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2022 Boom Fantasy Review Boom Fantasy Sportsbook: Is it reputable?

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Welcome to our review of Boom Fantasy, in which we’ll tell you whether you can rely on this program to play fantasy sports. See what we found by continuing to read!

Anyone interested in fantasy sports should definitely download the Boom Fantasy app, according to our research. Are there any fantasy sports promotions available here, though, that compares to the most recent FanDuel bonus? To find out, simply read the entirety of our frank Boom Fantasy review.

Promotions & Welcome Bonus: A Fair Welcome Offer

The website has a sizable Boom Fantasy deposit bonus ready for all new gamers that sign up with Boom Fantasy. The bonus, which has a total value of USD 600, must be activated with a minimum deposit of USD 10. A player’s account is credited with a 100% bonus after they make a deposit. The bonus is cleared in USD $5 increments and at a rate of 3% of all player admission costs.

Players that deposit $100 or more receive two free USD $5 contest tickets in addition to the 100% bonus. These tickets can be used to enter low buyin tournaments and increase the player’s bankroll with a few early wins.

Aside from this, the site doesn’t seem to offer many promotions right now, but the 100% match bonus is definitely worthwhile and a terrific method to boost the value of every gameplay one engages in at Boom Fantasy throughout the first 90 days at the site. There is no reason why Boom Fantasy shouldn’t be regarded as one of the top fantasy sports websites with a few more site-wide promos.

Usability: Simple & Intuitive

Boom Fantasy is a new daily fantasy sports app for Android and iPhone that offers a fresh approach to the game. With the app, gamers may compete more quickly and easily because they don’t have to choose their entire rosters; instead, they can compare how well different players have performed.

Boom Fantasy is primarily a mobile fantasy sports app, and it’s amazing how simple it is for users to use on iPhones and Android phones. Players can access the site quickly and easily without encountering too many hurdles by using both the desktop site and the applications to make deposits, enter contests, and navigate.

Boom Fantasy Sports offers players the chance to enter competitions quickly and without spending a lot of time looking over the stats by asking them a series of questions specific to each competition, unlike many fantasy sites where players may spend a lot of time selecting their team.

One of the reasons mobile fantasy sports fans will enjoy Boom Fantasy much more than many of the rival sites is that picking which of the two players will perform better in a match is undoubtedly a much simpler format to play, especially on mobile devices. Boom Fantasy is undoubtedly on the right track to becoming one of the top fantasy sports sites thanks its the user-friendly design of the site.

Devices & App: Completely Mobile Website

Boom Fantasy, as we already mentioned, is a genuine mobile fantasy sports website. The owners’ primary goal is for players to be able to compete while on the go by quickly entering competitions on their mobile devices. Players can now do just that thanks to the format’s simplification, which is one of Boom Fantasy’s biggest benefits and strengths overall.

Starting with desktop and laptop computers and moving on to iPhone, iPad, Android-powered mobile phones, and many other mobile devices, players looking to join Boom Fantasy can do so. Players can choose to download a mobile app from the App Store or Google Play in addition to playing on the website directly, which gives them much more control over Boom Fantasy while doing so.

Boom Fantasy is unquestionably one of the most mobile friendly fantasy sports websites overall, largely due to its straightforward competition format and incredibly user-friendly user interface, which makes it a favorite of all mobile players.

Deposits and Withdrawals: PayPal and cards are accepted.

All American players will find it very easy to make deposits into their Boom Fantasy real money balances. Boom Gaming’s website is 100% legal in most states, so there is little need to use any special services. The easiest way to make a deposit is simply by using a credit card.

Major credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted on the website, and all deposits are processed immediately. PayPal accounts can be used as a middleman for deposits by players who would rather not use their credit cards online directly. There are no additional fees or other surprises involved.

The same payment options are available once a player is prepared to make their first Boom Fantasy withdrawal, and all cashouts are typically processed quickly with little to no waiting. There are very few restrictions and no time limits on cashing out winnings, making Boom Fantasy balances generally equivalent to cash.

High-Quality Live Chat Support for Customers

Boom Fantasy is a completely American website, so users can anticipate very good customer service. Customer service is available via live chat, phone, email, and all lines are staffed by Americans who are fluent in English and can assist you with any problem you may be having.

Boom Fantasy is a genuine American company, in contrast to many international gaming sites that operate from offshore locations, so you can anticipate receiving the same level of customer service as you would from any local business. Live chat appears to be the quickest and easiest way to get assistance at the website, and customer service is available 24/7.

Legal & Licensing Situation in Boom Fantasy

Fantasy sports are generally legal in the USA, and there aren’t many restrictions on offering such a service, but inquiries like “is Boom Fantasy legit” are still frequent. Fantasy sports are still viewed as gambling in some states, and not all states fully support them.

A large portion of the USA has legalized the Boom Fantasy app, but some states still forbid players from using real money to play. These consist of:

• Alabama

• Arizona

• Delaware

• Hawaii

• Idaho

• Indiana

• Iowa

• Louisiana

• Mississippi

• Missouri

• Nevada

While Boom Fantasy offers a fully regulated and secure gaming environment, it is crucial for players to observe local laws and avoid trying to play for real money in jurisdictions where this is prohibited.

Rating for Boom Fantasy: Additional Offers

Boom Fantasy is a site that only offers fantasy sports, as one might infer from the owner’s name, and there are no other games available. Many other fantasy sports companies also provide options for sports betting, casinos, or poker, but Boom Fantasy is wholly focused on its core offering. Players looking for a licensed and authorized online gambling site will have to look elsewhere.

Daily fantasy sports with Boom Fantasy

5 Sports & Unique Format for Fantasy Sports

Boom Fantasy currently offers 5 sports in total, in contrast to some websites that specialize in just one sport and others that offer anything you can imagine. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR are among them. Boom Fantasy football dominates all competitions, but all five sports are covered to some extent.

Players can compete in an unusual competition format at Boom Fantasy. Boom Fantasy gives users the option to respond to straightforward questions like which of the two players will score more points, etc., as opposed to most websites where entire squads of players are chosen and given points based on their performances, which can take a lot of time for research and preparation.

With a wide range of purchasing options and the option to compete head-to-head or in larger player pools, the competition list on offer is quite flexible. The website charges a portion of the entry fee for each competition, and players compete for the remaining amount, splitting it according to their final results.

Prize Pools: Acceptable but Not Outstanding

Boom hosts relatively small fantasy competitions with prize pools that are adapted to the small number of participants, unlike some major fantasy sports websites out there. The player pool in many of the site’s tournaments is only 2 to a few hundred, as opposed to the kind of huge competitions that some sites are able to host because the site offers a unique competition format and is not as well-known as some rivals.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t really diminish the value for the players much since they can still contend for prize pools that are scaled according to the number of competitors. There is no reason not to participate in even the smaller competitions if a player makes decisions that are superior to those of the competition.

The website hosts larger competitions with significant prize pools for important games like league finals and offers a variety of buyins and satellite tournaments for the big buyin events.

Forum & Community for Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is undoubtedly a very sophisticated fantasy sports platform, but the owner does not provide players with any means of getting in touch with other players. Because the website lacks a forum, a chat feature, or any other social features, all players who want to communicate with one another must visit third-party websites.

The refer a friend program, Boom Fantasy’s lone social feature, rewards players generously for enlisting their friends and bringing them to the website. Players receive 20% of Boom Fantasy’s revenue for each new player they sign up. This may not sound like much, but it can add up quite handsomely from higher stakes players.

Review of Boom Fantasy: Is It Any Good?

Playing at Boom Fantasy is quite simple because the operator uses a very user-friendly and intuitive platform. Players only need to complete a brief registration form that does not ask for a lot of personal information to join the site, and Facebook users can also link their social media accounts to the fantasy operator to speed up registration.

Once they’ve registered, Boom Fantasy users can enter competitions on desktop computers or through one of the free mobile apps, which also give them a chance to enter the unique jackpot competitions. The list of available fantasy tournaments is displayed in the main lobby, and you can use filters to only see tournaments with a specific buyin or for a specific sport.

The majority of all features are available on the main page of Boom Fantasy, with very few other pages being offered. The player account area, accessed by clicking the buttons in the top right corner of the screen, contains the cashier options for making deposits and withdrawing winnings.

The collection of genuine games is relatively limited and unique compared to most other fantasy websites. Players only need to decide which of the preselected players will perform better in a number of stats like number of points and similar, as opposed to having to select a whole starting lineup.

Is Boom Fantasy a genuine business?

Describe Boom Fantasy.

Boom Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports website where sports lovers can compete with one another in terms of their understanding of various sports and statistics. Select your starting lineup for a match and defeat your opponents to win real money.

Is it legal to play fantasy sports for actual money?

Yes! Federal law considers fantasy sports to be a form of competitive play and makes them permissible. Before you begin, though, be mindful of your state’s laws and confirm if Boom Fantasy is permitted where you reside.

Is Boom Fantasy a real-money gaming site?

Yes! You can participate in real money tournaments with real cash awards and even freeroll competitions with real money prizes for the top players.

What sports am I able to play?

Players can play basketball, golf, fantasy baseball, and fantasy football at Boom Fantasy. The website sadly does not provide other fantasy sports.

What time will I be paid?

If you win at Boom Fantasy, you can request a cashout right away, and depending on the payment option you select, you can anticipate it to be executed in 2 to 15 days.

Final Verdict: Start It Off With A Boom

Boom Fantasy may not be the most well-known brand in the fantasy sports sector, but this is primarily because of a dearth of marketing initiatives. After all is said and done, Boom Fantasy actually presents itself as a terrific supplementary choice to players already playing at the major sites and delivers a very high quality fantasy experience. If you’re seeking for more action, sign up for Boom Fantasy right away and take advantage of their incredibly straightforward gameplay.

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