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A website won’t be placed here until they have earned it. Play with confidence at the DFS sites listed below; they are the best in the industry. Since 2013, we’ve been keeping tabs on them and assisting thousands of novice DFS players in finding the best site for them.

List of the Top 10 Daily Fantasy Sports Websites

Even in 2022, there aren’t ten reliable daily fantasy sports sites to pick from. Since we are being completely honest, it is unlikely that we will ever have a finished top 10 list.

Most of the new, unknown, and untested DFS sites are not ones I can endorse.

The websites I include here are where I personally play. In 2022, these daily fantasy sports websites will be the top in the industry. These are the websites where I enjoy playing and where I advise you to do the same.

When a good fantasy website appears, I will occasionally review it. As they gain popularity and the market shifts, some new websites will be added to our list over time. Please let us know if you are aware of a fantasy sports website that you believe ought to be on our list by completing this short Google form.

Does the largest always equate to the best fantasy websites?

No and yes. For a variety of reasons, we prefer to play at the bigger fantasy sites in general. They always start with sizable competitions. I’m referring to the events with $1 to $5 buy-ins that offer top finishes and $x,xx in prize money. If you succeed, you’ll be a millionaire. Let’s go! Second, their credibility has been established. For a good cause, they grew big. Third, they provide the simplest and safest online fantasy sports experience.

Top 2 Most Popular Daily Fantasy Sites

#1. FanDuel

#2. DraftKings

These two companies, each valued at over $1 billion (with a “b”), are the market leaders. Each (at least during the NFL’s most recent season, though this may change as the new legal environment takes shape and additional regulation is added (good!).

Recent updates to my reviews now include fresh screenshots of both sites’ lobbys and features. The moment is now to play if you haven’t already.

In 2018, the gaming company Paddy Power / Betfair acquired FanDuel. Federal legalized sports betting appears to be coming to the USA, and FanDuel (as well as Draftkings) want a sizable piece of it. Since 2013, FD and DK have competed for the top spot in the total market. Fanduel seems to have the advantage overall in terms of player count.

In a very healthy second place is DraftKings. The vast majority of daily fantasy sports activity is governed by these two fantasy sports behemoths. The size of players, guarantees, and contests on the smaller sites is significantly smaller. Fair enough, FantasyDraft is one of the very few modest to medium large websites that has managed to endure and compete.

Both of them recently made changes to make their lobby responsive and mobile friendly.

For the most recent screenshots, see the reviews in the links above.

2022 Historical Updates

Draftkings will begin trading under the ticker DKNG on the NASDAQ on June 9, 2020.

1/10/2020 – In the US states where sports betting is permitted and legal, Draftkings and Fanduel are growing their sports betting portion of their businesses.

On September 1st, 2019, Monkey Knife Fight was added to DFS101, following a successful first year of operation. If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional build your DFS team and score points, we felt confident enough to recommend them to our DFS sites. You can’t help but like Monkey Knife Fight since MKF provides the prop bets and games you’re looking for (MKF review).

3/14/2019 – In this market, innovation keeps happening. Although the majority of the fish have been eaten by sharks, the sites have responded by implementing newer “rookie friendly” processes and placing some restrictions on mass-entry and multi-entry events. They haven’t been severely constrained, but a variety of non-mass entry competitions have been made.

3/14/2019 – The Draftkings Golf contest formats were broken down here as the game of golf was in full swing.

8/6/2018 – This article compares and explains the new DK NFL formats.

7/24/2018 – Draftkings is still working to assist amateurs and casual players in avoiding professionals. Filters have been implemented to prevent high volume grinders from participating in events with lower buy-ins. The maximum number of competitions that professionals can multi-enter has also been decreased.

5/24/2018 – The sportsbook Betfair/Paddy Power purchased Fanduel.

4/17/2018 – Published article about the new golf formats from Draftkings. You can now play weekend fantasy golf, where you only compete for rounds 3 and 4, and one-day fantasy golf (showdown mode). No more attempting to predict which players will advance in this format.

3/21/2018 – For the match play competitions, Draftkings presents a unique golf scoring format.

11/30/2017 – DK uses gifs to more specifically target recreational sports players.

Preparing for DraftKings Fanduel NFL 2017 on August 7th, 2017. Due to the sudden cancellation of merger talks by the companies in July, both sites will continue to be rivals.

7/13/2017 – According to the NYTimes, the FD/DK merger has been abandoned. Additionally suggests that Draftkings is better positioned than FanDuel. We’ll see.

4/4/2017 – Fanduel updates its 2017 baseball scoring system

3/14/2017 –

For legal reasons, FanDuel has added golf to all other regions, but has left New York out. PGA contests are now live on the site.

2/23/2017 – In order to assist in getting players made whole, FantasyDraft (we like FD!) has promised to work with the FantasyAces player base.

2/1/2017 – FantasyAces, a mid to small sized website (never promoted here), has filed for bankruptcy. It is unlikely that player funds will be recovered.

There are persistent rumors that DraftKings and FanDuel will merge; they are actively working to do so.

The NFL 2017–2018 season revealed a much more mature and subdued DFS market.

Up until now, there have been a few minor problems, but I think they’ve learned from 2015 and 2016. Although there was some drama, there has been significantly less advertising, and, to be honest, winning games has become more challenging.

They have taken a more relaxed stance toward advertising and are working to ensure that the sector functions as an actual, thriving ecosystem. In addition to limiting the number of head-to-head matches any one person can win against you, both major sites and a few smaller ones have now added player identification tags (letting you know if the player is generally a strong player or not).

The year 2016 ended up being crucial for daily fantasy sports. Either the two major sites work together to create a long-term, sustainable business, or it will crash and burn (positive news update). That is at least what I predict. They appear to be getting their act together as of right now.

We first noticed the emergence of a few other players with significant backing in 2015. Especially Yahoo! daily fantasy sports and Sportsline recently. While many contend it’s too late for them to participate, they disagree. The short answer is that there are an increasing number of DFS sites available, but I strongly advise sticking with the ones that have already established a trustworthy reputation. Every day, tens of thousands of different leagues and competitions are open for entry. Every weekend, especially during football season, tens of thousands of different players will participate in competitions.

The season-long fantasy games are still available, and they are by far the most popular, on the traditional fantasy sites like Yahoo! (which now offers a daily product as well), NFL, CBS, ESPN, and others.

Additionally, a sizable portion of the field is made up of casual fantasy players due to the large player pools. Not to mention that the biggest sites are run by US-based businesses, so you can contact them easily if necessary. To find the best fit for you, read our reviews of these sites by clicking through to them below.

Medium and Smaller

Let’s examine the small and medium fantasy websites.

I am currently only going to suggest two smaller websites to you because I am very picky about who I will do so.

I’m beginning to play on FantasyDraft for the 2016 NFL season. FantasyDraft meets my criteria for a website with smaller tournaments in terms of the number of participants. I haven’t played much on this site up until now, but some of my friends have and they seem to like it.

The same company that owns PokerStars now owns StarsDraft, which was formerly known as Victiv (review). They acquired the website Victiv and changed the name to “StarsDraft.” Though I don’t particularly like the new owner, they seem to have kept the majority of the product the same. Only residents of Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are permitted to play.

  • FantasyAces
  • StarStreet
  • FanThrowdown
  • DraftOps
  • FantasyFeud

Sometimes the smaller and middle-sized websites provide value that is not present on the bigger websites. Some of their tournaments occasionally have overlay (extra money), exclusive bonuses, or freerolls that you can take advantage of by signing up for the website. You can also find competitions with good prizes and less overall competition. Click the website above to read the fantasy site review to find out more and learn about the signup bonuses. Check out our most recent site news and promotions section for the most recent promotions if you’re ready to play.

Find the best site for each sport by comparing different fantasy betting websites.

All of the fantasy sports websites we list allow you to play the “big 3 sports” (basketball, football, and basketball), as they are the “bread and butter” of the fantasy industry. There are only a few locations that offer the less common sports.

  • Soccer – (all sites) See our comparison chart for football.
  • Baseball (compare fantasy MLB)
  • NBA (all sites; compare FanDuel to Draftkings)
  • Hockey (all locations) (all sites)
  • Golf (DraftKings, DraftDay, FanDuel (new in 2017), and FantasyDraft)
  • NASCAR (DraftKings)
  • Tennis (Draftkings just added July 23, 2018)
  • MMA (DraftKings)
  • Soccer (DraftKings, FanDuel)

League of legends is an eSport (LoL) DraftKings, eSports are huge, and fantasy sports are attempting to catch up.

You can currently play the sports listed here. We now have new player manuals based on the various sports played here. As soon as the content for these lists is complete, we will link to it above.

In relation to DailyFantasySports101.com and The Top 10 Daily Fantasy Sites

My Top 10 list includes only the very best fantasy sports website hosts. Being the best requires being big. It won’t take you long to realize that my “Official Daily Fantasy Sports 101 Top 10 List” is lacking. Why? because we only choose the best fantasy sports betting sites available. We are very selective about who we are willing to list and suggest to our customers. We put a lot of effort into compiling a list of websites that you can rely on and that provide the best value in the fantasy sports market. People regularly use this list to decide where to deposit their hard-earned money and play, so we’ve made a commitment to only include the best fantasy sports sites on it.

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • Monkey Knife Fight 3. (Different style of DFS)

We have close relationships with these sites. They want your business because they are aware that new players are coming from this website. One of their marketing’s main objectives is to recruit new players. This indicates that they provide our visitors with the best promotions, signup incentives, and bonuses available online.

The Fantasy Sites: Are They Legal? (Yes, But State Laws Differ!)

Sites that offer daily fantasy sports are subject to changing laws and regulations. Particularly since October 2015, when a DraftKings employee won a significant prize on FanDuel and accidentally revealed private, sensitive information about the company. The short answer, however, is that it is legal, though it depends on where you live. Yes, it is legal in most states. For a list of references and links to confirmations, visit our “is it legal?” page. There are a few states that have laws prohibiting playing, but unless you happen to live in one of those states, playing is entirely legal everywhere else. PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted for deposits and withdrawals. It is now simple, quick, and quick to join the game.

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