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2022’s top daily fantasy sports websites

You have probably seen an advertisement for one of the several Daily Fantasy Sports websites available today unless you have been living under a rock (or without access to TV or the Internet, which is much the same thing these days). Although it has experienced its share of ups and downs in its brief existence, this area of the online gambling market took the world by storm a few years ago and is here to stay. We here at want to give you a crash course on the activity, how you may participate, and what to look for when selecting a DFS site.

Let’s begin with the section of this page that is most crucial: our suggestions. Every DFS website that enters the market is examined by our team of experts, and as a result, we can suggest the following websites for you to check out:

1) Casino Jackpot City

2) The 888 casino

3) Casumo

4) Play Amo

What exactly is DFS?

Demand and necessity led to the rise of daily fantasy sports. Many American poker players were left in the lurch after the Department of Justice closed down the majority of online poker sites in 2011. It was time to develop a new method of gambling because many of those professional athletes were also avid sports bettors and had few options for doing so online.

Fantasy sports have been around for a very long time; you can sign up for a league that covers most of the main sports, pick your team, and play the entire season with that team. In the revisions to the US sports betting legislation, this practice was expressly protected. However, some clever people discovered that the politicians failed to specify how long a season was. This flaw was combined with the liquidity that tournament-style software makes available, and the daily fantasy sports industry was born.

The idea of playing a new fantasy “season” every day quickly won over gamers (and investors). Having the opportunity to redraft every day or every week was a pleasant change for those of us who have made poor team selections in the past. Money started coming in quickly, and spending on advertising accelerated significantly. One of the top three websites’ logos could be seen everywhere, which eventually attracted the attention of the U.S. Attorney in New York. The website were forced to block access to those people after it was determined that the well-known game was more dependent on luck than ability in that state and a number of others. After the dust settled, the two major players made an unsuccessful attempt to integrate their companies, but the market is still open to participants who reside in relevant jurisdictions.

Guide to Daily Fantasy Sports

What We Look For In Sites That Offer Daily Fantasy Sports

As we previously stated, we have a team of business experts who are constantly reviewing websites to make sure that our readers receive an honest, up-to-date suggestion on where to play. The same is true for DFS sites, however our criteria differ slightly from those we may use to evaluate an online casino.

Game Settings

Actually, this is the most crucial thing on our list. Finding a site that offers both the sport you want and the playing style you want can be difficult with so many websites to select from. To start, look for a website that offers all the major sports, such as:

• Baseball

• Football

• Hockey

• Basketball

• Golf


• Soccer

Some websites could feature additional obscure sports, but in all honesty, the DFS model usually works the best for the sports mentioned above.

Regarding the available game types, all DFS games are designed to be played in a tournament-style format. If you’ve ever played online poker, the DFS offering will seem very familiar. There are numerous distinct kinds of events, including:

• Head-to-head conflict

• Prominent Contest

• Satellite Competitions

• Double Up Competitions

• Micro-competitions

As you can see, several of these contests are similar to poker contests. Whatever you’re searching for, a DFS site is sure to have an event for you. You could also search for the capability to organize a private competition. This is a great addition to your current season-long fantasy league and enables you to dodge the professional players in some of the large payout events.

Free Events

We have designated this as a distinct category since we think it is crucial for players who are unfamiliar with the entire DFS setup. It’s a terrific way to understand how DFS operates to have the potential to win money without having to pay anything upfront, and who doesn’t enjoy getting free money? On a daily basis, several websites will offer brief free events.

The chances of winning are rather modest because thousands of gamers typically participate in them, but it is still worthwhile to try. Additionally, since you may enter many teams in most competitions, free or not, this is a fantastic way to practice making slight tweaks to your rosters in order to maximize performance.


When a website makes a guarantee on an event (like $1 million on a weekly NFL DFS tournament) regardless of the participants, this is known as an overlay. The website obviously doesn’t want to lose money on this, but often businesses will go above and above the guarantee’s limits because it’s a great marketing strategy. Finding an event with an overlay is valuable, as those of us with years of experience specifically in the poker industry are aware. Let’s demonstrate how it functions with some figures.

Let’s say there is a $10 event with a $10,000 guarantee (this is pretty typical). In this case, your $10 is worth exactly $10 if the event lives up to the guarantee. However, if the guarantee is missed by 50% and there are only $5,000 submissions, your $10 is now worth $20 because the website must still pay out $10,000 in prizes. For these numbers to stand up, you must still enter and earn the money, but your chances of success increase by twofold when only half the entries are received.

To determine which DFS websites have the finest overlays, we examine all of them. But use caution: a site with excessive numbers of or huge overlays may use funds quickly and may eventually run out of money. A little overlay is fine, but too much is a warning sign.


DFS sites, like all other online gambling platforms, attempt to entice you to make deposits by offering bonuses. You will likely receive some form of match incentive for making your initial investment (giving you bonus dollars to be earned by playing in real money tournaments). You can also be granted access to a free event that is only open to new players. These are good because your chances of making money are greatly improved by the fact that they are typically of a limited size.

You will regularly get offers to reload your account; these match bonuses typically have a smaller percentage than the initial offer. Additionally, while playing games, you will accrue points that may be exchanged for tickets to upcoming events. When we assess websites, we combine all of the aforementioned perks into our evaluation to find the websites that offer the most value for our players.


When you participate in daily fantasy sports, your team could suddenly alter. In a lot of sports, a team might abruptly alter a player’s status as a participant. While there may be some on-field gamesmanship going on, the results might be disastrous for your DFS squad if you can’t act swiftly.

You can view your games and teams without using a browser on the majority of websites by downloading a mobile app to your phone. To make sure you won’t have a vacant space in your lineup when the games begin, we examine these apps and the internet games to see how quickly we can change lineups, etc.

Consumer Assistance

Given that games begin at all hours of the day dependent on our time zone, we always want to ensure that the website you are interacting with has top-notch customer support. The majority of the time, we will check to see if the website offers 24/7 support (most do), and then we will interview a few of their customer service representatives. A comprehensive FAQ section is also available on many websites, which may answer the majority of gamers’ general inquiries.


It is safe to say that DFS, in some capacity, will continue to exist. The game now has more respectability than ever before thanks to firms like Yahoo and ESPN getting involved. Even if some jurisdictions have outlawed play for their citizens, we are confident that those doors will reopen once some kind of regulation is in place.

Before making a deposit at any DFS site, you should always conduct your research. Better yet, read our reviews and heed our advice. We’re here to ensure that our users’ gaming experiences are safe, secure, and most importantly, FUN.

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