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FastPick NJ is a cutting-edge daily fantasy sports website that is accessible to New Jersey players through the Resorts Casino website. It features a unique draft method that requires players to spend less time and effort on research, making it a simpler and more user-friendly platform, especially for new fantasy managers.

FastPick operates as a component of the Resorts Casino’s online offering alongside a sportsbook and an online casino, unlike many fantasy sports services that are accessible across the country. In this FastPick review, we looked at everything the operator offers and gave the website ratings in all of the crucial categories that go into creating any kind of online gaming website.

Promotions & Welcome Bonus: A Fair Offer

After entering a FastPick bonus code for the first deposit, new players who sign up with FastPick can take advantage of a USD 10 worth of free play. Although it may not seem like much compared to online casino bonuses, the amount of the offer is actually fairly reasonable for a daily fantasy sports bonus, which often tend to be quite little.

While many other fantasy sites only reward players after they have played fairly at the site, in the form of a cashback bonus, the FastPick bonus is an actual free play bonus that lets players try the site without assuming any of the risk. The bonus is subject to a 5x wagering requirement, which is not too bad at all.

Numerous additional promotions are also available from the operator, but they are only open to those who wager on sports or play casino games. Some players who sign up for Resorts Casino online can choose to try these as well, gaining even more.

Extreme use and simplicity

When compared to its rivals, FastPick stands out above the others for the quality and usability of its user interface. In fact, it’s a complete departure from the JustBet offshore betting site, where we were dismayed by the interface. Players can access FastPick NJ through the Resorts Casino website, but once there, they are free to utilize the entire FastPick platform, which was created before Resorts acquired them.

FastPick’s player comparison concept replaces the traditional salary cap model, making the gaming incredibly straightforward. Players are not required to take their time choosing a starting lineup and double-checking every statistic. Instead, they simply need to evaluate individual players to determine who would do better over the duration of a game, which is typically a straightforward decision with certain risks.

For experienced players who are already familiar with player form and the overall caliber of the players in the game they are playing, the entire gameplay process rarely lasts longer than a few minutes per match.

Apps & Hardware: A mobile app is available

Although daily fantasy sports are not the most mobile-friendly of games, this site and other major fantasy sites all permit people to participate on mobile devices. The Resorts Casino website offers the FastPick app for download, which may also be utilized to play other Resorts goods.

This implies that gamers can download this software to their phones or tablets and play a ton of online games. Because the software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the great majority of mobile users can access the platform on their devices.

Compared to competitor services like DraftKings or FanDuel, where the salary cap mechanism makes selection much more difficult, FastPick’s gaming style makes the mobile play a little bit simpler.

Withdrawals & Deposits: PayPal Only

Players can currently finance their FastPick accounts using their PayPal accounts. Fortunately, the well-liked e-wallet can be quickly connected to a wide range of credit and debit cards, so players can rapidly fund their balance from their bank accounts.

When the time comes to withdraw your earnings, PayPal will once again be your only option. The same PayPal account that was used for the deposit is also utilized for cashouts, which are often processed within 48 hours, which is far quicker than many other payment methods.

Although it is anticipated that the operator will soon introduce more payment options, most American players should have no trouble utilizing PayPal, which is one of the easiest payment options available.

Limits and Payouts: Maximum Wins are Affected by Limits

The maximum contest win is set at USD 100,000, which would be a 500x win on a USD 200 buy-in. FastPick does not place limits on how much participants can win over the long term. Players can wager up to USD 200, but there are also a number of lower buy-ins and competitions to choose from.

All wins may be transferred to a PayPal account without additional fees or withdrawal restrictions. The operator does not charge extra costs unless the standard PayPal fees are not paid. The payout structure at the site, however, means that even players with incredibly high win rates are still paying a very high amount of rake, which may be challenging to overcome over the long term.

Customer Service: General Assistance

All players can contact Resorts Casino for assistance with their FastPick accounts and other problems. The operator provides all the usual support channels, including email, phone, and live chat help that is available 24/7.

FastPick and other Resorts Casino products share the same lines, so waiting times may be a little longer. However, once you connect with live assistance, a guarantee of excellent service is in place.

While the live help methods are undoubtedly the most practical for resolving small issues, players should use email support if they have a severe issue or want to verify their identity to make sure everything goes as planned.

Legal & Licensing Situation with FastPick

The issue of FastPick’s legality comes first in this review. FastPick is one of the few fantasy sites that only operates in one state, despite the fact that fantasy sports have been recognized as a game of skill in the USA for some time and that many operators provide their services nationwide.

This is because, in addition to FastPick, the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, which owns FastPick, also uses the same web platform to provide sports betting and casino services to online gamers.

It is likely that the main technical factors influencing why FastPick is only available in New Jersey are those of a technical character. The casino has a license from the state of New Jersey to provide online gaming to players playing within the state.

While players from other states will first need to hunt for alternatives, gamers who are wishing to play from the state of New Jersey will be thrilled to have access to such a multi-product online gaming platform. For our players, we’ve compiled a list of the top and newest fantasy sports websites that offer a wide range of national fantasy sports options.

Review score for FastPick: Additional Offers

FastPick began as a standalone fantasy sports site with just one product available. But the Resorts Casino bought the property, and it is now a part of the vast Resorts infrastructure. Players that register to play FastPick will also have access to Resorts Casino’s sports betting platforms, which include a huge selection of traditional sports betting opportunities as well as hundreds of slot machines, table games, and other games. Despite the fact that the site is exclusively accessible to residents of New Jersey, people who are there can still enjoy one of the best overall online gaming environments at one of the most well-liked fantasy sports websites.

Daily Fantasy Sports with FastPick

Offer for Fantasy Sports: Thin but Growing

The present selection of fantasy sports available at FastPick NJ is pretty limited because players may only participate in football and baseball tournaments. This is highly constrained when compared to many of the closest rivals because many other websites offer basketball, hockey, and other sports. Even if this might not be one of the best fantasy sports websites, it is obvious that it is growing.

However, according to data we uncovered throughout our FastPick study, the operator is probably going to start offering hockey, basketball, and soccer tournaments in the near future, which would undoubtedly make the fantasy sports experience much more comprehensive.

FastPick does not offer the typical fantasy sports competitions where participants compete against one another. Instead, all competitions are played against the house, which assumes all risks while also charging each player a hefty rake.

Players can participate in numerous competitions with between 3 and 10 picks each, allowing for statistical comparison between players. If a player correctly predicts all 10 selections in the same contest, they might earn up to 500 times their original wager.

Prize Pools: All Contests Have Fixed Prizes

All awards at FastPick are determined by the number of picks a player makes and the buy-in amount. Players are not allowed to compete against one another, therefore there are no fixed prize pools, overlays, or opportunities for enormous wins on modest investments.

Instead, each contest at FastPick NJ is its own event, open only to participants, and distributed in accordance with a predetermined formula. The successful players will receive multiple returns on their investment for correctly making a predetermined number of picks rather than a portion of the whole reward pool.

The participant needs to correctly predict every outcome in order to win the competition. Fortunately, participants can select between 3 and 10 picks per contest, depending on how many picks they feel like making. The contests with three picks, which provide the winner five times their initial investment, are the simplest. The top prize for players who choose to participate a USD 200 contest with 10 picks is USD 100,000, and although though it is quite challenging to correctly predict all 10 outcomes, the format allows players plenty of opportunities to win large.

Community & Forum for FastPick

FastPick, which is a shame for players who enjoy the social components of fantasy sports, does not include any sort of online community features, such as a forum or player chat functionality. Instead, players can do so by visiting one of the many fan-run forums that can be found all over the internet if they want to express their thoughts or seek advise from others.

FastPick lacks a sense of community and doesn’t offer peer-to-peer competitions, which might make the platform look more like one for sports betting than fantasy sports because it prevents players from competing against and beating their peers. However, individuals who prefer to play against others will find plenty of options at other fantasy sports websites, and the lone wolves out there will undoubtedly relish defeating the house.

Review of FastPick: How Does It Work?

Players who want to participate in FastPick must register on the Resorts Casino website. Players are required to provide the operator with some personal information during the registration process, and the account they generate can then be used to play a variety of Resorts products, including FastPick.

Once registered, users can access the FastPick platform by selecting it from the Resorts website’s main menu by clicking the FastPick icon. Once there, a new platform is unveiled that enables users to choose competitions to enter and access other FastPick features.

The contests are quite easy to enter. A player can select the buy-in level he wants to play at and an upcoming match from the list. The participant must then respond to a series of questions that compare the players who will be participating in the match and ask them to pick the one who will do better. Selecting wisely results in huge rewards.

FastPick uses a far more straightforward gaming approach than the traditional salary cap, which makes it exciting to use, especially for less seasoned players who don’t want to deal with the increased competition posed by the more talented fantasy managers.

It has nothing to do with how many people participated in the contest because players are compensated for their winning picks according to a pre-established payouts formula. Participants at FastPick are aware of their chances of winning before the event even begins, and once it is complete, they are compensated regardless of how other players fared.

FAQs for FastPick Reviews

Is FastPick a website for online gambling?

Due to the fact that FastPick is a component of the Resorts Casino package, players who register to play FastPick will also have access to online gambling. Even if the model does put the player against the house, the actual product is not seen as gambling.

Who may participate in FastPick?

American players who are physically based in the state of New Jersey and who are at least 21 years old can use FastPick. These conditions are connected to the state gaming license that Resorts Casino holds.

Do player vs. player tournaments exist on FastPick?

No! All contests currently offered by FastPick are played against the operator, which implies that winners are paid directly by FastPick rather than from a prize pool compiled from buyins from other players.

Can FastPick really be defeated?

You will be rewarded for making the proper picks on FastPick because it is a fair website. However, some research suggests that given the large number of possible outcomes and the existing payout structure, it could be challenging to outperform the house under this scenario.

Money security at FastPick

Absolutely! Resorts Casino, which has a New Jersey state-issued online gaming license, is the owner of FastPick. As a result, the operator has a duty to safeguard all player funds as well as each player’s personal information at all times.

Conclusion: Make your fantasies a reality.

FastPick gives users with a good possibility to transform their first deposit into USD 100,000 with a little skill and luck while offering a relatively rare fantasy sports gameplay format. The actual beauty of FastPick is that any player may advance through the stakes at their own pace. The competition does not get stronger as you move through the levels, so players who want to succeed big can do so without having to outwit the world’s best mathematicians and statisticians. Join FastPick for a chance to shine and leverage your sports expertise into a sizable reward at one of the most cutting-edge fantasy sports sites around.

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