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Compare the Top DFS Apps in the US with the Best Fantasy Sports Apps of 2022

A comprehensive overview on the top fantasy sports apps available in the US was put together by our professional team. In this article, we examine the top four daily fantasy sports websites and give a detailed analysis of each, pointing out both their advantages and disadvantages.

After reading our guide, you’ll have all the information you need to choose your next daily fantasy sports software and learn more about this rapidly expanding online sports betting market.

Best Fantasy Sports Apps: A Ranking

Our team of specialists evaluated a number of fantasy sports applications before coming up with the best list, which is presented below. We have investigated and evaluated each of these apps to determine how they operate and what benefits they provide to both potential users and current users. It’s important to note that most states around the nation allow access to each of these popular fantasy sports apps.

1. Battle Infinity is the top DFS in the US, in our opinion.

2. FanDuel is a fantastic fantasy sports game provider, especially for the NFL and NBA.

3. One of the leading DFS companies in America is DraftKings.

4. The DFS app Monkey Knife Fight is quite user-friendly.

The Best Fantasy Sports Apps Reviewed

Find detailed site reviews for each of the top fantasy sports apps in the US listed below. We’ll discuss everything, including the sports they offer, the bonuses they offer, and even a general overview of the app. Check out our assessment of the top fantasy sports apps without further ado.

1. Top Daily Fantasy Sports Site in the US: Battle Infinity

Since Battle Infinity hasn’t yet made its official debut, it is a new player in the DFS app market. To allow users to play daily fantasy games in the virtual world, Gala Games and Battle Islands have partnered to create the website, which is fully connected with the Metaverse.

Up to six battle arenas will initially be available for participants to compete in. There will be cash prizes and unique freebies, including NFTs, at each arena. Battle Infinity will also enable players to trade one-of-a-kind NFTs with other gamers inside of their own market.

You can’t access it or log in since the website hasn’t launched yet. On their website, there is, however, a live pre-sale. IBAT tokens that will function on the network once it launches can be invested in and purchased here.


• Special platform built on NFT trading

• Present-day potential for early investment

• The platform’s games and cash awards

• Various arenas where contests are held everyday


• Has not yet been made public.

2. Great DFS site for the NFL and NBA is FanDuel.

One of the first developers of fantasy sports games, FanDuel has established a solid name among US consumers. They are a reputable company that provides top-notch fantasy game options for a variety of sports, particularly the NBA and the NFL.

When new players at FanDuel register for the daily fantasy sports area of their website, they are entitled to receive a $50 welcome bonus. FanDuel does provide online sports betting in addition to DFS games, but it is currently only available in a few states.

FanDuel has a fantastic UI that is simple to use and has excellent gambling possibilities.


• Top-tier credibility and brand

• Simple, functional design

• Offers a bonus and is free to sign up

• Top-notch NBA and NFL games


• The modest welcome bonus

3. Leading Brand in Daily Fantasy Sports: DraftKings

The most well-known daily fantasy sports app in the US, along with FanDuel, is DraftKings. More importantly, DraftKings‘ DFS selection is unmatched because it includes a wide range of sports, including the top leagues in North America.

DraftKings did a fantastic job of creating its website and app to be simple to use and play on. They are a well-known website with a lot of active players and provide a huge selection of competitions.

You can get a $5 no deposit bonus as a new DFS player at DraftKings and a $100 welcome bonus if you deposit money straight away.


• Top-tier brand in the DFS industry

• The site offers all major sports.

• Numerous welcome bonuses are offered.

• Generous prizes and several competitions


• It may be challenging to win payouts.

4. Monkey Knife Fight: An approachable DFS application

Monkey Knife Fight is another up-and-coming competitor in the daily fantasy sports app market, along with Battle Infinity. However, they are utilizing that to their advantage as they have concentrated on giving users of their app and website an incredibly user-friendly experience.

Additionally, MKF is committed to providing only a few tournaments while making sure that they are all of the highest caliber. The limited selection of sports might be seen as both a pro and a con, depending on what you’re searching for.

Monkey Knife Fight provides new players with a $100 welcome bonus and gives a variety of bonuses to current players as well.


• Emphasizes quality above quantity.

• A great bonus and incentives system

• A user-friendly website interface

• A sizable welcome bonus


• There are fewer contests

• Prizes are smaller because there is a smaller offering.

Are Fantasy Sports Apps Legal to Bet on in the US?

Only six states in the US have completely outlawed daily fantasy sports applications as of yet. They are Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, and Nevada. Otherwise, playing daily fantasy sports is allowed. It is important to note that daily fantasy sports betting on offshore platforms is still a possibility in these jurisdictions.

Daily fantasy sports are actually a fantastic substitute for online sports betting, which is prohibited in several US jurisdictions. DFS is distinct from sports betting since it emphasizes skill over luck, the antithesis of both of those activities.

The payouts and odds are also variable. In contrast to sports betting, where odds are determined by bookmakers, player bets are placed in pools or competitions.

There are a lot more qualified players and possibly huge prize pools because daily fantasy sports applications are more widely available and allowed in the majority of states. As a result, DFS competition can be lucrative and offer bigger wins.

Where is it permitted to use fantasy sports betting apps?

The table that follows lists each state’s most recent legislation governing fantasy sports applications.

Who Can Participate in US Fantasy Sports Apps?

As you can see from the list above, each state has a particular set of guidelines for specific DFS websites and applications. As a result, whether or not you are able to legally play fantasy sports games at one of our top DFS sites depends on your location and the website you desire to play on.

Nevertheless, a few minimal specifications that apply to the entire US are listed below.

• In the majority of states, you must be 18 or older to play.

• A few states increased the legal drinking age to 19 or 21.

You are only allowed one account per household while using DFS apps.

• You must dwell in the state or be physically present there.

Fantasy Sports Apps: What Are They?

To put it simply, daily fantasy sports apps and games let users wager against other users in an effort to win money from a prize fund. The primary distinction is that whereas in sports betting the odds are set by bookmakers and governed by a casino or sportsbook, in fantasy games the odds are based on fantasy games.

Your fantasy team needs to score more goals than your rivals to win. Each form of game has a specified scoring system that is decided upon prior to the start of the match. Briefly put, gamblers can pick players from teams within a certain sport and compete against other clients who assemble their own teams from the same pool of players.

Although many DFS games are free to play, the payouts for paid-to-play competitions are substantially higher. You must place first on the scoreboard and outperform the competition in order to win.

How Do Fantasy Sports Apps Work for Betting?

The league or competition you want to enter will determine how fantasy sports apps operate. Entering a league that lasts for a specific amount of time, like a week or a season, is the most typical way to partake in DFS gaming. There are single game possibilities available, though.

The amount of players who enter the contest will determine the prize money. The prize money will either be given to the winner in full or, in rare cases, distributed among the top finishers. The amount of the prize and the requirements will be decided before entry if the contest is open to everyone.

Players also have the choice to engage in one-on-one competition with other players. Here, the length of the competition might vary, although it usually lasts for a single game, week, or season.

The Best Fantasy Sports Apps: How Do We Rate Them?

To compile our ranking of the top fantasy sports apps, we conduct a rigorous evaluation that spans several days and involves testing and first-hand experience. The primary factors we considered when ranking the top fantasy sports apps in the US are listed below.

Selecting a fantasy sport

We take each DFS site’s selection of sports first and foremost. By selecting a site with a range of sports, you’ll have options for the sports you may play, the contests you can enter, and the frequency of games.

Selecting a fantasy league

The amount of sports will also affect the number of competitions or the type of fantasy leagues, as was mentioned previously. The quantity of leagues available is hence the following item on our list of factors to evaluate. It’s always nice to have options, and we appreciate it when there are both free and paid options because it caters to all different types of daily fantasy sports players’ game requirements.

Added Value & Promotions

What kind of bonuses and promotions are available on the app and on the website is another important factor that influences our rankings. If a platform not only provides a respectable welcome bonus but also solid continuous promos for current players, it is unquestionably worthwhile to use. In the long run, these benefits may enable you to win bigger.

Security & Safety

The top four fantasy sports applications we looked at all had excellent security. We take this seriously and don’t take it lightly. Our team of specialists will only endorse an app if they have shown a dedication to security to protect your money and personal information.

Payment Options for Betting Markets

Banking options are a factor that is significant in our rating system. Users today use both conventional and non-traditional banking techniques. Notably, Bitcoin and numerous other altcoins are frequently supported by cryptocurrency sportsbooks, which are growing in popularity. A website will therefore rank higher if it provides multiple banking options.

Customer Service

Customer service is yet another essential element of our ranking system, along with security. All of the DFS applications we examine must be able to provide their users with reliable customer service. A thorough FAQ section or help center is crucial for providing prompt responses to queries.

How to Register with the Best Fantasy Sports App

It is not too difficult to register for a DFS app. We’ll go over how to register on Battle Infinity, our favorite fantasy sports betting app, in the sections below.

Although Battle Infinity has not yet launched, you can still get ready for it by buying the required crypto coins to get going. These coins are IBAT, which are currently for sale BEP-20 tokens.

Step 1. Purchase a crypto wallet

The Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain on which Battle Infinity runs, must first be used to create your cryptocurrency wallet before you can begin using the game. We advise you to utilize Trust Wallet because Battle Infinity also suggests doing so. Simply download Trust Wallet from your app store (or Metamask).

Step 2. Invest in Binance Coin (BNB)

While your wallet is downloading, go to any reputable cryptocurrency exchange and buy Binance Coin, which is needed to buy IBAT. You can send a transfer to your wallet once it has been configured and you have bought Binance Coin.

Step 3. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your Battle Infinity profile.

Visit Battle Infinity next, then select “open presale dashboard.” Next, select your cryptocurrency wallet by clicking the green “connect wallet” button.

Step 4. Battle Infinity sells IBAT Coins.

When your wallet is connected, you’re ready to buy IBAT from Battle Infinity. Choose the “Buy IBAT” button and input the required amount of IBAT (just make sure you have enough Binance Coin to cover your desired amount). Then, click “Buy IBAT” to finish the transaction.

Step 5. The IBAT Address import

Finally, to properly import the IBAT coins you just bought into your cryptocurrency wallet, select “import tokens” and input your specific contract address. Visit the Battle Infinity Telegram group or get in touch with customer service to get this address.

Select “add custom token” after you have the address, and you will be all set to go. Once more, Battle Infinity hasn’t quite debuted, but you’ll be prepared to play when it does.

Frequently Played Fantasy Sports on Apps

There are many different sports to pick from on daily fantasy sports betting sites. The top sports that you can choose from are given below.

Football fantasy (NFL)

Football is arguably the sport that is most frequently gambled on, including through daily fantasy sports betting apps. Every one of the top fantasy sports apps we highlighted has competitions centered around football and the NFL. Check out our ranking of the top NFL sportsbooks if you’re interested in conventional betting.

Play-off basketball (NBA)

The NBA is the most well-known sport after the NFL. There are many options to participate in fantasy basketball competitions and games focused on the NBA. Visit our trading fantasy basketball player guide to gain an advantage over your rivals.

Hockey fantasy (NHL)

Due to the NHL’s widespread popularity in the US and Canada, nearly every daily fantasy sports betting app offers a good range of NHL contests. Through our review guide, you may learn more about betting on the NHL, as some fantasy sports applications do provide legal sports betting.

Simulated baseball (MLB)

MLB baseball is a different well-liked sport in the US and on daily fantasy sports sites. The best MLB betting companies, like FanDuel and DraftKings, also provide daily fantasy baseball contests.

Fantasy Football in College

The college leagues receive a lot of attention when it comes to betting and fantasy games because football betting is so popular across the country. If you’re a lover of college football, be sure to check out DraftKings because they provide fantastic games and leagues.

Basketball in college fantasy

Basketball is another well-liked fantasy sport that people participate in through FanDuel, DraftKings, and other DFS apps, and the NCAA also offers collegiate basketball. The annual March Madness tournament, which is the most watched collegiate basketball event, is a terrific time of year for fantasy sports, apps, and sports betting.

Fantasy Football

It’s possible that Americans don’t like fantasy soccer as much as people do elsewhere. However, the majority of popular DFS applications provide soccer-related competitions, particularly those from Major League Soccer (MLS). International competitions are also offered, including those based on the English Premier League, the FIFA World Cup, and other events.

Imaginary Golf

There are many fantasy golf games available, especially during significant PGA Tour competitions. Competitions that are based on the European Tour are also available.

Fantasy Football

Cricket enthusiasts will be happy to learn that they are included in the daily fantasy sports competitions. In fact, some of the best DFS websites provide cricket tournaments.

Additional Fantasy Sports

Among other fantasy sports are:


• Esports

• Formula One


Undisputed Fighting Championship (UFC)

• Tennis

• Racing horses

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) (MMA)

Soccer in Canada (CFL)

Contests for the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

You can find a few different contests on each given fantasy sports app. We examine the top five competitions on fantasy sports apps in the list below.

Money game

One of the finest game types on DFS apps are cash games because they typically have favorable odds. A 50/50 game is a form of cash game, for instance, where the top 50% of players win cash.


Freeroll games have a prize pool while not requiring an entry fee. Freeroll tournaments can be thought of as a promotional offer because they are sponsored by the app and frequently advertised to prospective players so they can get a feel for the games there.


Games that serve as qualifiers allow players who place first on the leaderboard to participate in or qualify for more lucrative competitions. It is important to note that winning qualifications is more challenging because of the odds and the quantity of competitors.

Survivor Competition

A survivor tournament is one in which competitors must reach a certain point total to move on to the next round. Less players are left as the competition goes on, which frequently results in higher prize money for the winners.

Premier League

In a draft league game, each player assembles their own squad from a group of players from the same sport. This team then faces off against other teams that other players choose. In the NFL and other big leagues, this kind of game is extremely popular.

Our Top 5 Fantasy Sports App Playing Tips

Here are our top five fantasy sports gaming suggestions, which should improve your ability to plan ahead for the upcoming fantasy competition.

1. Prioritize 50/50 leagues

As was already mentioned, your chances of winning cash prizes are highest in 50/50 leagues. Although higher prizes may be alluring, you will probably be more successful financially by participating in 50/50 leagues.

2. Use analytics and data

You may choose wisely who you are “betting” on or drafting by utilizing statistics and analytics, among other things. It is strongly advised to adopt a data-driven strategy, which should be rather straightforward given the wealth of information on specific players and betting-related subjects that is readily available.

3. Create a Schedule

It might be difficult to keep up with daily and weekly fantasy games. It necessitates a lot of consideration and commitment. Check injury updates, news stories, and anything else that can affect your fantasy game to build a habit. You might lose ground if you skip a day or two of research. To keep you informed, the top offshore betting sites have news sections.

4. Trust Your Gut Feelings

Daily fantasy gamers frequently make the mistake of going with the flow and larger trends. Trust your instincts and your homework to make yourself stand out from the crowd. It will probably pay off in the end if you take the time to research players, matchups, and other relevant news. Of course, there is a certain element of chance involved, but being distinctive may result in even greater rewards.

5. Make the most of bonuses

DFS sports apps encourage you to interact with their platform. They will therefore provide large welcome incentives and continuous promotions. Make sure to fully utilize the low-risk bonuses they provide as well as the incentives they give you for participating in their games. Since usage increases and the chance to win more prizes rises, it benefits both you as a player and the DFS app.

Different Bonuses Offered by Fantasy Sports Apps

As was noted throughout this tutorial, clients of fantasy sports apps can receive a variety of bonuses. Here are a few of the key promotions you’ll probably notice both before and after downloading a daily fantasy sports app.

Matching Deposit Bonus

A deposit match offer usually only applies to the initial deposit made by new customers. A daily fantasy sports software will offer to 100% match your original contribution up to a particular cash amount as this form of bonus. A $100 deposit, for instance, would result in a $100 match from the app. Consequently, you would start with $200.

Deposit-Free Bonus

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like: a website will provide you access to their app without requiring you to deposit any money of your own. Find the specific promo code for this bonus type and use it at registration to load bonus monies into your account before making your first deposit.

Instantaneous Prize Pools

DFS apps frequently include competitions with guaranteed prize pools, which are frequently very substantial sums of money. These are distinct from conventional competitions in that the quantity of participants is unimportant.

Loyalty Bonuses

To keep current players, DFS apps will also create a system of recurring prizes or loyalty points. By playing more often, you will typically earn more loyalty rewards, which differ from site to site.

The Finest Methods of Payment for Fantasy Sports Apps

The majority of DFS applications and websites offer a wide variety of banking alternatives. We go over some of the most popular deposit and withdrawal options used by popular daily fantasy sports applications below.

Betting Options for Bitcoin

Due to the increase in popularity of cryptocurrencies over the past ten years, DFS apps have made it possible for players to deposit and withdraw money using cryptocurrencies. In addition to being widely used, cryptocurrencies process transactions far more quickly (relative to fiat currency). As a result, it’s the quickest and simplest method for transferring money into and out of your DFS app account.

Key cryptocurrency alternatives include:

• Bitcoin

• Ethereum

• Bitcoin Wallet

• Litecoin

• Dogecoin

eWallet Options for Betting

You can utilize an electronic wallet that is connected to a real debit or credit card by using an eWallet. This is yet another practical banking choice, similar to cryptocurrency, that makes transferring money simple and rapid.

The best eWallets are:

• PayPal

• Neteller

• Money App

App Store

• Wallet by Google

Traditional Forms of Payment

DFS apps allow for more conventional payment options, such as debit and credit cards, in addition to the newer, speedier ways of banking. Major card issuers like Visa and Mastercard are recognized. In contrast to the above-mentioned alternative banking choices, the processing periods for these transactions may be a little longer.

The best US fantasy sports app

Battle Infinity is without a doubt the best fantasy sports software available in the US. It’s a cutting-edge new product that, because to its integration with NFT and link to the Metaverse, is poised to transform the DFS app ecosystem. Additionally, it will include more sports and provide gamers a ton of thrilling competitions every day.

When it comes to online gambling and sports betting, the Battle Infinity app will be at the cutting edge of innovative technologies. Check out Battle Infinity’s pre-sale launch to get started, and come back for the most recent information on their formal launch.


Fantasy sports are what?

Players compete against one another for monetary prizes when they play fantasy sports video games. It gives for a thrilling sports and gaming experience because it incorporates both elements of skill and betting.

Which fantasy gaming app is the most popular?

Due to their early entry into the market, DraftKings and FanDuel are the most well-known fantasy sports applications in the US.

Which firm develops the finest fantasy sports apps?

The fantasy sports app business with the best future is Battle Infinity. The business is creating a novel experience that combines NFTS, the Metaverse, bitcoin, and daily fantasy sports.

What fantasy sports are the most well-liked?

NFL football and NBA basketball are the two most widely played fantasy sports (NBA). Other sports, including baseball and hockey, are not far behind in terms of popularity, though.

Which fantasy football app is most popular?

DraftKings has some of the top fantasy football tournaments available. As a result, they are currently the most widely used fantasy football app. Once Battle Infinity goes live, this might change.

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