Reviews of Outlast for the US in 2022

Is Outlast trustworthy?

Welcome to our reviews of Outlast DFS. Although we think Outlast DFS US is a fantastic daily fantasy sports app, you should read our review to see if it’s the perfect choice for you.

There are several good fantasy sports applications available, but the Outlast DFS app is unquestionably among the most entertaining. There are not just some fantastic games to pick from, but also a fantastic welcome promotion. So come along with us to see what else we learned while researching Outlast DFS!

Pros and Cons of Outlast


• Deposit match of 100%

Easy and enjoyable

• US sporting events

• Security and safety


• No youth sports

Bonus offer: Fantastic promotion for joining Outlast DFS US

We began this analysis by carefully examining the welcome promotion that Outlast DFS offers to brand-new clients. Simply put, this fantastic offer will match your initial deposit at Outlast DFS by 100% up to $200. Therefore, if you made a $200 deposit, you would also receive $200 in bonus credit.

How did we get to this agreement? We just made our first deposit at Outlast DFS using the supplied promo code after signing up for the site for the first time. After doing so, the promotion was automatically credited to our account.

Then, all we had to do was utilize this credit once on any of the advertised fantasy sports competitions, and we could withdraw our winnings as we pleased. Always keep in mind that you cannot withdraw the promo credit itself.

It’s important to remember that this promotion is only available if your initial investment is $20 or more, but other than that, the promotion is rather simple. So be sure to register with Outlast DFS to take advantage of this great promotion!

In our assessments of Outlast DFS, we found user-friendly software in terms of usability, look, and feel.

Outlast DFS is a vibrant and eye-catching website and app. The entire package is built on bright colors like orange, blue, and green, which, depending on your perspective, may be attractive or gaudy. Thankfully, we thought it looked good and that the Outlast DFS website had a polished appearance overall.

The Outlast DFS app, which is compatible with all current iOS and Android mobile devices, will be where you play. You can log into your account here and always view your current balance and the number of Extra Points you have accrued. From here, you may sort through the many DFS competitions based on criteria such as entry price, pool size, pay structure, and more.

Making forecasts regarding the performance of your preferred players is the next step. After that, you can relax and enjoy the big game as the Outlast DFS app promptly updates to inform you if you’ve won a prize.

Payments – Are your deposits safe with Outlast DFS?

We discovered that you may pay Outlast DFS US using a variety of payment processors. Brands of credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are among them. You can also deposit through an ACH bank transfer, the Paysafe prepaid card, or the Skrill eWallet.

Outlast DFS didn’t charge us any fees for adding money to our account; the minimum deposit amount is $20. This meant that we could instantly fund our accounts and start playing fantasy sports.

We discovered that Outlast DFS processes withdrawals fairly quickly. It goes without saying that a minimum processing time will be required to ensure that all pertinent statistics have been examined. However, following this, you should anticipate that withdrawals made through an app for an ACH bank transfer or Skrill should happen almost immediately. Just keep in mind that Outlast DFS may need three to five working days to complete your payment if you make very significant withdrawals.

When you’re ready to collect your winnings, you’ll need to give Outlast DFS a W9 form downloaded from the IRS website. The good news is that you only need to do this once; after that, you can withdraw any amount up to $10,000 without any restrictions.

Customer care receives a Great Outlast DFS rating.

We discovered that Outlast DFS provides top-notch customer service. You may quickly and easily get your queries addressed by tapping on the live chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the main page. Just keep in mind that the Outlast DFS customer assistance is only available from 8 am to 12 am EST. Additionally, you can email Outlast DFS using the messaging form found under the Assistance page, which is also where you can call for customer support.

The social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are additional means for communication with Outlast DFS. We should point out that the Outlast DFS website has a fairly useful FAQ area, but it might use a little more variety in the queries answered. Despite this, there is enough evidence to support the notion that Outlast DFS genuinely values its clients.

Security & Licensing – Is Outlast DFS reputable and authorized?

You should first be aware that Outlast DFS is a trustworthy and ethical daily fantasy sports operator. Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are currently the states where you can play Outlast DFS legally.

Keep in mind that in order to play here, you must be the legal gambling age. You must provide identification, together with your name and address, to establish that you are at least 18 years old (or 19 if you reside in Nebraska). We should also point you that if you win more than $600 in a calendar year playing DFS, you will be required to pay taxes on your winnings.

Remember that Outlast DFS also offers a variety of player protection features. These enable you to control things like time and deposit restrictions for the app. If you feel that you are spending too much time at Outlast DFS, you can even declare a self-imposed lockout.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Outlast DFS isn’t a little-known business. Some prominent industry individuals, notably former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Brenton Bersin, are credited with coming up with the idea. You should feel confident playing at Outlast DFS because the website has all of the encryption tools necessary to protect your data and money.

Reviews of Outlast DFS mention Extra Points, a rewards and loyalty program.

Although Outlast DFS doesn’t have the typical reward system that you find on several websites of a similar nature, it will make sure that you are well compensated for all of your games. This is due to a fun feature called Extra Points, which awards you with points each time you play a game. Once you have accumulated enough of these Extra Points, you can purchase gaming vouchers that are free of charge.

We should also mention that Outlast DFS offers a very helpful refer-a-friend promotion. Both of you will receive $25 in Extra Points if a friend joins Outlast DFS using your referral code and makes a qualifying deposit within the required time frame. This allowed you and your friend to participate in some fantastic DFS competitions without having to pay any money.

Transcend daily fantasy sports

Outlast DFS US’s fantasy sports product makes things simple and enjoyable.

According to our Outlast DFS evaluations, this company aspires to resurrect the fun of fantasy sports. As a result, you can make your predictions, participate in events, and earn respectable prizes without having to deal with the inconvenience of some other DFS services. Outlast DFS US may be the site for you if all you want to do is anticipate what will happen in the big game without having to worry about obtrusive salary caps.

At Outlast DFS, we didn’t locate the most comprehensive sports coverage. Of course, you can participate in professional and collegiate football and basketball, and you can also play professional hockey and baseball. Golf appears to be the only other sport available on this DFS app besides this.

According to our assessments of Outlast DFS, the app has three primary play styles. In the entertaining single-player game Over/Under, you make predictions about the statistical performance of your chosen players in every match. Then there is the Survivor Pool, where you must correctly anticipate the most outcomes throughout the competition; if you succeed, you will receive 50% of the reward money. In the PURSE golf competition, you can also win money by correctly predicting which players will finish in the top 10 of competition.

Thousands of dollars are up for grabs in the Outlast DFS US prize pools.

Outlast DFS can still offer some remarkable prize prizes even if it is a relatively new company. Our Outlast DFS ratings uncovered several multi-sport competitions with $25,000 in total prizes as well as some with more modest payouts where your chances of winning were presumably higher.

You should be aware that many of these games are available to play at Outlast DFS US for as little as $5. Even more astounding is the fact that by generating predictions and making sure they are better than everyone else’s, you could earn up to 80 times your admission money!

In our Outlast DFS evaluations, we have games for both public and private pools.

We must keep in mind that Outlast DFS US has only existed since the fall of 2021, which means that it hasn’t had much time to develop any community features. Additionally, don’t come here expecting a forum just yet.

Even so, we discovered that Outlast DFS is obviously eager for you and your pals to participate in some fantastic fantasy sports competitions. This is so that you have all you require to organize your own Private Pools competitions. You have the option to determine the entrance price, select the number of winners, invite friends to participate in the competitions, and more. Therefore, be sure to utilize the referral code to invite your friends to play at Outlast DFS.

Conclusion: Excellent results from our Outlast DFS evaluations.

Outlast DFS US may not have received much attention up to this point, but we anticipate that will change. This is due to the brand’s success in simplifying fantasy sports to its most fundamental components. As a result, to enjoy fantasy sports, you won’t need to spend the rest of your life studying sports statistics. Instead, you simply get a quick and enjoyable opportunity to add a new layer to your sporting amusement. It also helps that you can win a piece of some quite substantial prize pools.

We appreciated the fact that Outlast DFS US offered an Easy option to assist even the most inexperienced players in beginning their fantasy sports careers. If we had any complaints, it would be that Outlast DFS is still in its infancy and that the general selection of DFS competitions was quite limited when compared to some larger operators. All of this suggests that you should download the Outlast DFS app and start playing right away.

FAQ for Outlast DFS US

Exactly whose daily fantasy sports apps are the best?

To find out if this provider has a chance to rank among the top daily fantasy sports applications, read our Outlast DFS reviews. You already know there is a lot of fierce competition if you have read our evaluation of the Thrive fantasy bonus. Thank goodness, our reviews can help you locate the ideal daily fantasy sports app!

Exists an Outlast DFS coupon code offer?

If you want to know if Outlast DFS US has any form of promotional offers, check out our review of this provider. After all, when we conducted our Underdog Fantasy promo code review, we discovered some incredible promos and special offers, so we would anticipate that Outlast DFS will provide something comparable. Your daily fantasy sports should be much more fun as a result of all of this.

What laws apply to Outlast DFS?

To find out if you can play at this daily fantasy sports app from your state, read our Outlast DFS reviews. This is crucial since different US states have varied rules regarding things like daily fantasy sports, so you need to be careful to stay inside the law. The good news is that FanDuel almost had the same level of coverage as Outlast DFS.

How does the DFS app Outlast operate?

To learn how the Outlast DFS US app functions, read our review. Although there are some parallels to the daily fantasy sports program contained in our DraftKings Fantasy deposit bonus, there are also some significant distinctions. You can easily determine whether another daily fantasy sports app is better for you by reading our review to determine whether the Outlast DFS app is the perfect choice for you.

Can I have a referral code for Outlast DFS?

To find out if Outlast DFS US has a referral code, be sure to read our evaluation of this fantasy sports service. We’re expecting that Outlast DFS provides a promotion similar to the deals that the bulk of fantasy sports sites offer that reward you for referring a buddy to join!

Summary: The main ideas from our assessments of Outlast DFS

For those interested in daily fantasy sports, Outlast DFS is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative. Going to some of the more established DFS sites can be intimidating, but Outlast DFS has a user-friendly interface. Additionally, we must point out that some of the prize pools offered by Outlast DFS are rather impressive.

Outlast DFS was good for protecting our online security, as we discovered. You will find that the Outlast DFS customer service is remarkably simple to contact, and it is acting legally by providing DFS contests in an astounding number of US states. Making deposits was also simple, and the withdrawal process was also fairly quick.

The choice of the fantasy sports competitions wasn’t quite on pace with what you get at some more reputable DFS sites, which was the one small critique we had. But we’re fairly confident that this is merely a temporary issue, and that Outlast DFS will have more to offer as it becomes more well-known. Therefore, keep checking back to see where Outlast DFS goes from here!

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