Fantasy Golf Websites


Golf is a sport that has evolved to be much more physical and entertaining to watch and participate in.

People seek a means to stay connected in golf even when they are not on the course due to the popularity of the sport.

A fantastic method to achieve it is through fantasy golf.

It can be challenging to find the greatest fantasy golf website.

There are a ton of options available, but fortunately for you, we’ve selected the top 15 fantasy golf websites for you.



The most popular website for fantasy golf is by far DraftKings.

Golfers find DraftKings to be quite enticing because it is a daily game.

From week to week or season to season, you won’t have to spend much time managing your roster.

You might instead sign up with DraftKings and play for the day.

DraftKings will make golf television watching entertaining again if you’ve ever found it to be monotonous.

You get to pick six golfers, are limited to a certain salary, and get points for successful play.

The following day, you can draft a brand-new squad and keep an eye on the scoreboard to see whether you won any cash rewards.

Initial registration with DraftKings is free, but as time goes on, you’ll discover how the daily contests and prizes on their website may help you make money.

For those who are short on time but want to add excitement and fun to an afternoon of watching golf, this technique of playing fantasy golf is a great option.


When it comes to fantasy golf, some people would want to stick with a brand they are familiar with, such as Yahoo or the PGA Tour.

The setup for Yahoo Fantasy is simple, and we’ll even remark that the website is set up something like it would have been ten years ago.

Any day a golf tournament is taking place, you can play with your six chosen competitors.

You’ll observe that Yahoo clearly states the point totals, and you can easily check the leaderboard to see how you are doing in comparison to the competition.

The Yahoo Fantasy website might be a terrific alternative if you are a big sports enthusiast in general because you can keep track of all of your fantasy teams there.

Switching between football, golf, and other sports is simple.


Prior to discussing the Fanduel fantasy sports website, players should be aware that scoring can vary from one website to another.

When you begin playing, keep in mind that Fanduel uses a different point system than some other possibilities.

With Fanduel, you can play golf on the weekends or every day, and they use the same six-player structure as many other websites.

Of course, the pay cap will apply to you, but that is very typical.

Penalties are factored into the Fanduel scoring system, and there are several unusual ways for players to increase their point totals or lose them.

This is one of the most exciting possibilities for playing fantasy golf online, and having the weekend or daily chance is a great option.


The NBC Sports Predictor software is used to manage The Golf Channel Fantasy Golf.

Compared to some of the other fantasy golf options available on the market, this is a little different.

You can participate in two free weekly golf tournaments with the Golf Channel Fantasy Golf.

You have the option of playing from Thursday through Sunday or just on Sunday.

You have a chance to win money in both of these competitions.

You are automatically entered into a FootJoy championship to win a ton of money if you get at least sixty points in any of the weekly Golf Channel Fantasy Golf golf competitions.

The Golf Channel app has some excellent features, one of which is the ability to check on the most up-to-date information for the week regarding who is doing well and who is not.

On other fantasy gaming websites, you can find insider information that you may be able to exploit as well.


It shouldn’t be surprising that PGA Tour Fantasy Golf is quite effectively done given that these people are experts in their field.

You can arrange your own private group with pals to play in a group on PGA Tour Fantasy Golf.

You can test your golf knowledge by playing for fun, competing for prizes, or just having some fun.

You are given a six-person roster, and each email address is allowed three rosters.

The PGA Tour Fantasy Golf website provides you with real-time data that is heavily reliant on statistics.

The PGA Tour Fantasy Golf website is the place to be if you want to gain and lose points for a variety of different numbers.

6. Golfing

A website called GOLFZING offers a wide variety of golf-related information.

With GOLFZING, you can schedule tee times and create fantasy leagues.

In comparison to most other leagues, this one is organized rather differently.

You get to choose seven players, and the participant with the highest weekly fantasy earnings wins the competition.

You can earn points for playing golf at various venues thanks to GOLFZING’s efforts to integrate their entire business online.

7. Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

The website Pro Tour Fantasy Golf is a great place to host your fantasy league.

We adore this website in part because you may select from a variety of playback formats.

Let it Ride, Two and Thru, Pick 3 Classic, and One and Done are the four distinct formats.

Not everyone prefers to play the regular weekly style, draft six people each week, etc.

This gives you a lot more freedom within your own league.

The season can be divided into several halves to accommodate more competitions.


The TDJ Golf Fantasy golf is a brand-new idea that combines virtual and actual play.

Each week, you can choose your team, then play a round of golf on your local course.

Your performance will be added to the team’s score and statistics.

After your round of golf, you can return home and unwind while watching the competition.

The fact that players may play for free and win actual prizes while combining real golf with fantasy golf is something we adore.

This can be a really inspiring manner for fantasy gamers who are just starting to consider joining the game.


Fantrax is a very user-friendly and straightforward website for running fantasy leagues.

You can have several teams and exchange players between them.

You may use Fantrax to administer leagues in other sports if you play more than simply golf.

The majority of fantasy golf players also enjoy other fantasy sports, so having this option is a great touch.

Another great feature of Fantrax is the ability to update and modify the entry fee so that it is set at a cost that is affordable for every player in your league.

When that time arrives, a built-in function called the Fantrax Treasurer will assist you in controlling rewards.

The Fantrax is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you have been working with an Excel spreadsheet and a few friends who consistently claim they didn’t receive the email.


You can schedule tee times as well as play fantasy golf with ForeLinx.

Since ForeLinx is a golf website, you can win actual rounds of golf when you play fantasy golf there.

ForeLinx recently added a fantasy golf element, but it is quite well done and has all the features that a top-notch fantasy league delivers.

Live scoring is available, and new competitions are regularly presented.

On the American west coast, Forelinx is very well-liked, but they are expanding swiftly.

You can configure your Forelinx to compete against just one person or against everyone.

The Forelinx platform takes pride in being a simple and secure way to participate in fantasy golf.

We adore it whenever one of these websites finds a way to incorporate fantasy golf with the actual game of golf.

The experience will be enhanced for everyone as this will capture the interest and hearts of true golfers.

11. Fantasy Draft

Daily fantasy golf game called Fantasy Draft gives players an equal chance to take part each day.

You can register and even start playing Fantasy Draft for free if you want to.

You will also have the choice to play for real money or to win prizes.

You will have time to assemble your team at the start of each week.

With the Fantasy Draft, you can compete against your friends or in larger public tournaments.

Fantasy Draft appears like a great alternative to take into consideration if you’re looking for a fantasy golf league for entertainment or to make money.

Some golf fantasy aficionados prefer to steer clear of the bigger, more well-known websites and give the smaller leagues and competitions a shot.


Golfers who are experienced in the sport but are new to fantasy golf can benefit from Fantasy Fairway, a special fantasy golf alternative.

You can win both money and prizes with Fantasy Fairway.

You select one PGA Golfer for each PGA Tournament using this straightforward system.

Your golfer on the PGA Tour will finish the competition and convert their winnings into fantasy points for you.

Your position on Fantasy Fairway will be determined by those fantasy points.

The Fantasy Fairway prizes are a little less generous than those offered by some other websites, but the grand prize winner will receive $5000.

The main rule of Fantasy Fairway is that you can only select one player at a time.

A golfer you select one week cannot be chosen again for the remainder of the season.

Due to this, things get a little more difficult, and you will need to slightly plan out the season.


You may maintain your fantasy golf team on the fantasy golf league website.

If you’ve ever attempted to put together your own team out of your own group of friends, you are aware of how challenging this can be.

With golf, there are just so many numbers and points that are added to the weekly tournaments that managing and running these games becomes difficult.

The good news is that you won’t have much to do at all thanks to websites like Fantasy Golf League.

There are instances when you can join a team that has already been created on the internet, but you will typically need to form your own team with your friends and connections.

From that point on, management and work are simple, and their live leaderboard feature even lets you view the most recent information and outcomes.

14. Buzz Fantasy Golf,

There has been a Buzz Fantasy Golf website for quite some time.

In actuality, Buzz Fantasy Golf debuted back in 2009.

You may organize your fantasy league with Buzz Golf and make it work for your buddies.

With the Buzz system, you will have considerably more flexibility and can avoid adhering to a set format.

Buzz also provides you with some other golf information outside than fantasy golf.

The opportunity for the league commissioner to determine rules and scoring is the primary benefit of using a website like Buzz.

If you have been playing in your own private league with certain rules, this makes it more enjoyable.

Fortunately, Buzz Fantasy Golf also hosts a free fantasy event where you may compete with other players and earn prizes.

Check out Buzz if you’re looking for a top-notch golf website that you should add to your favorites.


Pay4Golf is the last on our list.

You can use this website to create a league, join an existing one, or take part in fantasy golf competitions and tournaments run by Pay4Golf.

Use of Pay4Golf’s fantasy golf game is totally free.

Pay4Golf is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you want to play fantasy golf but are unsure if this will be something you want to invest in.

You can establish your own league with Pay4Golf and choose your own rules.

We adore this option for a league that is already established and looking for a new home.

The league discussion board is just another convenient aspect of organizing your own league with Pay4Golf.

The commissioner can easily communicate with every member of the league from this convenient single location.

With Pay4Golf, you may take part in many leagues, run a league, and compete in their fantasy tournaments.

In addition to allowing you to play fantasy golf, Pay4Golf also enables you to make tee time reservations.

Overall, this is a more modest yet excellently organized fantasy golf website.

We hope our comprehensive list of fantasy golf websites has made it easier for you to choose a place to play.

You needn’t worry if there’s a format you don’t like.

You will no doubt quickly discover a place to call home in fantasy golf because there are so many distinct possibilities available.

Select a website that enables the commissioner to define their own rules if you already have a league and only need help managing it.

By doing this, you can ensure that everything in your league that has been working well will continue to do so for a very long time.

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