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Losing: Six Ways to Win Again and How to Stop Losing

Losing is like receiving a face punch.

Going through a protracted losing run is one of the worst things that may happen when playing daily fantasy sports. It can seriously damage your confidence in addition to eroding your bankroll, including any gains from prior victories.

That might even be worse.

The good news is that losing streaks are common among DFS players. Even the guys who consistently win competitions and appear to have the Midas Touch (CONDIA) experience dry spells. Why is that news good? Because it shows that even if you lose a lot of games along the way, you can still profit from daily fantasy sports over the long term.

Today, we’ll cover handling losses and enduring the storm. Have faith that you will experience frustrating times when it feels like everything you do is incorrect. There is no getting around that. The secret is understanding what to do—and what NOT to do—when it occurs.

Streaks Of Success And Failure In Daily Fantasy Sports

When you visit the finest DFS websites, it’s simple to get carried away with your optimism. They give the impression that winning competitions is simple. You are aware of better, though. In reality, both victories and defeats sometimes occur in streaks. You could play nonstop for two weeks without recording a single victory. Then, everything changes, and you start winning games one after the other. At the same time, it’s puzzling, exhilarating, and infuriating.

When you first start playing daily fantasy sports, it’s critical that you have realistic expectations. Otherwise, after a run of defeats, you’ll feel like giving up. Even worse, there’s a significant possibility you’ll give up just as everything is about to go your way.

Every good DFS player is aware that they will lose a lot of games right away. Additionally, he is aware that the losses can occur one after another. The crucial factor is that he is aware that his losing streak is passing. Eventually, it will come to an end, and then he’ll start winning again and make up for his losses.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of losing many daily fantasy sports tournaments. Even if your losing streak lasts a week or two, try not to lose hope. There will be light at the end of the tunnel if your draft plan is sound.

The Most Frequent Error DFS Players Commit

You’ll be tempted to enter another contest after losing several to try to make up your losses. But one of the worst things you could do is that.

• Trying to recuperate your losses all at once is the biggest error.

This is why:

First, it’s possible that the cause of your losing streak is an issue with your research methodology, draft strategy, or another element of your approach. If so, returning would probably result in further losses.

Second, losing consistently will make you lose focus. Each setback will increase your desperation, which will make you more likely to skimp on your player research.

Third, trying to recover losses contradicts all the advice you’ve received on how to handle your bankroll. You must let go of the daily and weekly betting caps you set for yourself.

DFS participants run the risk of going bankrupt when they make frantic attempts to make up their losses.

Do You Need to Modify Your Daily Fantasy Sports Plan?

The effects of losing streaks go beyond discouragement. They have the power to make you doubt your own competence. Forget that you’ve recently secured a number of significant victories. Forget about your incredible winning streak from last month. Losses in a single week might obliterate such memories and destroy your confidence.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Should you alter any aspect of your strategy? Maybe, but let’s take a reasonable approach to the issue.

First, think about your prior experience. Let’s say you’ve participated in 100 daily fantasy sports tournaments. You’ve won how many? You can definitely make changes to the way you conduct player research and pick players if you’ve only been able to win two or three games. However, if you’ve been successful in winning half of the competitions you’ve entered, you must be doing something right. It’s probably not a good idea to change your approach.

Second, look up when you’re losing streak started in your game history on the fantasy website you’re using. Did you make any changes to your procedure before that? Did you, for instance, give up scanning the Vegas odds? Are you ignoring a crucial statistic? Did you start utilizing a new valuation formula? Any of those things, or maybe all of them, might be the source of the issue.

If you frequently succeed in competitions, resist the need to alter your strategy. Keep playing within the betting restrictions you’ve set for yourself. Observe other DFS players’ draft techniques as well (specifically, the ones who win). You’ll ultimately break your losing streak.

Having said that, it’s time to review your process if, despite playing for weeks on end, you haven’t won more than a few games.

Six things to consider when you’re on a losing streak

Let’s imagine that you believe your strategy for playing daily fantasy sports is ineffective. You are aware that adjustments must be made, but you are unsure of where to begin. Here are six things to think about.

#1 – Contest Type

Don’t limit yourself to one kind of competition. Step into each one of them. Take part in 50/50s, large tournaments, and head-to-head matches with guaranteed prize money. You can discover that you excel in a game genre you previously disregarded.

Second: Contest Size

It could be time to expand your horizons if you have only participated in games with a vast playing surface. The issue with competitions that draw thousands of participants is that the result is quite unpredictable. Even with the “ideal” lineup, you could still lose.

Join a few smaller-field games as a result. Even though there is less prize money up for grabs, there aren’t as many contestants vying for it.

#3: A draft of the plan

Your preliminary plan is not perfect. Review your lineup construction strategy if you haven’t won a sizable portion of the games you’ve played.

#4 – Research Methodology

The DFS experts can be distinguished from those that consistently lose by their research. It entails having some knowledge of the players, how they compare to particular opponents, and how they perform in particular settings. Knowing how to assess if a player’s wage is a good deal requires research as well.

Remember that doing too much research can be detrimental. Whatever sport you’re playing, start with the fundamentals and then advance. To choose a successful lineup, you don’t need to run intricate computer models on player statistics.

Site No. 5: DFS

Sign up at DraftKings even if FanDuel is your only gaming experience. Create an account at MonkeyKnifeFight if DraftKings has taken up all of your time.

Your results shouldn’t be much impacted by the site itself. However, there are slight variations in a few features, such their distinct scoring systems. A test drive of each won’t do any harm.

How Frequently Do You Play?

You won’t have enough data from participating in two or three competitions per week to determine whether you’re making a mistake. Your level of participation needs to be higher. Increase your daily betting limits if necessary to enable more frequent play.

When You’re On a Winning Streak, What to Do

The steps you should take while you’re in a slump have been the main topic up to this point. But suppose you’ve been winning consistently lately and have been on a roll. Should you alter anything at all?

First, don’t make any changes to your initial plan of action or study procedure. Continue acting as you have been. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it, as the saying goes.

Second, stick to the contest category where you’ve been winning. Continue playing 50/50 if you’ve been having success.

Third, raise your betting limits gradually. Allow a little more space for yourself so you can capitalize on your momentum. For instance, if you presently have a $200 nightly cap on your bankroll of $2,000, increase it to $220.

Fourth, if you haven’t already, begin keeping track of your outcomes. (Act now; don’t wait for a winning streak.) Make a spreadsheet in Google Drive or Excel. The headings for the columns should read as follows, from left to right:

• – Date

• – Sport type

• – Type of contest

• – Contest volume

• – Entry cost

Win/Loss •

• – Profit / Loss in USD

For each contest, you enter, make notes.

The results you track will show trends. For instance, you might observe that you win every GPP you enter yet do well in 50/50s. Or you might discover that you perform far better overall in low-stakes competitions.

Add columns to monitor additional information, such as the day of the week, as you please (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

Once more, if you’re experiencing a losing run, try not to lose hope. Examine your past performance while you still have the chance to see if you can tweak your strategy. Be patient if you are certain in the validity of your draft approach, research techniques, and other components. Keep doing what has previously been effective. Eventually, the tide will change in your favor.

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