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Top Daily Fantasy Sports Apps Sites for 2022

Want to play on the top DFS sites for your preferred upcoming sport or event? There are many options available, but which platforms are the most well-liked? What is the top DFS website available?

With the help of fantasy sports, fans may choose players in their preferred leagues, manage rosters, make trades, and generally take a more active interest in sports. Traditional season-long competitions, however, have always had their constraints. They frequently need constant care over a season that can last many months. Introducing daily fantasy sports.

The aforementioned businesses have contributed to revolutionizing daily and weekly fantasy sports. To help you select which daily fantasy sports websites offer the finest user experience and welcome bonuses, let’s examine each of the DFS sites.

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Over the past 10 years, the popularity of daily fantasy sports has skyrocketed as players looked for fresh ways to engage with their favorite games. DFS offers all the advantages of conventional, year-long fantasy competitions without the commitment. Players have access to an almost infinite number of competitions to enter, many of which have enormous guaranteed prize pools, and can draft fresh lineups every day. There are new opportunities to succeed every day.

A select few DFS providers have distinguished themselves as the best over time. You can use this page as a resource to locate the top daily fantasy sports websites in 2021.

2022’s Best Daily Fantasy Sports Apps

vibrant picks (formerly Betcha)

Working together with Vivid Picks (formerly Betcha) enters the DFS industry ready to transform the way you follow and make predictions about sports.

The Vivid Picks app is excellent and seamlessly integrates gaming with its cutting-edge social network because it is almost identical to what Betcha was. Users of Vivid Picks Social can follow their friends and favorite experts while also having access to an activity stream. Additionally, the app contains special features that are likely to keep you interested in the Vivid Picks community, like weekly updates and Wall of Fame honors.

It’s like if fantasy sports, Twitter, and eSports had a baby, according to the firm itself.

Vivid Picks focuses on fantasy props, much like other fantasy applications and websites do. For all of the major sports, users can choose player props. Even more specialized props for NASCAR and eSports can be found.

The highlight of it all Using the Vivid Picks promotion code “GRINDERS,” you may get started with a $200 deposit match.


The quest is finished if you’re searching for “royal” treatment. In 2021, Boston-based DraftKings will dominate daily fantasy sports. A solid reputation for providing a terrific assortment of freerolls, generous bonuses, and big guaranteed prize pools has been established by DraftKings. Additionally, DraftKings offers one of the top DFS mobile apps available.

When it comes to choosing a contest, DraftKings provides a ton of options. It offers conventional tournaments, head-to-head competitions, 50/50 raffles, multipliers, and satellite qualifying rounds for important competitions like its Fantasy World Championships. There is a tournament for everyone, whether you want to compete with $1 or $5K or are curious about the NFL vs. League of Legends.

Late-Swap is yet another well-liked DraftKings feature. Late-Swap permits alterations at the last minute as opposed to locking lineups at the beginning of the day. If your favorite wide receiver is out for Monday Night Football, choose a replacement instead. No one is locked until the game has begun.

Regular play is also rewarded by DraftKings. Their FPP currency, known as “Crowns,” can be obtained by taking part in paid competitions, finishing tasks, collecting daily incentives, or receiving badges. Crowns can be used to purchase items from the DK Shop or redeemed for participation into paid competitions. Be sure to read our in-depth DraftKings review for more information about the website.


A helpful resource for daily fantasy sports participants is FanDuel. It offers a great variety of game styles from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL in addition to a level of user experience uncommon among DFS websites. Through their excellent variety of competitions, players will have the opportunity to fight for enormous payouts. The FanDuel mobile app makes it simple to track competitions while on the go and getting started is a breeze.

FanDuel also provides Single Game competitions, Quick Picks, Beat The Score games, and Survivor Tourneys in addition to tournaments and GPPs. Additionally, participants can earn spots in exclusive competitions like the World Fantasy Championships. Each year, FanDuel names a basketball, baseball, and football world champion. These contests offer a massive cash award and an unforgettable experience package.

The FanDuel program receives a perfect score overall. It has lots of distinctive characteristics and is straightforward and quick to use. Both PayPal and credit cards are accepted for deposits, and both are handled swiftly. Furthermore, FanDuel will pay the costs and will often execute withdrawal requests the same day. Without FanDuel, no ranking of the top daily fantasy sports websites would be complete. Learn more by reading our in-depth FanDuel review.

Monkey Knife Battle

Searching for something unique? For DFS gamers, Monkey Knife Fight offers precisely that. It enables bettors and sports enthusiasts to lose their inhibitions, pick a game to sit down and sweat through, and place some entertaining prop bets. Nothing more or less. Monkey Knife Fight puts players against the house instead of competing against other players like most DFS platforms do. You simply choose your game, pick your props, and decide how much money you want to play for; there are no wages to budget for or lineups to establish.

With game variants like Over/Under, Rapid Fire, and Stat Shootout, Monkey Knife Fight gives a variety of ways to participate in that event. You will have to choose a side in Over/Under, for instance, based on two individual player stat lines from the same game. Consider that Matt Ryan has 290 passing yards and Kyle Allen has 250. You will receive the predetermined reward based on the buy-in you selected if you correctly predict the over/under for both. The payout increases as you choose more props. A perfect 6 for 6 slate will pay 32x, whereas going 2/2 may only result in a 2x payment.

A MKF account can be opened and funded without any difficulty, although there isn’t currently a mobile app. Monkey Knife Fight is a game for prop lovers. Check out our entire review and Monkey Knife Fight coupon code.


ParlayPlay, a different props-based DFS service, stands itself from the competition by giving consumers a distinctive socially enhanced gamified experience on its platform. Users may start their accounts off with a $60 bonus when they sign up using our ParlayPlay Promo Code.

What then, is superior than making money? With friends and other sports fans from the entire industry, sweat DFS props in real-time! There are presently 28 states where ParlayPlay is accessible, and there will be more shortly. The platform is uncomplicated and uncomplicated. Visit our link above for more details, including a site evaluation!


The PrizePicks Promo Code is the ideal approach to get your DFS game going right now! Player props play a major role in the PrizePicks platform. However, PrizePicks uses fantasy points to establish a line rather than more conventional data like rebounds or points. There is only one sort of game offered. Users must choose at least two over/unders for players on two different sides in this game. Up to four over/unders allow you to pick a side; the more you pick, the greater your chance of winning. 2.5 times as much will be paid out if you go 2 for 2, 5 times if you go 3 for 3, and 10 times if you go 4 for 4. You are given a little reimbursement if you only choose one incorrectly.

PrizePicks offers both a handy mobile app and capability for play through a web browser. Withdrawals and deposits are quick and easy!

Defeatist Fantasy

Despite being a relative newcomer, Underdog Fantasy’s reputation is well-deservedly expanding. Following a successful 2020 NFL season, Underdog has secured funding from a number of well-known figures. Numerous people, including Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Nas, and others, have backed the platform. The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are the top four American professional sports that Underdog Fantasy provides DFS competitions in. You can also register for contests with a number of various styles and formats. Play contests that are daily, weekly, or even season-long. View our complete Underdog Coupon page and review.

Favorite Underdog Ball

NFL Best Ball is Underdog Fantasy’s most well-known product. If Best Ball is new to you, you need to pay attention. It’s fantasy football that lasts the entire season in a unique, entertaining structure. You pay the specified entrance fee, pick your team with other players using a snake draft, and that’s it! The highest scorers on your squad are immediately promoted to starter status, so there is no need to create a lineup. Your weekly score will be affected, for instance, if a late-round wide out scores an 80-yard touchdown and scores more points than your top pick. NFL Best Ball allows players to enjoy picking a squad without having to make difficult start/sit decisions every week. Major rewards are also up for grabs. Through Best Ball Mania, Underdog Fantasy will once more make someone a millionaire in the 2022 season.


You can receive up to six free $20 contest tickets and a $250 deposit match when you use our ThriveFantasy coupon code! Not bad at all, huh? Of course, it would be helpful to understand ThriveFantasy in full, so let’s get right to the point.

ThriveFantasy is yet another DFS hybrid site that mainly utilizes daily fantasy props, asking its users to test their knowledge by selecting 10 over/under bets from a list of 20 possibilities. The picks have a value in fantasy points, and unlike many other websites, you’re competing to get the most points to beat out the other participants. In essence, Thrive combines our favorite aspects of GPPs—large reward pools—with the best fantasy props. Visit the link to our bonus code above to read our ThriveFantasy review for additional details.


SuperDraft is the only DFS website you need to consider if you’re seeking for something truly special. The wage cap is ignored in SuperDraft’s ground-breaking multiplier game style, which offers DFS players an entirely new gaming experience. SuperDraft gives you the chance to include all of your favorite stars in your team without having to worry about their salary or choosing one to play. But the issue still stands: Is that the best course of action? If you want something different, SuperDraft is a fantastic way to play DFS that you should absolutely give a shot.

SuperDraft is a new company, but they have recently received support from Caesars Entertainment, a major player in the DFS market.


One of the biggest websites to enter the daily fantasy sports market, Yahoo has long been a favorite among gamers who participate throughout the entire season. It offers competitions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL—the four major US sports. Users can choose from guaranteed prizepools, 50/50s, and head-to-head competitions on Yahoo. For seasoned DFS players, Yahoo DFS provides a comfortable feeling because of how similar their scoring options and roster structure are to those of both DraftKings and FanDuel.

Regarding features, Yahoo has a nice interface that makes moving between DFS and season-long tournaments possible. Lineup creation is also a simple procedure. They can be imported or produced from within the interface. Yahoo enables late player swaps at any moment before to the start of the game. With PayPal and credit cards being readily available, funding a Yahoo account is simple.

Now available for iOS and Android users is a mobile app that replicates the desktop application’s user-friendly design. Expect Yahoo’s DFS presence to expand as they start to take use of their already vast reach.

FAQs for DFS

Which daily fantasy sports website is the best?

Even though you should play on each of the well-known DFS services listed on this website, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to be the best. It’s difficult to ignore their simplicity of use, variety of games, and life-altering guaranteed prize pools. DraftKings or FanDuel remain the best options if you want to play daily fantasy sports this year.

Monkey Knife Fight is exactly what you’re looking for if you want something unusual. Embrace the joy that comes with a prop-based platform and throw out the standard lineups and pay.

In the US, are daily fantasy sports websites legal?

Sites that offer daily fantasy sports are legitimate, with a few exceptions. Some 20 or more states have created special restrictions to limit DFS, while others have implemented outdated laws to support it. Notably, DFS is still not permitted in Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington, and these states often have space restrictions. Users should check to see if their state or nation is accepted before beginning on a new DFS website.

Daily fantasy sports – do they count as sports betting?

No, it isn’t. Sports betting and daily fantasy sports are separate industries that often demand for separate laws. In contrast to sports betting, daily fantasy sports is typically not regarded as a game of chance.

In light of this, some DFS operators have started launching sportsbooks. In many states where sports betting is legal, DraftKings and FanDuel both offer sportsbooks.

Can you access the top daily fantasy sports websites from countries other than the US?

Though not everywhere, it is feasible to play DFS from outside the US. For instance, users from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and a few more countries are accepted at DraftKings. We advise you to confirm if the DFS website you intend to join serves your nation specifically if you live outside of the United States.

What age must a participant be to take part in DFS?

There are a few exceptions to the general rule that DFS players must be at least 18 years old. While Iowa and Massachusetts have increased it to 21, Nebraska and Alabama have both fixed their age restriction at 19.

What daily fantasy sport is the most popular?

By a wide measure, football is the most popular sport for DFS. Although prominent, Major League Baseball and the NBA have not yet surpassed the NFL in popularity.

Is it possible to participate on many daily fantasy sports websites?

Absolutely. Any and all of these websites allow you to register and participate in DFS tournaments.

How do I fund my daily fantasy sports account?

Depending on the DFS website you select, there are different deposit options. However, PayPal and credit cards are the two most popular choices in the sector. To find out what options are available, go to the cashier at your local DFS location.

Which website has the finest content for daily fantasy sports?

Naturally, RotoGrinders! Since the beginning of the DFS industry, RotoGrinders has been a leader. You can find here all the news, analysis, and resources required to succeed in daily fantasy sports. Don’t just take our word for it—RotoGrinders was recently recognized as the Best Fantasy Content Site/App for 2019 by the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association!

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