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Jock MKT Evaluations & Scores 2022

Review of Jock MKT Daily Fantasy Sports is available.

Your daily fantasy sports operator is boring you now. We comprehend. Even the best of us experience it. You desire a different option. You desire a fresh obstacle. You wish it had been more exciting. Just stop there. We have a gift for you.

At Fantasysportreview, we continually keep a finger on the DFS scene’s pulse. There is a brand-new participant who has just entered the game and is providing something unique. This Jock MKT evaluation will look at Jock MKT’s approach to DFS, including their bonus, the functionality of their platform, available customer assistance methods, and the whole package.

Cons & Pros of Jock MKT


• Deposit match of 100%

• Security and safety

• Web- and app-based

• Fantastic newbie events


– Minimal customer service

Bonus offer: A special welcome bonus for new clients

Most likely, you were thinking, “Another day, and another dull welcoming offer.” There is a purpose for welcome offers, I suppose. More information about another welcome offer is available in our Pulse review. It is something that you will run against with every operator if you are fresh to the DFS environment. Welcome offers employment. Customers use the platform for them. When there are dozens of platforms that do, why would you choose one that doesn’t? You should examine how each operator welcomes offers, nevertheless. While some are quite conventional, others have a unique twist. This offer, according to our Jock MKT review team, falls in the latter group.

Jock MKT extends a 100% deposit match welcome offer to new clients. Let’s simplify it for you. When creating an account, you can enter a special referral code to trigger the bonus. Following this action, you can put money into your account to finance it. Jock MKT guarantees to credit your account with the full amount of your deposit. But hold on—a there’s a tiny catch. For this bonus, we discovered a wagering requirement in our Jock MKT review. You must wager 500% of the bonus you earned from Jock MKT before you can withdraw any money.

This includes your entry fees for the competitions and your market bids, but it has a high playthroughs requirement. The fact that you can withdraw all of your money, including the bonus, is a huge plus. That’s right, Jock MKT broke with tradition by allowing withdrawal of the bonus sum. That’s impressive, and we appreciate the concept. Your initial deposit must be at least $20 to be eligible. So keep in mind: utilize the code, make a deposit of at least $20, and play through your bonus 500% before withdrawing.

Usability, appearance, and feel: responsive and silky

Prior to purchasing an automobile, we prefer to assess its handling. With Jock MKT, we accomplished the same thing by briefly using its platforms. What are the initial steps in purchasing a car? Naturally, you want something that you enjoy looking at! The website’s appearance was favorable to the Jock MKT review team. The first thing you notice is the interface, which is uncluttered and clear. The background is predominantly an off-white tone. On the website, the text is black with lovely green inserts. It is simple to read, and navigating about revealed that the navigation and reaction times are both swift. Observe our focus on detail. You can get the same level of detail from our Prophet Exchange review.

We can now proceed to the app. On the home page of the website, the Jock MKT review team discovered a download link for the app. It has the same color palette as the website, is as user-friendly, and is accessible on Apple and Android devices, as we would anticipate. Again, the options are clear and uncomplicated; even a beginner won’t have any trouble using the program.

In addition, Jock MKT provides a web-based platform. You only need to visit the website’s home page, scroll down to the login link, and click it. This platform offers the same features and a similar appearance to the app. Players’ stats are properly organized and have great photographs when you bid on them. Our evaluation crew for Jock MKT believed that the platforms were superbly designed.

Payments using eWallets and credit cards

We would want to provide you with detailed comments on each payment option that the operator offers. You’ll notice that we go through all the payment options in detail in our evaluation of Hollywood Casino. Jock MKT let us down a little bit in this area, to be honest. To uncover any references to the payment method, we had to read the terms and conditions. We offered two ways to make deposits: using credit cards and using third parties like PayPal. Deposits are not subject to any specified limitations. Instead, Jock MKT says that if there is a limit, you will be restricted based on the restrictions imposed by your particular state.

What about withdrawals and reward claims? In our Jock MKT review, we learned that before awarding you the reward, Jock MKT reserves the right to inquire about your eligibility to have entered the contest. Withdrawals will typically be processed within five days, according to Jock MKT, although new accounts are subject to a manual withdrawal check. Your award cannot be changed or transferred. This is the most up-to-date information we have on deposits and withdrawals. Jock MKT hopes to provide users with a variety of payment options to make it as convenient as possible.

More options for customer assistance would be helpful.

How does the Jock MKT staff fare in terms of its customer service capabilities? They do provide ways to contact them, though. Overall, the Jock MKT review team thinks they could do certain things better, like offering quick ways to contact them. On the website’s home page, we looked for the “Contact Us” page and saw two links. When we clicked this link, the content we found was disappointing. For any inquiry, Jock MKT offers a form that you can complete. There is an email address on the same website where you can get in touch with them. They promise to respond to you within ten days, according to the terms and conditions.

There were no other means for us to get in touch with the Jock MKT team. 10 days, in our opinion, is an excessively long period to answer a question. In order to help you address your problem, we would like the Jock MKT team to offer a live chat option. Additionally, they might consider making a phone number available for users to contact them. There are undoubtedly a few modest changes that might be made.

Is Jock MKT licensed and secure? Is your money secure with them?

Nothing eludes the skilled eyes of our personnel. We carefully examined the Jock MKT website to learn more about the state of safety and security. Is Jock MKT trustworthy? If they are hacked, would your payment information be exposed? Is it okay to carry on playing? You are welcome to keep playing, as Jock MKT’s website displays an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) badge. This certificate demonstrates to us that the information you enter on the website is encrypted between you and their server, as seen by a small lock icon next to the HTTP address. Also discovered by our Jock MKT assessment team is that they make use of separate accounts. Jock MKT won’t use your money for operations since your funds are kept apart from theirs in segregated bank accounts.

We also saw the emblem for the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association while reviewing Jock MKT (FSGA). The FSGA is a well-known group that works to uphold moral standards in fantasy sports. It is evident from reading the FSGA’s founding principles that Jock MKT is dedicated to moral behavior, which includes supporting legislation to safeguard DFS consumers. The fact that a user can request to have their account put on hold at any time and not be able to access it for a predetermined amount of time shows that they also value responsible gaming.

Special tiers in the rewards and loyalty program based on experience

Our Jock MKT review crew was looking for a loyalty program when we stumbled into something that we thought was really cool. Offering special “Beginner Events,” Jock MKT. Who may participate in these events? Only users who have taken part in 50 or fewer occasions. We appreciate this concept because it provides new players a chance to engage in friendly competition, exchange goods, and get a feel for the game before going head-to-head with experienced players.

A newbie player will have the opportunity to recognize an “old hand” because more seasoned players will also earn badges based on winning competitions or cash prizes. We like this system because it helps newbies a little. Further investigation revealed that there are currently no other loyalty programs or promotions active.

Daily Fantasy Sports Jock MKT

Offer in fantasy sports

How do you gain access to the Jock MKT system? The goal of our Jock MKT review team was to gauge how simple it is to get started. They mostly use two platforms. The Jock MKT website can be used as a starting point to log in, which will direct you to the platform’s web-based browser. Second, there is an app available for both Apple and Android devices. Whichever one you select, you’ll find it easy to use and navigate.

During the IPO period, it is simple and possible to place real-time bids on players. Purchasing and selling shares in your players is simple once the game has begun, and everything is updated in real time. Since Jock MKT functions more like an exchange and treats players as assets, there is no salary cap. Players receive ratings based on the DFS scoring system at the conclusion of games, and shares are awarded based on the ratings. A real-time player interchange is a concept we appreciate. The majority of sports lovers are also catered to by Jock MKT, which offers a variety of markets, including the PGA and NASCAR.

Prize troughs

Jock MKT offers two gaming options: contest and market. You can explore these alternatives with the help of our Jock MKT review team. The market format will be discussed first. You can buy and pay out whenever you want here. You can hold while watching the game or engage in real-time trading. During the IPO phase, you start by placing a bid on player shares. The shares will be sold to the highest bidders. Then, based on in-game player performance that is updated in real-time, you can purchase and sell shares. Players are ranked when the game is over, and you will be paid according to your position. You don’t have to wait till the game is over because you can pay out earlier. Unlike the contest model, the market format allows people to purchase in with any amount they choose.

The contest format was also tested out by the Jock MKT review crew. The number of tradeable chips that each user receives is the same. The more chips you have gained through trading and rewards will help you rank higher when the competition is over. Depending on your ranking, you’ll get some prizes. Since you cannot cash out at any point in this format, you must wait until the very end.

Groups and forums

We looked for a group where users could communicate. As users may share information, talk about games and players, offer insight, join groups, and make friends, forums are popular among DFS operators. Jock MKT has taken this into consideration and offered a gathering spot for users. Users can log in and speak with others at any time on their Discord channel. However, the website offers more than just that. Additionally, there is a blog that is updated frequently. Here, you can use news and information from the sports world to improve your playing approach. Considering that Jock MKT has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can engage with the neighborhood there as well. The Jock MKT community is very active and engaged.

Conclusion and product summary

Should you attempt Jock MKT? Our team of professionals concurs. In our evaluation of Jock MKT, we discovered that the DFS strategy offers consumers a unique experience that they won’t get from any other operator. Both of their game modes are fun and have special difficulties. We think that the excellent community and knowledge on the blog will help new players. Although they may not have the greatest marketplaces to choose from, what they do have will often please. You can’t go wrong with Jock MKT because it offers a flawless mobile experience.

Review of Jock MKT: FAQ

Can I deposit a certain amount at Jock MKT?

When you use their platform, some operators have specific deposit cap restrictions. Your ability to make deposits into your account at any given moment will be limited by deposit limits. You can read about this in our Jock MKT review and other evaluations where we address the various deposit limitations. Our reviews have discovered that legislation also plays an impact.

A welcome bonus is what?

Operators occasionally provide new clients with a welcome or registration bonus. By offering a user something extra in exchange for using a platform, welcome or registration bonuses draw possible new users to it. An incredible resource for information on welcome bonuses and promos is our evaluation of Jock MKT as well as other reviews.

Who oversees websites that offer sports betting and online casinos?

Because each state has various laws concerning internet gambling or daily fantasy sports, the regulating bodies vary from one state to the next. In our reviews, we discuss the licensing and regulating facets of operators.

Conclusion: A compelling idea that will intrigue

Here is the moment you have been anticipating throughout this review. What do the professionals on our Jock MKT review team think? Is Jock MKT as trustworthy as its evaluation would imply? In our camp, there was a palpable air of excitement. The idea from Jock MKT is the cause of this. They gave the DFS cosmos an entirely new perspective. It’s wonderful to think of the platform as an exchange and the users as assets in which you can buy shares. We also appreciate the variety of game formats available. It’s true that they could include additional customer assistance choices and improve the material on their website. These things aren’t fatal, though. We believe Jock MKT has a winning formula if we take into account the special welcome bonus offer!

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