantasy websites, where a small number of customers receive the majority of the profits, 25 to 50% of contest participants are compensated.

OwnersBox Fantasy Sports: What is it?

You can engage in a variety of head-to-head and tournament-style competitions for real money on the fantasy sports website OwnersBox.

The operation of OwnersBox

Through our links, players can sign up and participate in weekly fantasy tournaments. Choose the best roster to earn rewards!

Exist season-long fantasy tournaments?

Not at all, no. There is a lot quicker turnaround at OwnersBox because weekly games are the main focus.

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