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Review of Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports

The most reliable and established fantasy sports platform in the world is Yahoo Fantasy. Yahoo has faded into oblivion compared to its heyday as a dominant online player in the 1990s, but Yahoo Fantasy is still a well-liked, current, and well-run daily fantasy program.

Long-term players who respect Yahoo’s season-long leagues are partially responsible for Yahoo Fantasy’s resilience in an era of billion-dollar DFS and sports betting valuations, but that is not the whole picture.

In addition, Yahoo Daily Fantasy functions as a thriving second-tier DFS service. Yahoo DFS is a respectable alternative that frequently receives updates and new features, but its traffic figures are nowhere near those boasted by industry titans FanDuel and DraftKings.

For a comprehensive analysis of Yahoo Fantasy, continue reading below. It covers contest kinds, daily fantasy options, season-long leagues, promos, and more.


  • A sizable, well-known fantasy brand
  • Small rake
  • Yahoo has a lot of season-long fantasy sports experiences.
  • The potential to draw in casual, inexperienced gamers


  • The mediocre sign-up bonus
  • Does not really differentiate itself from the rest

Since the 1990s, Yahoo has hosted season-long fantasy sports competitions, and in 2015, it entered the daily fantasy market. With tens of millions of registered users, its season-long games are among the most well-liked in the country. Overall, Yahoo has done a commendable job running and sustaining its fantasy leagues for the whole season.

Yahoo’s daily fantasy service never made it to the top tier of DFS providers, but it is still well-liked enough to draw thousands of users each day.

Bonuses & Promo Code for Yahoo Fantasy

A $25 site credit is awarded to new users who register accounts and make their first deposit. Fans can use the non-withdraw able Yahoo Fantasy bonus to enter competitions and win cash prizes.

No coupon code is necessary to sign up for Yahoo Fantasy; all new users only need to complete the registration process, make a minimum $10 first deposit, and participate in one real money competition.

There is a place on the Yahoo Fantasy deposit page where users may enter promo codes, however users can also leave it empty. Regardless of whether they enter a promotional code or not, all new users receive the same benefit.

App for Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Players of fantasy sports can download the Yahoo Fantasy app for iOS and Android devices by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Players can explore the fantasy lobby on the app, participate in tournaments, watch their games live, examine player statistics, deposit money, and request withdrawals.

The Yahoo Fantasy app has a ton of features, but it is not as user-friendly as the apps from other major operators. Finding competitions for a certain sport is likely to take new users longer than they would want.

Although it is not the most user-friendly software in the daily dream world, navigation becomes clearer pretty quickly. The entire scope of the app’s possibilities becomes apparent as users pass the initial learning curve. The program allows users to do a lot, including getting updates on the most recent sports news that can affect their teams.

Daily fantasy tournaments on Yahoo

Each of the major sports leagues in the country has daily fantasy competitions offered by Yahoo Sports:





• Golf

• Soccer

In comparison to other top providers like DraftKings and FanDuel, who feature competitions for college sports, MMA, esports, and more, the variety is limited.

Due to its smaller user base, Yahoo has most likely made this choice on purpose. Yahoo can attract players to fewer competitions and sustain larger prize pools by restricting the number of games it offers. Yahoo gets quality at the expense of variety.

Players that participate in Yahoo Daily Fantasy competitions get paid $200, with athlete payments ranging from a few dollars to $55. Players who have used other DFS websites before will be at ease on Yahoo Fantasy.

Yahoo Fantasy has a straightforward interface, yet it offers more functionality than one may anticipate.


Select a QuickMatch game to engage in a head-to-head matchup with a player of roughly comparable skill. To ensure a level playing field for all participants, the Yahoo Fantasy leveling system “fairly and automatically” chooses two users to participate in the battle.

For any sport, participants must compete in five ranked events to obtain their rating and access to QuickMatch games. Earning a rating doesn’t have to be expensive; players can participate in both free and paid rated matches.

Ball’s Best

Yahoo’s season-long fantasy format is called Best Ball and is simpler and less complex. After selecting a team, each participant is free to sit back and watch without taking any more action.

Your team’s top performers at each position automatically count toward your weekly fantasy total. The players that have the most fantasy points at the end of the season win the league.

Each season, Yahoo offers both free and paid best ball leagues with weekly payouts. Since there is relatively little time commitment after participants pick their athletes at the start of the year, they are able to take part in up to 50 best ball leagues at once.

Yahoo Fantasy Video Draft with friends

For players who couldn’t get together with their friends in time for MLB’s Opening Day in 2021, Yahoo Fantasy introduced a video chat function. Friends may reunite and have a face-to-face argument thanks to the feature, which is accessible for private leagues with 12 teams or fewer.

Fantasy Yahoo Plus

For just $8 a year, Yahoo Fantasy Plus offers fans access to cutting-edge tools, analytics, and expert player commentary. Tools consist of:

• Research Assistant: Convenient tool for comparing athletes with clear suggestions, stat comparisons, and advice from Yahoo Fantasy Diamond players

The Start Optimal Players option may be used with a single click or tap to make sure the best players are in your lineup each week.

• Trading Insights: Use this tool to see each position’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make more intelligent trade selections.

• Advanced Stats: My Team, Players, and Research Assistant’s advanced player statistics are available with access to Yahoo Fantasy Plus.

The interface and lobby for Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo runs both its season-long and daily fantasy games through a single lobby, but it distinguishes between different game kinds. Users can change the lobby view from daily fantasy to season-long games and back using a dropdown menu.

Users can sort games by the league, entrance cost, and contest type inside the daily fantasy lobby. Users can, for instance, change the lobby settings to view a current list of all NFL matchups with entry costs ranging from $5 to $50 if they so like.

Small icons are placed next to each contest’s listing in the lobby to quickly display further details. Yahoo, for instance, places a “G” mark next to guaranteed games, an “M” icon next to contests with multiple entries, and so forth.

Users may access a lot of information in the lobby, but the design makes it simple to sort contests and move around at will.

Rake and Fees for Yahoo DFS

Yahoo Fantasy makes its rake clear up front before users submit their lineups, unlike other fantasy sports websites that need tedious computations to determine how much they’re taking from each prize pool.

Yahoo is confident that it offers better pricing for players, as seen by its willingness to publicize its rake (which it refers to as “administration fees”).

For typical head-to-head matches, Yahoo earns 5% or less, which is competitive with other large operators. Yahoo, on the other hand, does not charge any rake at all for its H2H QuickMatch games ($1 to $25), unlike the other operators.

Yahoo takes home 11–12% of the prize money from GPP competitions. Other operators charge substantially more, with a cut of their GPPs as high as 17%.

The following is a haphazard sample of the rake applied to comparable game types available on Yahoo, DraftKings, and FanDuel:

BetMGM‘s Yahoo Sportsbook

To incorporate odds into Yahoo Sports content in 2019, Yahoo teamed up with BetMGM Sportsbook. The opening of “Yahoo Sportsbook by BetMGM” was detailed in a news release from the time, however the moniker is a little misleading.

Yahoo does not function as a stand-alone sportsbook or accept bets directly. As an alternative, the collaboration enables Yahoo to offer betting odds in sports news items like schedules and news articles. Additionally, consumers in the states where BetMGM enables online betting can tap or click on any of the odds displayed on Yahoo to visit the BetMGM Sportsbook and place their bet.

The Yahoo Sportsbook homepage offers readers a complete list of odds for forthcoming games, as well as a reference to sports betting, previews of major sporting events, and more. Fans may also access exclusive BetMGM promotions at Yahoo Sportsbook, however it is far from a full-fledged sportsbook.

For instance, Yahoo Sportsbook recently informed customers about a unique golf betting promotion that offered customers $100 in free bets in exchange for making a first deposit of at least $10 and placing a $1 wager on any player to win the Masters.

Deposit Options for Yahoo Fantasy Sports

There aren’t many options for deposits on Yahoo Fantasy; PayPal is the only one available. To finance their accounts, users must have a credit or debit card connected to a confirmed PayPal account.

Yahoo Fantasy is tough on withdrawals, though. After winning a fantasy game, players receive their earnings within a few hours and have the option to withdraw up to $100,000 daily via PayPal. Within two business days, Yahoo processes withdrawals to PayPal accounts.

Rules for Yahoo DFS Scoring






Conclusion: Is Yahoo Fantasy Trustworthy?

Even if the company’s finest days are behind it, Yahoo is a titan in sports news and media. Yahoo’s fantasy sports service is legitimate, obtains licenses as needed, and has never failed to compensate a winner.

What you desire from your fantasy site will determine if Yahoo Fantasy is a good fit for you.

In terms of the  user interface, security, and rules, Yahoo Fantasy, DraftKings, and FanDuel are substantially comparable. All three are roughly comparable in these respects, yet each has its own peculiarities.

The rake, GPP contest prize pools, and league coverage are where the disparities show up.

In terms of game diversity, league types supported, and GPP prize pools, Yahoo Fantasy falls short. You should check out one of Yahoo’s rivals if you want to participate in League of Legends tournaments or fight for prize pools worth a million dollars.

Yahoo Fantasy’s rake, though, is higher than normal. Yahoo regularly has lower tournament prize money rake than its rivals. Yahoo Fantasy makes a persuasive case since it allows users to keep more of their winnings if you don’t mind competing for smaller prizes or sticking with 50/50 and head-to-head competitions.

Yahoo is a simple pick for fantasy leagues that last all season. You may easily start new leagues every season, administer leagues with your friends, and keep track of outcomes throughout time. A vast user base on Yahoo Fantasy makes it simpler for lone wolves to find season-long leagues.

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