Dfs For Novices

Daily Fantasy Sports for Novices

In addition to revolutionizing the fantasy sports industry, Daily Fantasy Sports has also changed how people watch sports. Now, viewers and participants can participate in live contests that present the chance to win some incredible prizes.

The development of DFS has been nothing short of interesting to observe, from its early days as a fairly niche enterprise to the vast industry it has become. While the industry’s growth has slowed from the rapid ascent it witnessed only a few short years ago, DFS is still going strong.

Since DFS is entirely legal and safe to play in the overwhelming majority of the United States, the biggest competitions on the biggest platforms draw tens of thousands of participants.

We’re going to walk you through all you need to know in this in-depth examination of DFS. We’ll start out by examining the best DFS venues.

What daily fantasy sports website is the best in 2022?

Two operators stand head and shoulders above the rest of the sector when it comes to DFS. The biggest names in the sector and leaders in terms of market share are DraftKings and FanDuel.

Top Fantasy Sports Websites

DraftKings was not present when FanDuel arrived. Although DraftKings immediately gained traction after its own debut, the business was the first DFS operator to genuinely acquire traction with the general public.

For many years, the two businesses engaged in competition for supremacy. The bigger of the two nowadays in terms of users and prize pools is DraftKings. The DFS market saw the launch of Monkey Knife Fight in 2018. Let’s examine these top three daily fantasy sports websites in more detail.

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DraftKings, situated in Boston, was established back in 2012. Due to the company’s innovative approach to elements like scoring and roster criteria, its DFS offering quickly gained popularity among users. With regards to new games and methods to play, DraftKings has consistently been in the lead. The original founders of DraftKings still have control over the company, which has developed into the biggest DFS provider.

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#2. Get $10 with your first $10 deposit at FanDuel!

FanDuel was started in 2009 and has its headquarters in New York City. The DFS market was just starting off at the time, and only a few specialized providers were providing services. With its innovations, like as the introduction of live final events, FanDuel assisted in elevating the industry to a new level. The business is a member of the Flutter Entertainment family and was acquired by PaddyPower Betfair in 2018.

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#3. $5 Free at Sign Up for Monkey Knife Fight with Promo Code MKFGO

Founded in 2018, Monkey Knife Fight has its headquarters in Rhode Island. Since there is no wage cap to worry about and the contests depend on players meeting specified milestones during games, they provide a fresh perspective on daily fantasy sports competitions. You may get $5 free upon signup and a 100% bonus up to $100 on your first deposit by using the promotional code MKFGO.

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DFS stands for Daily Fantasy Sports.

DFS is a contemporary version of conventional fantasy sports. DFS contests often center around a single day’s slate of games, as opposed to contests that last the entire season before winners are determined.

Users select their starting lineups while adhering to any position criteria from the pool of players scheduled to compete in the day’s activities. Another twist requires users to create their lineups while adhering to a predetermined salary constraint.

DFS competitions are scored live as it happens on the playing field. They come in a variety of sizes, from little competitions between two players to enormous tournaments that draw tens of thousands of participants.

Users can enter contests at different buy-in levels for a chance to win actual cash. The top prize for the biggest events is a staggering $1 million. Daily fantasy sports continue to draw and keep members at an astonishing rate, whether it’s the possibility to win prizes or just the entertainment factor.

In the US, are daily fantasy sports permitted?

The industry’s legal environment has been relatively unstable. Some states initially agreed before changing their minds, and vice versa. There are now just a few of states that forbid DFS, making them anomalies. The four states where DFS is prohibited are shown below.

• Arizona

• Hawaii

• Louisiana

• Montana

• Nevada

• Washington

The list of prohibited states has shrunk just in the last year. All types of internet gaming continue to be regulated legally across the country. It’s not too difficult to picture a day in the future when DFS sites are allowed in each of the 50 states, even though it’s unclear when it would happen exactly.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Although playing DFS has a learning curve, players frequently discover that it isn’t as frightening once they’ve participated in a few contests. In other words, a little seasoning goes a long way rather than implying that winning is simple.

Review the regulations for the sport you are interested in when you first begin using the website of your choice. This will provide you an immediate understanding of the scoring and roster requirements, which can differ based on the site.

It’s time to head to the lobby and select the competition that best suits you once you have that under control and know the sport you want to participate. At numerous various buy-in points, you’ll find a vast variety of alternatives with prizes ranging from modest to enormous.

It may be beneficial for beginner users to concentrate primarily on competitions for amateur players. They will be identified as “beginner” or “EPE” (experienced players excluded) in the lobby.

It’s time to start creating your lineup after you select a contest you enjoy. You’ll need to follow the lineup guidelines and pay attention to the salary limit. Click publish when you’re satisfied with how it appears, then relax and take in the games.

After you have mastered the fundamentals, it makes sense that you would want to broaden your skill set. Soon, we’ll talk about some advice that can support you in that regard.

What distinguishes DFS from sports betting?

Even though DFS and online sports betting are quite distinct activities, both require a certain set of skills to succeed. From a top-down viewpoint, both DFS users and sports bettors want to predict how athletic events will turn out.

You can start to identify the major distinctions below that broad perspective, such as:

• The outcome of a game is largely meaningless to DFS players. They pay close attention to each player’s performance and which ones will rack up the most fantasy points.

Sports bettors are more focused on the results of the games themselves. The moneyline bet, usually referred to as a standard wager, as well as the spread and total are the three main types of wagers.

• In DFS, players chosen can be on the losing team but yet producing fantastic fantasy results. DFS users have chosen wisely as long as the player performs.

• When it comes to betting on team sports, individual performances are irrelevant unless they are part of prop or future wagers. Even if a player had the game of their life, their bettors who picked the team to win are out of luck if their team loses.

• Some events, including injuries and last-minute scratches, can utterly wreck a DFS lineup. Users will have a large hole in their lineup that may be challenging to fill if a player they choose ends up playing little or no time.

• While in-game injuries may affect the outcome of a game, a sports bettor’s focus is still on the end result. They can still rely on the rest of the squad to try to win the game even if a player on the team they bet on suffers an injury.

Just a handful of the most significant distinctions between DFS betting and sports betting may be noticed.

What resembles sports betting and daily fantasy sports?

As previously indicated, there is some overlap between the two, including:

The secret to success in both is research. Although the emphasis on individual vs. team success may change, there is a strong correlation between the two.

• For both, having a solid grasp of risk against reward is essential. Users of DFS can come across a player who isn’t widely known but they think has a chance to have a strong game. Selecting that player carries risk, of course, but if intuition is sound, rewards might be substantial. The same holds true when it comes to activities like picking underdogs to win in sports betting.

• Effective money management is a key component of long-term, ongoing success in both undertakings. In terms of overall capital allocation and the amount to risk every lineup or wager, each player and bettor will have their own comfort level. Don’t stray from the strategy; stick to it. Runs can also be created from singles and doubles. A person who continually throws the ball out there runs the risk of running out of money.

Although there are many more parallels, these three key ideas can assist in bridging the gap between DFS and sports betting, as well as vice versa. Although success in one does not ensure success in the other, understanding and adhering to fundamental principles can help build a strong foundation in both DFS and sports betting.

Building Your First DFS Team

What? Create your initial lineup now!

Review the roster requirements and any scoring intricacies, if you haven’t previously. After all, you need to be aware of what you’re creating and what kinds of participants can make the day’s games the most interesting.

Then examine the player pool and understand the disparities in pay. You’ll see that the most reliable top performers will also cost the most. The bottom rungs of the salary scale often feature inconsistent players or players who don’t get much playing time, and there is another class of players in the middle that might go either way.

Consider using those three classes as a guide when creating your lineup. Start at the top and work your way down the list of all the superstars performing that day. Which of them appears to be going to have the day’s greatest performance? Once you think you have the answer, choose that player for your starting lineup.

Drop to the lower rung and repeat the process there. Which mid-tier players are primed for a huge game? In that case, choose that player and continue. Then, go on to the players whose salaries are at the bottom of the list. Is there any value in this, such as a player who might get a start? If you come across one, take it for your lineup.

If you take those three actions, your lineup will consist of three players, and you’ll also have three places filled. The next step is to choose the rest of your starting lineup while staying under the pay cap.

The remaining positions—stud, mid, and value—can be filled using the same procedure, and perhaps you’ll find a combination that puts you in a winning position.

Which Daily Fantasy Sports Competitions Are Available?

The main North American team sports were the focus of early DFS contests. Today, you may find fantasy sports competitions for almost every major sport.

The most popular sports, which are offered by most large operators, are listed below.





• NCAA Football

• NCAA Basketball

• Golf

• Tennis

• Automotive


Please be aware that not all DFS sites offer all sports. You should be able to find them just about anywhere if you play the major team sports. Depending on the operator, options will change for the individual sports. Additionally, DraftKings is among those who go above and beyond with specialized offers like Canadian Football League and Basketball from the EuroLeague.

Fantasy football is the most popular game in terms of user attention, followed by fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball. These sports will therefore have the largest reward pools. Remember that the bigger prize pools draw a lot of participants, so the competition might be fierce.

In addition to your main sports of choice, you might choose to concentrate on a sport that has a lower degree of DFS interest if you happen to be good at it.

What distinguishes season-long fantasy sports from daily fantasy sports?

There are many similarities between DFS and conventional fantasy sports, but there are also some very clear differences. Success in one does not necessarily translate to success in the other. While both are fundamentally engaging and fun, novice players should be aware that there is a learning curve.

Here are some important factors to think about if you want to switch from one to the other.

• In season-long fantasy, you want to select individuals that can help your squad consistently throughout the entire season.

• The perspective and time period in DFS are substantially more condensed. The contest’s games and the greatest players are the only things being considered.

• In conventional fantasy, you can make a trade or sign a free agent to make up for an injury to one of your important players.

• After roster lock, injured players can be a nightmare on the DFS side. Even though you often know who will be in and out before a game, injuries and last-minute scratches do occur. If you chose one of those players, your lineup can end up looking quite bad.

• In season-long fantasy, your opponent in a head-to-head matchup in your league is typically the main daily or weekly focus. You just want to have the greatest lineup in your league for the entire season.

• Although DFS offers a head-to-head option, larger tournaments are focused on your lineup in comparison to thousands of other rivals. Although consistent performance is certainly desirable, you’ll also need to identify unsung talent to help set your group apart from the competition.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there may be a learning curve before you succeed in either season-long fantasy or daily fantasy sports. Understanding the differences between the two can significantly reduce this, though.

What DFS competitions are the most well-liked?

The different ways to play DFS are one of its best features. You can go all out and try to win a giant guaranteed prize pool, or you can concentrate on smaller competitions that can offer a more reliable payout.

You can decide which games to concentrate on as well. While the most popular sports will always have a main slate of games, there are also condensed competitions with fewer games or even DFS competitions that just cover one event.

The main contest categories and the many game modes are shown below.

• GPP: These are competitions with guaranteed prize pools. Here, the biggest rewards can be won, but the competition is fierce because so many users are taking part.

• 50/50s and Doubles: These are competitions that pay the top fifty percent of participants. They can be an excellent approach to get consistent profits in DFS, but creating lineups that consistently win can be challenging.

• Multipliers: Competitions that pay out winners depending on their entry fees at specific multiples, such as 2x or 3x.

• Leagues: Similar in principle to GPPs, but smaller. While other lineups continue to play on another day, the top scorers receive payouts.

• Head to Head: Daily Fantasy Sports’ take on conventional fantasy sports. In user versus user matches, the lineup with the better score prevails.

• Qualifiers and satellites: These competitions award a ticket to a larger event, either a significant GPP or a live final event.

• Beat the Score: Participants in these competitions must surpass a predetermined standard score. Those who pass the bar receive cash.

• Full Roster: This is the standard DFS format, consisting of a 9-player lineup centered around designated positions.

• Single Game: Also referred to as showdowns, these DFS competitions focus on a single game rather than a whole day of competitions.

• Tiers: A pick-em-style game where players are not constrained by a salary cap. All they have to do is pick the choice they believe will win the most fantasy points from each tier.

• Novice: Competitions where players with experience are not allowed. They will be clearly marked in the lobby and provide a fantastic opportunity for people who are new to DFS to test it out against players of comparable quality.

There are more specialized events occasionally, but these are the primary contests and game modes. For instance, FanDuel runs a game exclusively focused on kickers during the NFL season.

Be on the watch for in-game DFS as well; it has become more common on the major sites and revolves around things like a half or quarter of a game.

Fantasy Football Millionaire on DraftKings

The enormous events, which provide players with the chance to win prizes that can change their lives, are a key factor in the phenomenal growth of DFS. We are in the middle of the NFL season as we go through our in-depth analysis of DFS.

Let’s look at the details of the ‘Fantasy Football Millionaire,’ a large event that takes place on DraftKings every week of the season.

• A $20 entrance fee.

• 176,470 competitors.

• The winner receives $1 million.

• Prizes are awarded to the top 38,825 users, with a minimum value of $30.

• Users are permitted to enter up to 150 lineups.

• A lineup of nine players with a $50,000 pay cap.

• The following positions must be filled by players: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, DST.

Although that may seem like a large number of participants, this tournament fills up every single week. On the opposite end of the scale, gamers enter as many as 150 lineups, while some users only enter one. Obviously, the top slot will require a pretty exceptional lineup, but the $20 entrance fee makes the possibility more than worthwhile.

DraftKings hosts more thrilling events during the football season, such as the Fantasy Football World Championships, in addition to the Millionaire tournament. Users get entrance to this live final event after triumphing in a preliminary round.

For the 180 qualifiers this year, the final competition will take place in Miami. Even 180th place will receive $15,000, while the grand prize is a cool $2 million. On the main website of DraftKings, click the “Promos” page to view the complete list of active promotions.

Free DFS Contests & DFS Deposit Bonus

There are several intriguing incentives that can help people decide whether or not to use a DFS site if they are on the fence about it. There are some tempting deals for new players if you register through our exclusive links below.

Users who join up for DraftKings through our links and make a deposit of $5 or more are eligible for a $20 incentive. DraftKings dollars are used to pay out the bonus money. The bonus cannot be redeemed for cash, but it can be used to enter online competitions paying real money. Additionally, 20% of deposits made by both new and returning DraftKings users will be matched up to $500.

For FanDuel, if you sign up through one of our links and make your initial deposit of $10, you will receive $10 to play with. These entries are valid for one sports contest (the sports contest will be based on the athletic calendar) and actual contests from the NBA on FanDuel. Any profits made from using them, however, are entirely up to you.

These two fantastic bonuses are the only requirements for joining FanDuel and DraftKings. Once you’ve done that, make sure to carefully peruse the lobby and keep an eye out for free competitions and beginner games.

Free games let you try them out risk-free, while novice games guarantee that you’re only competing against players with a comparable level of experience.

DFS Salary Cap vs. DFS Props

New ways to play are starting to appear as the DFS market expands and changes. Things like single-game or in-game DFS were previously unheard of on the main operators. Both are now available and are growing in popularity.

There are newcomers on the block who want to change things up in addition to developments from established players in the industry. Prize Picks, a platform that just made its debut, is one of them.

Prize Picks is a wholly distinct type of game even though it falls under the DFS category. The main distinction between this and FanDuel and DraftKings is as follows.

Games like PrizePicks are essentially a fusion of prop betting and conventional DFS. Users are more interested in players meeting specific goals during a game than they are in lineups and salary limits.

• In conventional DFS on FD and DK, lineups are constructed based on position requirements while adhering to the salary cap. The main and deciding factor between winning and losing is the total number of points scored by the complete team.

Similarities include the fact that contests are available at various buy-in levels on FD and DK. The DFS community has paid close attention to the new gameplay mechanic. It will be fascinating to watch how far it develops and what other kinds of ideas it might spur.

Finding Success in Daily Fantasy Sports

There is no secret to winning in DFS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself in a better position. Having a hold on some basic principles can assist shorten the learning curve and set you on the right path, just like when trying to break into any new industry or pastime.

• Clearly comprehend the requirements for the roster, score, and salary cap. While you’ll naturally want to have as many top players in your team as you can, the salary cap may prevent you from always being able to do so. Additionally, scoring variations can elevate some players above others in value, so being aware of the kind of player to hunt for is really beneficial.

Understand the matchups. Players can perform well in some circumstances and when playing particular teams, but they might sometimes struggle. While this may appear random, by comprehending the pairings, you can also assist in identifying the potential in both ways. As an illustration, some NFL clubs have excellent passing defenses but poor rushing defenses. As a result, a rival wideout may do well against them, but a running back may be stopped. You may recognize scenarios like this and prevent difficulty spots in your lineup by being aware of the matchups.

• Research. Sustained success in DFS involves many factors. You’ll find research to be a very enjoyable activity if you like to do it. From individual matchups to things such as weather and injuries, there are a lot of different variables to consider on a daily basis. If research isn’t your thing, that’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of content providers who provide everything you need to know on DFS and even provide lineup recommendations.

• Know what kind of player you are. Some DFS users have better success with multiple lineups, while others prefer to focus on building a single optimal lineup per day. There’s no right or wrong answer on which approach to use. Try out both approaches and don’t force it. You’ll find your comfort level and know pretty quickly what works best for you.

In addition to all of the above, be mindful of the importance of bankroll management and playing within your comfort level. Not every DFS player is a heavy hitter. There are plenty of long-term players who start at lower stakes and work their way up, as well as those who have found their sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

Most Common Mistakes in DFS

DFS can be a very enjoyable pastime, but it can also sometimes be quite frustrating. When you spend a good amount of time building out what you feel is a solid lineup and then see it go out and deliver an awful return, it can sting.

That said, one of the beautiful things about DFS is the one-day nature. Everyone has an off night, from the inexperienced players all the way on up to those with tons of experience. It happens and there’s no way to avoid it, but there are some potential landmines you can avoid which will help you reduce the number of off nights you have.

Not reviewing your lineup close to game time. Although it is one of the most common errors, it is also one of the easiest to avoid. If you create your starting lineup earlier in the day—or week for NFL and College Football—make sure to review it again once the game is almost upon you. You might not be aware of late breaking news. Players frequently sustain wounds and abrasions. You can avoid a lot of sorrow by being aware of this ahead.

Avoid being overly charming. Whether it’s DFS or classic fantasy sports, playing them is a competitive activity. As a result, bragging rights are a huge deal, and many players adore the times when they feel like a prodigious genius for discovering the hidden gem that no one else noticed. That’s fantastic, but don’t force it in DFS. There will be real, day-to-day possibilities that slip under the radar. Pounce without hesitation if you feel at ease around them. But don’t waste your time putting together a roster made up entirely of outliers and hoping for the best. Later, your bank account will be grateful.

Play within your capabilities. You’ll be aware when you are performing at your comfort level. It won’t be the end of the world if you lose. The same holds true if you leave your lane. Choose a play level that works with your budget and stick to it. You can always increase or decrease your stakes as necessary; just don’t push yourself to do so because you believe you have a strong team.

Avoid chasing losses. In DFS, there are no daily winners. Many people who assert that they do also sell user information. Be aware of this and treat exaggerated statements with caution. You will experience a good number of bad nights. If you discover that’s happening more frequently than not, stop and reconsider your strategy. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how adopting a new perspective can result in creating superior lineups.

In addition to everything said above, keep in mind that DFS should be a fun activity that gives you the chance to win some actual rewards. Take a break to refuel if you reach a point where it starts to seem less enjoyable.

DFS Terms Glossary

The important terminology you’ll encounter once you start playing DFS are listed below.

Fantasy points per game, or FPPG. This represents the typical fantasy output of a player.

Opponent rank (OPRK) This provides information on how effectively a player’s opponent defends a particular position.

PMR: Minutes played by the player. This is the number of minutes a player in your lineup has left to play after the games have started.

Players with experience are not allowed. These contests are designated for beginners and prohibit players with a specific degree of skill from entering.

Guaranteed prize pool, or GPP. These are the biggest DFS competitions, and some of the top prizes are truly life-altering.

A DFS competition where rewards are awarded to the top fifty percent of participants.

Stud: Another term for the best players, or superstars, in a particular sport.

Value: A player who might be more useful on a given night than their DFS salary suggests.

Flex: A position on the roster that can be filled by athletes from several positions.

Contrarian: A player who goes unnoticed but has the capacity to play well.


Why is DFS so well-liked?

There are several reasons why DFS has grown to be so well-liked, including the chance to win actual money while engaging in activities you genuinely enjoy. A further benefit of one-day tournaments is that participants can play whenever they want and take breaks whenever they need.

How widespread is fantasy sports?

The figures for DFS change according to the season. The NFL season is the most watched period of the year, but the NBA has also gained a sizable following. According to recent estimates, FanDuel and DraftKings have between six and eight million registered accounts and more than one million monthly active users each.

How come Daily Fantasy Sports are permitted?

Due to a provision of the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act that was initially established in 1999 and modified in 2006, daily fantasy sports (DFS) is permitted in the majority of the United States. In a nutshell, the act contains specific language that designates fantasy sports as a game of skill and, as a result, makes them eligible to be played for real money awards.

How do DFS rankings work?

DFS rankings can be used to describe a few different concepts. One example is that certain websites list the top competitors in the market according to winnings and contest success. Another use of the term “rankings” is to describe the order of the players in a lineup of games.

How can I improve my lineup?

The choices available to players looking for assistance with lineup construction have expanded along with the DFS market. There are many websites that provide guidelines for creating lineups, some of which also provide lineup optimizers. The optimizer’s goal is to fill up your lineup with the best players that are currently on the market given the salary cap. Despite the fact that they can be a useful guide, keep in mind that other players are also using them. If you want your roster to stand out in tournaments, you need also to incorporate some differentiation.

What kind of earnings are possible in fantasy sports?

The amount of money you can make playing DFS is not guaranteed. While making money is absolutely conceivable, as is winning a sizable event with a sizable prize fund, DFS must be approached with a risk versus reward mentality. In other words, experiment with your means while honing your skills in the pursuit of financial gain. There will be some losses along the way, so make sure to account for that in your budget.

Which DFS app is the best?

FanDuel and DraftKings are still at the top of the mountain in the DFS world. The fact that both businesses have produced excellent Android and iPhone apps shouldn’t come as a surprise. Both of which have grown incredibly popular among players who want to play while on the go or on their preferred device.

How can I create a reliable DFS lineup?

You must have a thorough understanding of the scoring, roster, and salary cap requirements at one of the top daily fantasy sites of your choice in order to construct an effective DFS lineup. The next step is to select the top players from the day’s schedule of games and put together a lineup that works. For one strategy, a good balance of stud and value plays can act as a strong foundation, and depending on how much remaining cap space you have, you can then fill in the holes with the finest players available.

Which DFS events are the most straightforward to win?

The focus of DFS is on athletes’ performances in actual games. Performance varies, of course. Even the top players in the best positions are susceptible to bad nights. Therefore, it’s difficult to declare any competition totally beatable. Depending on how well your lineup performs, the outcomes will change. However, many DFS players have had success playing 50/50s, and some of them adopt a strategy that works better with GPPs.

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