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US Daily Fantasy Sports Websites

Check out our list of the top daily fantasy sports websites in the US, all of which have undergone a careful evaluation by our team of professionals.

Learn more about the various contests that are offered and drafting tactics for daily fantasy sports, as well as how to play the game and how it operates at legal fantasy sports providers.

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Top sites for fantasy sports, sorted by category

It makes sense to choose a daily fantasy site that best meets your demands since not all of them are created equal. Some contests have more entries, while others can have larger prizes and a higher chance of winning.

Here are the top websites for the most popular US sports, allowing you to select the one that is the best at your chosen sport.

It should be mentioned that these sites are exclusively for fantasy sports. If you’re looking for betting sites accepting real money, go elsewhere on our site.

The Best Websites for Daily Fantasy Sports

The criteria we use to rank daily fantasy sites are based on a few essential characteristics that make up a solid site.

Sites must succeed in some of these areas in order to earn our endorsement and provide consumers with a positive daily fantasy experience. If you don’t take the same steps, you can start playing DFS at a site that isn’t the best fit for your needs.


A daily fantasy sports website must have a license to operate in the states where it is accessible because this makes it legal for them to do so. You can feel secure knowing that the games are fairly played because they are regulated and have a legal license.

Mobile application

You have greater freedom as a daily fantasy sports participant when you can design lineups and enter tournaments on your phone. You should be able to access all the features of the desktop website on a competent mobile app, including the option to monitor your performance in real-time competitions.

Choice of sports

You have more options for how you want to play daily fantasy when there are many sports available. This is especially true if you’re seeking for competitions in sports like golf, NASCAR, or esports that aren’t part of the “big four” like soccer.


A terrific added benefit is receiving additional rewards for participating in daily fantasy sports. The finest promotions are those that are feasible for your chosen sport and entry fee so that you may maximize their benefits. The most frequent promos are free entries into contests, which may be for a particular contest or one of your choosing. There are also loyalty schemes on several DFS websites where you can exchange your accumulated points for free entries and other rewards.

Sorts of fantasy games accessible

You can participate in a variety of fantasy competitions, so preferably you should utilize a website with a large range. Both the traditional draft type, where you choose a team for a schedule of games, and showdown drafts, which are only for one particular game, are available on all fantasy sites. Players of equivalent caliber are typically found in the same tier in tier contests offered by some DFS sites. In these contests, there is no salary cap, but you may only choose one player from each tier.

Payment procedures

You have more freedom when you can deposit how you wish, and websites with more options are more likely to accept your preferred method.

You may choose which daily fantasy sites you should join and which ones you shouldn’t by using these criteria. A website need not be perfect in every way as long as the aspects you care about are present.

There isn’t much point in signing up for a service that doesn’t offer your preferred game, such as DFS golf, or if they are significantly inferior than others.

Fantasy Sports – An Overview

What types of competitions are offered and how to get points in daily fantasy sports are all listed below, along with all the other information you need to know about fantasy sports (DFS).

Although different DFS sites operate in various ways, the fundamental concept is generally the same across all of them, allowing you to apply what you learn here to any site.

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

The beautiful thing about daily fantasy sports is that it works pretty much the same wherever you go.

After learning the fundamentals of daily fantasy sports, you may apply those concepts to refine your strategy as you play more DFS.

Choose a fantasy sports website.

Choose the daily fantasy sports website that best meets your needs from our list of suggested sites.

Choose a sport.

You must choose a different website if the operator you’ve chosen doesn’t have the one you desire.

Select your competition

Choose a contest that fits your budget. Some can cost as little as $0.05 per team, while others can cost you upwards of $10,000.

Fantasy Game Types

Choosing the right type of contest for you can be the most difficult aspect of DFS because there are so many available.

Each category is detailed below, and they are each often suited to different skill levels of player. If you are completely new to daily fantasy sports, you can enter competitions designed just for beginners.

Guarantee of a prize fund

These contests, sometimes known as GPPs because the prize money is guaranteed, are the most well-liked ones. Each GPP has a maximum entry cap, but even if it is not reached, players still receive their entire payout.

For instance, a GPP with 192,000 entry slots offers $3,250,000 in total prizes, with the $1 million award going to the winner. Whether 10 slots or all 192,000 spaces are filled, the winner will still receive the money.

Boost by two

It’s referred to as a “cash” game because the maximum prize is double the entry cost. If you finish in the top 45% of the competition, you win, but the reward is the same for all winners.

The best 100 scorers in a double up with 222 players and a $20 entry fee will each get $40, whether they place first or 100th.


You must just outscore your opponent in these games for two players. You only need to select a squad that is superior to your rivals’ because the game is winner-takes-all, minus the operator charge of roughly 10%.

Newcomers only

These competitions are solely open to novice players, as the name implies. If you have participated in fewer than a specified number of tournaments—typically 50—and have not experienced a “major win,” you are considered a beginner. Although each operator has their own definition of a huge win, it will be detailed in their FAQs.


Similar to a double-up, winners of a multiplier contest also earn the same amount, except in this case it may be up to 40 times the entry cost. Although there may be thousands of participants, only a small number of players win, making it significantly more difficult to win.

For instance, the top 200 players in a $4 Multiplier with 5,945 participants will each get $1,000. Although there is a minimal entry fee involved, you must place by defeating more than 96% of competitors.


In qualifying games, tournament tickets are awarded as a reward rather than cash. The price of the ticket will exceed the cost of entering the qualifying competition.

The number of teams you can participate by paying the entrance fee for each of these contest kinds has a maximum entry restriction. While some events only allow one participation per person, others let participants participate as many as 150 teams in a single competition.

Naturally, entering more teams will cost you more money, but doing so will allow you to play teams with diverse players and increase your chances of winning a competition.

Before playing the major games, new players should lean toward playing Beginner Only tournaments to have a handle on strategy and tactics.

Explaining the Fantasy Draft

In the world of DFS, there are several different kinds of fantasy drafts available. Although they both entail selecting players for your squad, there are several significant differences that might have an impact on strategy.

A fantasy draft

1. Classic. In traditional competitions, you select participants from a variety of games that are taking place on the same day. Your team must fit the roles offered, and there may be as little as two games or as many as 15. For instance, you must choose a QB, two RBs, three WRs, one TE, one D/ST, and one FLEX in a Classic NFL contest (which can be any RB, WR or TE).

2. Showdown. In a showdown competition, there is just one game, and there are no positional restrictions. You can select any other players as long as you stay within the salary cap after selecting one captain, who will score you 1.5 times as many points as usual at a cost of 1.5 times what it would normally cost.

3. Tiers. You just need to choose one player from each tier to add to your team because each player is placed into a distinct tier. This style of draft has no salary cap, but you may only select one player from each tier, with players that are expected to score more points being placed in higher tiers.

4. Snake. You simply choose the players you want on your squad from the list of available players, much like in a typical fantasy draft. With this, there is no roster management or trading involved, and your starting lineup is always comprised of the players who scored the most points.

Classic and Showdown drafts are typically used in events with the largest payouts, and they are also the most common among DFS players.

Fantasy Sports: Benefits and Drawbacks

Daily fantasy sports, like everything else, have advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account before you start playing.

DFS advantages

• No commitment for the entire season, unlike conventional fantasy

• Variety of competition and draft formats

• Accessible for a few pennies

• Acceptable in practically all US states

• Increases the interest of games

• Enjoyable

DFS drawbacks

• Competing frequently against experts

• Thousands of opponents can be found on fields.

• A team can be ruined by one poor pick.

Most individuals are lured to DFS because they can select new players each week and are not bound to a league that lasts the entire season and requires diligent attention.

Which Fantasy Sports Are Offered?

In comparison to sports betting, the selection of games is severely constrained because there are so few daily fantasy sports businesses in the US.

The “big four” sports are offered by all organizations, but beyond those, DFS possibilities are limited to golf, NASCAR, soccer, and esports. Betting websites typically provide a wide variety of additional sports.

Which fantasy sports are offered

Football fantasy

• Basketball in fantasy

• Hockey fantasy

• Baseball fantasy

• Virtual golf

• Imaginary NASCAR

Football fantasy

This industry’s innovator is fantasy football, which dates back to 1962, five years before the first Super Bowl was ever held.

As gamers loved the ability to choose a new squad every Sunday, the demand for fantasy football really propelled DFS services into the mainstream.

Due to the enormous number of players who participate every Sunday between September and February, DFS services typically provide both NFL and college football, but they place a greater emphasis on the NFL than any other league in any other sport.

The Milly Maker, a $20 NFL contest that awards the winner with $1 million, makes DraftKings the finest DFS provider for the NFL.

Play-off basketball

Although there is a lot more emphasis on NBA, DFS sites provide both NBA and NCAA basketball.

With the exception of popular slates like on Christmas Day, the frequency of games played means that daily GPPs have lower payouts than NFL, though there are typically plenty of promotions to get involved in.

Rewards are available on DraftKings for both NBA and collegiate basketball. You receive crowns for completing these tasks, which you can use in place of cash to enter competitions on DraftKings.

Hockey fantasy

Hockey contestants are restricted to the NHL because operators only offer that league. There are no daily fantasy options for the KHL or SHL, two other significant hockey leagues.

In the world of daily fantasy sports, hockey typically comes in last with smaller prize pools than other big sports, similar to sports betting in the US.

Simulated baseball

Since baseball and statistics have historically gone hand in hand, it should come as no surprise that fantasy MLB is still very popular among baseball fans.

Because each team in MLB plays 162 regular season games, there are plenty of DFS choices available practically every day from April through November.

Due to the extreme unpredictability, baseball is probably the most challenging sport to play daily fantasy in because even the top players rarely live up to their high price tags.

Imaginary Golf

Golf tournaments differ from other sports in that they last over several days. DFS services offer both PGA Tour and some DP World Tour events.

There are choices for just each day, but most fantasy golf players choose to enter teams for the entire competition, which typically runs from Thursday through Sunday.

The most important thing to keep in mind about DFS golf is that players cannot be substituted after a tournament has begun, even if they have not yet teed off.

Imaginary NASCAR

The major DFS providers offer fantasy NASCAR, and tournaments only include the main event rather than qualifying as well.

The large number of collisions—each race sees an average of six collisions—increases the variance because an expensive driver colliding out might totally wreck your lineup.

Apps for fantasy sports

The fantasy sports applications that make it simple for you to participate in competitions and keep track of your entries as the game progresses are the best.

To determine which app is the best for each category, our team of specialists tested every app that is currently available for iOS and Android. Simply choose the category that is most significant to you.

Sports Fantasy Bonuses

Due in large part to the age gap between the two, bonuses on fantasy sports websites are significantly less common than on betting websites.

While the legal sports betting market in the US is in a wild hunt for new clients, the DFS market is more developed, hence bonuses tend to be more modest.

Before you start playing fantasy sports, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the many bonus types that are available.

Greeting bonus

This is the incentive you get for joining a daily fantasy sports website, and it usually depends on how much money you deposit. The bonus will be provided as non-withdrawable cash that can only be used on that particular website.

Bonus on deposits

Some websites may provide you a bonus for making a deposit, giving you extra money to play with. These are fairly uncommon and are often only given out to people who haven’t deposited in a long.


Tickets can only be used for a single competition, as opposed to bonus money that can be used on any event. They are typically obtained by choosing to participate in the site’s promotions and participating in a certain contest, which entitles you to a complimentary entry into a different contest.

Payment Options at Sites for Daily Fantasy Sports

A website must offer a variety of deposit options so that you can fund your account as you like. You have several selections at all of our highly recommended websites, which is one of the key factors in their excellent ratings.

DFS sites use common ways like PayPal and major debit cards, but the variety of payment options is not quite as wide as on sports betting sites.

Fantasy Sports Advice and Techniques

Similar to sports betting, you should view daily fantasy as fun rather than a source of additional cash.

Having said that, there are certain general tips that can aid you in your DFS endeavors and increase your chances of success.

DFS advice and tactics

1. Research. Once you’ve decided on the style of draft you want to have, look into the teams and players that are up for grabs. To offer yourself the best chance of winning, find out which players will be out and assess the influence on their team. Be sure to also examine the data.

2. Fill up all of your slots. Professional DFS players always participate in large GPPs, thus you should enter as many teams as you are permitted to have the best chance of winning. Create a list of players you believe will do well, then choose your teams from that list.

Player stacking Stacking, which is the practice of choosing many players from the same squad, is quite common in NFL competitions. It makes sense that his quarterback will perform well if you anticipate a wide receiver performing well. The greatest DFS players typically stack a quarterback with at least one additional player from the same club in a skill position.

4. Seek out value. The salary cap prevents you from just selecting the best players for your squad. Finding some low-scoring players who can reach their ceiling and score more points than players whose prices are higher is the better course of action.

5. Differentiate your strategy for GPPs from other competitions. To finish as high as possible in GPPs, you must use certain potentially dangerous strategies, such as hoping a low-cost player has a game that is worth more than they are worth. In other competitions, like double-ups, where prizes are awarded equally regardless of placing, you should focus on players who are reliable rather than trying to discover the contrarian person who might end up scoring a ton of points or nothing at all.

Websites for fantasy sports not advised

Some daily fantasy sites are unlicensed in the US, which means they are exempt from the same rules as sites that are licensed, so you should avoid them.

You have little recourse if you utilize these dubious daily fantasy sports websites and they decide to hold your money or fail to pay you out.


For those who either can’t legally bet on sports or are fantasy sports fans, daily fantasy sports is a great alternative to sports betting. People who don’t want to or are unable to commit to a complete season find a lot of attraction in being able to pick and choose which days they want to play fantasy sports.

Though winning at DFS is extremely difficult, it can at least make games more enjoyable because you can enter for as little as $0.25 and have a chance to win up to $1,000.


Fantasy sports are what?

In fantasy sports, participants choose actual athletes for their fictitious teams and score points based on how well they perform in actual contests. Each fantasy manager wants their roster to score the most points each week, thus their statistics are turned to points.

Daily fantasy sports are they legal?

In contrast to sports gambling, which is still thought to be mostly a game of luck, daily fantasy sports is regarded as a game of skill rather than chance and is hence legal in almost all states. All states except Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington have legalized DFS.

Which daily fantasy sports website is the best?

The top daily fantasy sports websites are FanDuel and DraftKings. Our team of industry professionals has rated each operator on a number of criteria, and you can find our list of suggested DFS sites here.

Which fantasy sports software is the best?

Since each fantasy sports app excels in a different area, there is no one greatest fantasy sports app. Our best fantasy sports apps are categorized based on a variety of factors that can enhance your daily fantasy sports (DFS) experience.

What is the process for fantasy sports?

Based on how they believe they will perform in actual games, fantasy managers choose genuine players for their club. In order to score as many points as possible, the manager’s virtual team’s activities in the game, both good and negative, are transformed into points.

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