What about DraftKings?

Is DraftKings legitimate? is a valid concern for many newbie players.

and then some more usually follow it closely after that.

When you succeed, do they compensate you? Are the games offered fair? Are the opponents you face genuine people? Do they uphold legitimate real money fantasy sports leagues while abiding by the rules and laws governing online gambling (and avoiding it)?

I’ll respond to these queries here.

DraftKings, Yes, DraftKings provides daily fantasy games for real money.

DraftKings ranks second in terms of size, just behind FanDuel. They are the second-largest daily-style, or one-week-style, fantasy football site in existence. DraftKings offers real money fantasy sports competitions that take place over the course of one day, or the weekend, just like their closest rival, who is a legitimate fantasy sports website.

DraftKings Is Legit – I have participated in fantasy competitions at DraftKings, as have millions of other people. Both my deposit and withdrawal were successful.

DraftKings is it legal?

Yes, DraftKings is authorized.

This is because the UIGEA specifically exempts fantasy sports from it. This indicates that it is permissible to play real money fantasy football, baseball, or any other sport unless a state has a particular law that forbids it. There are currently a select few states where using DraftKings or FanDuel is prohibited.

Although this is not legal advise because we are not attorneys, American-based fantasy gamers can make simple deposits using PayPal and regular credit cards. Visit our “is it legal” page, where we provide links to men with more legal knowledge, to learn more about the legality of daily fantasy sports.

Is Draft Kings trustworthy?

Yes, the people that run DraftKings provide a trustworthy and fair fantasy sports experience. If you succeed, you succeed; if you fail, you fail. Playing fantasy sports at DraftKings can result in financial loss. It is comparable to poker in that the strong players consistently gain money while the inexperienced players keep making deposits.

Who directly wins the competitions is irrelevant to DraftKings. All of the contests that are listed in the lobby are sold out, which is how they generate revenue. Rake is handed out in proportion to the number of players. No matter how many games you win or lose, DraftKings still makes money. They have no reason to manipulate the games against you because they don’t care.

Money Winning on DraftKings

Can you really win $1,000,000 playing fantasy football on DraftKings? What about $100,000? Or $11,350? Absolutely, yes. You can definitely actually win some incredible monster huge rewards if you can take home one of the significant GPP (guaranteed prize pool) competitions that take place every week. Of course, there are also the smaller awards given out for entry-level competitions.

In the weekly fantasy golf competition, I was in first position and had $100k in my “currently winning” list. Sadly, I didn’t come in at that spot.

What To Do First

Starting out is very easy.

Check Out DraftKings Here

  • Make a first deposit; the minimum amount is $5.
  • Find a competition
  • Create your squad and compete.
  • Cheer for your team while keeping an eye on the leaderboard results
  • At the conclusion of the games, cash out your winnings.

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