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Review and referral code for PrizePicks

PrizePicks is a fantasy sports operator that approaches daily fantasy sports (DFS) differently than its more well-known rivals, including FanDuel and DraftKings. contests are significantly easier to enter and are played against the house rather than other players, as is the case with standard DFS sites, where contests include creating fantasy lineups and competing with them for points.

Players can win up to 15 times their registration money by selecting numerous athletes and making over/under predictions on the stats or fantasy totals those athletes would achieve.

Betting USA will go through the features, the new customer welcomes bonus, and much more in today’s PrizePicks review.


  • Daily fantasy sports without the talented opposition
  • The closest substitute for full-scale sports betting
  • To win money, make straightforward over/under predictions.
  • Substantial welcome bonus


  • Restricted deposit options
  • Before withdrawing, users must play through all deposits once.
  • Promotions and Bonuses
  • Cash in and cash out
  • User Experience

Contest formats

Although PrizePicks is a daily fantasy sports website, it has a very gambling-like atmosphere. is a compelling option for fans who are 18 or older and reside in states without legalized sports betting because of the premise.

In a typical PrizePicks competition, participants pick two to five players, make predictions about whether their actual fantasy or statistical totals would be higher or lower than at projected totals, and then wait for the results.

In light of the aforementioned, PrizePicks stands out from conventional daily fantasy websites in the following crucial ways:

1. Accurate over/under predictions are the objective, not fielding a high-scoring fantasy team.

2. Players win payments by correctly predicting outcomes; they do not face off against one another.

3. PrizePicks is all about simplicity; users can sign up, make their selections, and settle down to watch the game in within 60 seconds. When using PrizePicks, there is no need to spend hours doing a study or face off against other players with exceptional skills who enter dozens of carefully crafted lineups.

Even though the PrizePicks game is easy to learn and play, knowledgeable sports fans may still apply their skills and increase their chances of winning big money.

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Procedure for PrizePicks Contests

Making over/under predictions on fantasy totals or stat totals is the core principle behind PrizePicks. The PrizePicks idea is comparable to Monkey Knife Fight, although it’s not quite the same.

Users select teams of two to five athletes for PrizePicks competitions, then select whether they want to make predictions about fantasy point totals or statistical totals (such as points scored).

The next step is to decide which statistic to predict if the player chooses the “single stat” option to make predictions on player statistics. For instance, in a PrizePicks NBA game, players might select points, assists, or rebounds, whereas in an NHL game, players might select saves or shoots on goal. Similar to this, participants in a golf competition might anticipate which player would hit the longest drives or forecast how many birdies they will make throughout a competition.

A total for fantasy points or stats is shown beneath each player’s total on the PrizePicks screen. The next step is for the player to determine whether the projected total will be OVER or UNDER the actual fantasy total or statistics total for each athlete.

The amount of athletes that participants add to the slate will affect the prizes for each of the two contest types that PrizePicks offers.

Play Flex

Flex Play gives secondary payouts for missing one prediction in exchange for lesser top payouts.

• Five Player Slates pays 0.4x, 2x, and up to 15x for three correctly predicted outcomes.

• Four player slates Pays 1.5x for three right answers, and 5x for four

• Three-player slates pay 1.25 times for two accurate picks and 2.25 times for three.

• Two-player slates: pays 0.5 times for one accurate guess and 2 times for two.

Energy Play

Power Play competitions offer more payments at the expense of no additional prizes. For a prize, players must either get every prediction right, or they receive nothing.

• Four-player slates: 10x-to-15x payout for four correct forecasts

• 3 Player: Pays 5x for three accurate forecasts

• Two Player Slates: Pays three times for two accurate predictions.

Don’t worry if the PrizePicks rules above seem unclear. The PrizePicks app takes consumers step-by-step through the process. The PrizePicks experience is simple to use in real life. Users can choose players, an over/under on anticipated totals, and a contest type by using the desktop website or mobile app.

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The idea is clearly explained in this image from the PrizePicks homepage:

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All new clients at PrizePicks are eligible for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100 more.

For illustration, a new player making a $25 first deposit would be qualified for a $25 bonus, while a player making a $100 or more initial deposit would be eligible for $100 in bonus monies.

The most crucial thing to understand is that players can only utilize promo cash to enter paid competitions; they cannot withdraw them.

Use the referral code BUSA from PrizePicks to take advantage of this deal.

Refer-a-Friend Program for PrizePicks

Players who recommend PrizePicks to their friends will be rewarded with $25 in promotional dollars for each person they suggest.

Users can see their special referral code by logging into their PrizePicks accounts, opening the user menu, and choosing “invite friends.” Users can then start referring friends to start making money by sharing their referral code.

App PrizePicks Review

The simplicity of the PrizePicks business concept permeates every aspect of the mobile app as well.

Because PrizePicks created the interface to step-by-step walk participants through each game, users shouldn’t have any trouble browsing the app and entering their first contest.

After logging in, the PrizePicks app instantly gets users going by displaying a roster of athletes from different sports leagues that are set to participate in PrizePicks events. Customers can then arrange athletes by sport (MLB, MMA, NASCAR, etc.) and add selections as they choose using straightforward filters near the top of the screen.

Players can hit the “go” button to make over/under predictions on each athlete’s predicted statistical or fantasy point total after making 2–5 selections. Users next choose a buyin amount and game type (flex play or power play, as previously explained).

The PrizePicks app informs users of the risk they are taking on each challenge as well as the potential rewards for correctly selecting 2, 3, 4, or 5 games. Before paying their entry fees, players confirm their buyin and payout potential, ensuring that users are always aware of the risk involved and the potential rewards.

Players can follow the PrizePicks app for real-time scoring information and updates after entering contests.

Android and iPhone users can download PrizePicks. Online gaming is available at for desktop users as well.

Picks for Prizes in the Sports

PrizePicks tournaments allow players to mix and match different sports, unlike typical fantasy sites that only allow one sport each game. Having said that, PrizePicks offers real-time results for a variety of sports, including:

• First-/second-half games

• Game of Duty

• CS: GO

• Jai Alai.

Game of Legends





• Cricket




• Rocket League

• Soccer

• Tennis

• Racing trucks

• Valorant


In disc golf

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Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal for PrizePicks

Deposits can be made to PrizePicks using Mastercard and PayPal. Customers also have the option to use American Express or Discover to finance their PayPal accounts.

All withdrawals and deposits are subject to the following restrictions:

• $10 is the minimum deposit.

• $10,000 maximum deposit

• A $30 withdrawal is required.

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States Accepted by PrizePicks

Which states permit PricePicks use? PrizePicks enforces a minimum age of 18 to play online and welcomes consumers from the following states. For customers who are not based in one of the following states, PrizePicks prohibits deposits and withdrawals.

• Alaska

• Alabama

• Arizona

• Arkansas

• California

• DC, Washington

• Florida

• Georgia

• Illinois

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• Massachusetts

• Michigan

• Minnesota

• South Carolina

• South Dakota

• Nebraska

(New Mexico)

• Oklahoma

• Oregon

• Providence

• Carolina, South

• Sud Dakota

• Texas

• Utah

• Vermont

• Virginia

• Wisconsin

• Western Virginia

• Wyoming

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Frequently Asked Questions for PrizePicks

How do the PrizePicks operate?

PrizePicks is it legal?

Exactly which states permit PrizePicks?

How do you fund your PrizePicks account?

How long do withdrawals from PrizePicks take?

What are PrizePicks payout procedures?

Conclusion: Is PrizePicks a Reputable Site?

A reputable daily fantasy sports website, Performance Predictions, based in Atlanta, runs PrizePicks. Adam Wexler, who is also a member of the board of directors for the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, launched Performance Predictions in 2015.

It has many well-known investors, including Phil Hellmuth, a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. Additionally, PrizePicks has worked with well-known sports franchises including the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons.

The majority of online user ratings are positive, and many players report getting paid when they were supposed to. Prize Picks is also recognized as a well-managed company that consistently obtains substantial quantities of money from investors.

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