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Top Daily Fantasy Offers in the US

Sports fans started to notice the growth of the daily fantasy sports industry in the middle of the 2000s. FanDuel debuted in 2009 and forever altered the way we played fantasy sports. The entire industry started to take off when sports fans realized they could now participate in tournaments that lasted just one day rather than season-long fantasy competitions. Soon after, DraftKings debuted and quickly established itself as FanDuel’s primary rival. The environment was permanently altered.

Since then, daily fantasy sports has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that is woven throughout every aspect of our relationship with sports. Today, you simply cannot watch a sporting event without hearing about daily fantasy sports, demonstrating how rapidly DFS websites have ingrained themselves into our psyche. There is something for everyone these days, from daily fantasy sports to conventional sports betting. But sports gamblers also need to be savvy consumers.

Before you give your hard-earned money to these applications, it is imperative that you know as much as you can about daily fantasy sports and the numerous DFS sites that offer the games. We are here to assist you in locating the top daily fantasy sports websites for 2021. In order to suit your needs as a sports bettor, we will assist you in finding the ideal app: a platform-friendly, secure, and safe mobile application. As a customer, it’s critical to understand the products you’re purchasing, and for sports bettors, daily fantasy sports can represent a sizeable investment. We will assist you in locating the ideal DFS site to suit your specific fantasy betting requirements. Click here to read our complete assessment of the daily fantasy sports websites.

Top US sites for daily fantasy sports

There is no better time than the present to engage in daily fantasy sports. Given that the concept of DFS sites has been around for more than ten years, there has been a lot of evolution and there are now a lot of companies in the market. However, there is one main factor that draws us back to playing these games: the possibility of striking it rich. We wouldn’t participate in these DFS games if we couldn’t win money.

Therefore, I contend that the primary characteristic that sports fans seek in a DFS service is primarily a financial one. The main factor that keeps individuals coming back to play the games is the possibility of winning a lot of money, especially with little risk. After all, these DFS sites aggressively tout their highest jackpots for a purpose. DFS sites give us the opportunity to possibly win big sums of money, frequently with little risk, because as humans we are conditioned to want to increase the quantity of money in our bank accounts to make our lives simpler. But there are other factors to think about while selecting a DFS site.

Sports enthusiasts are seeking for a sports betting app that offers a selection of competitions in a number of different sports, a user-friendly software, and safe and secure banking in addition to the money aspect of it. These are all significant factors to take into account while selecting a DFS site. You want to be sure that the DFS site you are using will provide you with a wonderful experience before you invest your hard-earned money. There is now something for everyone thanks to the abundance of fantastic daily fantasy sports betting applications available today.

2021’s Top Daily Fantasy Sites


Bill Asher founded Monkey Knife Fight in 2018 with the goal of creating a DFS service for the typical sports fan. Asher believed that many sports fans were wasting their time by following complicated salary cap rules and still receiving a poor return on investment. Monkey Knife Fight was born as a result, and after DraftKings and FanDuel, it has grown to become the third-largest player in daily fantasy sports (DFS). Bally’s acquired the MKF app in 2021.

By selecting player props and combining them, Asher developed Monkey Knife Fight, a DFS platform where users compete against the house rather than other players. For sports lovers who don’t want to spend time creating their teams utilizing a salary cap, Monkey Knife Fight has quickly grown to be a highly popular substitute. Compared to the other major competitors in the industry, Monkey Knife Fight’s potential payouts may not be as significant, but there are still many positive aspects of the MKF app.


Adam Wexler founded PrizePicks in 2018 with the goal of building a better DFS betting app by utilizing all of the skills he has acquired while working in the DFS industry. PrizePicks, a DFS app, was the outcome, and it has since grown and expanded rapidly. One of the best emerging alternatives to play DFS right now is PrizePicks.

At PrizePicks, you choose players and decide whether or not they will achieve specific statistical milestones in order to play daily fantasy sports (DFS) against the house rather than against other DFS players. Once more, it resembles what Monkey Knife Fight is doing. When we contrast MonkeyKnifeFight and PrizePicks, we find two similar applications that each provide a fresh and distinctive approach to participate in the fantasy sports industry.


Nigel Eccles, who believed he had discovered a fantastic substitute for the conventional season-long fantasy sports tournaments, established FanDuel in 2009. Eccles discovered a way to condense season-long leagues into a single day with FanDuel, and this revolutionized the daily fantasy sports industry. FanDuel was bought by Paddy Power Betfair in 2018, which is now Flutter Entertainment.

FanDuel provides a selection of fantasy sports betting competitions across a number of sports. At FanDuel, you are given a salary cap, which you must then fill with a variety of athletes. Both cash games and games with guaranteed prize pools are available. FanDuel is one of the more well-known daily fantasy sports websites and offers some of the highest stakes games available.


Three friends, including Jason Robins, who serves as the company’s CEO, started DraftKings in 2012. Even though DraftKings debuted a few years after FanDuel, it has swiftly made up ground and is now the leading daily fantasy sports website in the nation. Sports lovers may compete against other DFS players at DraftKings to win huge cash prizes by playing fantasy sports.

You are not playing against the house at DraftKings, the market leader in daily fantasy sports. Instead, you compete in guaranteed prize pools, 50/50 matches, or head-to-head contests with other DFS participants. DraftKings gives its members enormous prizes in addition to a fantastic rewards program that is comparable to the distribution of free bets on conventional sports betting applications. You truly can’t lose when picking between the top two DFS betting fantasy sites when it comes to DraftKings versus FanDuel.

When comparing how fantasy scores are calculated between FanDuel and DraftKings, there are a number of factors to take into account. starting with scoring. NFL players at DraftKings receive a full point for each reception, opposed to just a half point at FanDuel. Additionally, DraftKings rewards players who surpass particular statistical thresholds, such as a quarterback who throws for 300 yards. For example, DraftKings offers extra points in MMA if your fighter ends the match in the first minute by way of stoppage. Second, the roster design of the two applications varies a little depending on the sport. Although DraftKings and FanDuel are comparable in general, these minor distinctions do matter.

Defeatist Fantasy

Jeremy Levine founded Underdog Fantasy in 2020, and it swiftly developed into one of the biggest daily fantasy sports websites available. Levine had prior experience in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) sector as he had previously founded other DFS websites that were acquired by both DraftKings and FanDuel. Levine made the decision to start Underdog Fantasy in 2020 in an effort to establish his own presence in the DFS market.

Levine has declared that he will dominate the daily fantasy sports (DFS) market and surpass FanDuel and DraftKings as the leading participant. Even though he has only recently begun, there are many things to appreciate about Underdog Fantasy so far. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tank expert, joined the app’s top investors as it aims to dominate the DFS market in the future.

The fact that Underdog Fantasy offers both season-long and daily fantasy competitions is one feature that users will like. In contrast to standard DFS services, which tend to focus on one or the other, Underdog Fantasy provides a variety of choices. When it comes to daily fantasy sports betting, it’s practically like shopping in one place. One further significant distinction is that Underdog Fantasy does not have a conventional DFS salary cap.

Key Features of Daily Fantasy Sports Websites

User Experience: For these daily fantasy sports websites to exist and prosper, the overall user experience is absolutely essential. You want to make sure you are having fun when you are risking your hard-earned money. You’re nearly always going to have a fantastic user experience while using the best DFS sites. For your entertainment, these DFS websites have produced amazing stuff.

Huge and Consistent Prize Pools: It’s crucial for DFS sites to offer large and reliable prize pools. If the prize pools are assured, it will be even more tempting for players to make a deposit and participate. Who wouldn’t want to win $1 million betting on fantasy football, let’s face it? You want to play daily fantasy sports when you notice the sizable pools available.

Customer service: It’s crucial that these DFS companies provide top-notch customer service, especially for users who may be unfamiliar with the daily fantasy sports industry. People should be able to find their questions’ answers in the FAQ area, and if they still have questions, there should be someone available via email or live chat. This is especially important for sports bettors. Resources must be available for anyone who may exhibit symptoms of having a gambling issue because DFS is an online gambling activity and can lead to the development of a gambling problem.

Finding the finest DFS service that offers the possibility to earn enormous sums of money is probably the most crucial factor for sports bettors, but there are several other qualities that are crucial. It’s crucial to have a fantastic app that is simple to use, and the website as a whole should be simple to navigate. A rewards program that motivates sports bettors to return for more bets is something else that is crucial.

Variety of DFS Sports Offered: Given the wide range of sports available, DFS betting sites must provide a wide selection of different sports. Although DFS gamers will always be drawn to the NFL season to build fantasy teams, it is crucial that these websites also offer other sports to play. NHL, MLB, NBA, UFC, Soccer, PGA, most college sports, auto racing, and esports are a few examples. In order to draw in as many clients as possible, it is crucial that the major US sports be available.

One of the most crucial characteristics of a fantasy sports software, in my opinion, is security. These reputable betting sites essentially become a second bank account once you deposit money into them. You want to make sure that no one can access it, just like a regular bank account. Because of this, we must discover safe and secure websites that also provide user-safe banking alternatives.

various daily fantasy sports competitions

These DFS providers provide a variety of different daily fantasy sports competitions. Following is a list of some of the various game genres along with an explanation of how they differ from one another.

DFS Competitions (GPPs)

GPPs, which stand for “Guaranteed Prize Pool,” are another moniker for DFS contests. These are the large tournaments you see on DraftKings and FanDuel, which occasionally award winners with grand prizes of $1 million, although there are of course far lesser GPPs available. A GPP essentially gives players the chance to earn money that is guaranteed to be paid out, even if the pool doesn’t reach its specified prize fund. These games frequently fill up, and you will typically be competing against thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of other players. Although it might initially seem difficult, keep in mind that everyone else is facing the same challenges. Even if your chances of winning in a GPP are not the greatest, if you succeed, you will probably win a sizable sum of money.

Cash Games (H2H, 50/50) for DFS

Cash games come in two flavors: head-to-head and 50/50. You would face off against just one other player in a head-to-head cash game. The entrance fees paid by both players, less the rake (which is normally around 10%) that the DFS betting companies receive, would be awarded to the DFS player with the most fantasy points. Similar rules apply in a 50/50 game, but you are competing against a larger field. To pay out and win money in a 50/50 game, your fantasy team must place in the top 50% of the DFS competitions you joined in terms of fantasy points. Compared to GPP tournaments, cash games are simpler to win, but the top prizes are nearly never as high.

Python Drafts

You would be given a pool of players to choose from in a snake draft, along with the other DFS competitors in the competition. As only one user would be able to own every player in the league, this is comparable to regular season-long fantasy sports. For both season-long and daily fantasy tournaments, snake drafts are an option. You might do better to try a snake draft and not bother about ownership percentages if you don’t want to figure out the pay cap.

Ball’s Best

Users of Best Ball join a fantasy league for the entire season and then select players for their squad. When playing Best Ball, you do not have to worry about switching players in and out of your lineup on a weekly basis. Instead, at the conclusion of the week, your team will consist of the players who scored the most points. Best Ball is a suitable substitute if you have a hectic schedule and find it challenging to consistently manage your season-long fantasy sports leagues.

Novice competitions

Beginner competitions on some DFS websites, like DraftKings, are open to new customers. Users who have participated in fewer than 50 games on the site are only eligible for these events, and they frequently carry a very low chance of losing money. There might, for instance, be a free roll novice competition. Before deciding to make larger deposits, prospective DFS players can get their feet wet at the top DFS sites by participating in these introductory competitions. Only 50 contests can be played before you are no longer considered a “beginning.”

Fantasy Daily Showdowns

Showdowns in daily fantasy sports are essentially single-game competitions. For instance, you might choose players from every game on a typical NFL Sunday schedule, which consists of about 12 games. This is condensed to only one game in daily fantasy showdowns. The daily fantasy showdown, for instance, may be the Sunday night football game. In this case, you would only choose players from that match, and you would select one person to serve as the captain of your squad (the captain gets a points multiplier).

Additional Best Daily Fantasy Sites

In addition to the DFS sites described above, there are a number of additional up-and-coming competitors who provide different methods to play fantasy sports. Start with ParlayPlay first. This more recent DFS program allows users to parlay bet on many players and then select whether they will go over or under the total. Alternatively, you can “hit it” and choose the player’s final range. To get the most of ParlayPlay’s free welcome offer to new users, don’t forget to enter the coupon code BOOKIES. Take a closer look at ParlayPlay if you’re seeking for an alternate daily fantasy DFS betting software.

Sports betting daily fantasy apps

Now that we live mobile lives, it’s critical that our daily fantasy sports supplier has a fantastic sports betting app for us to use. People frequently play DFS on their mobile devices since they are so busy. Because of this, it’s crucial that the daily fantasy sports betting companies you choose provide the greatest DFS app. Users require an app that enables secure and safe banking transactions. They require both an app that makes it simple to view all of the leaderboards for the current competitions as well as an app that makes it simple to set the lineups for your daily fantasy sports teams. These factors all contribute to a better experience.

The majority of the DFS sites described in this post have fantastic DFS apps of their own, and while they all function flawlessly, some providers provide a little superior experience. I believe that the greatest DFS app for daily fantasy sports is offered by DraftKings. In my opinion, using the DraftKings app is more convenient than, say, FanDuel when it comes to setting up lineups and performing other necessary tasks. However, it should not come as a surprise given the amount of money DraftKings has put into their software. The greatest DFS sites, such as Monkey Knife Fight, which offers one of the top daily fantasy sports apps, all have excellent mobile applications.

Which states permit daily fantasy sports?

Surprisingly, daily fantasy sports leagues didn’t start to take off until the mid-2000s, despite the fact that fantasy sports’ roots can be found in the 1960s. Before that, the majority of fantasy sports leagues consisted on year-long competitions. But when FanDuel started offering daily fantasy sports competitions, that all changed because the company’s founder, Nigel Eccles, was able to circumvent the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) and classify daily fantasy sports as a “game of skill” rather than a game of chance (i.e., gambling). Jason Robins founded DraftKings in 2012, a few years after FanDuel went live. Since then, despite new competitors constantly emerging, FanDuel and DraftKings have both maintained their positions atop the mountain of daily fantasy sports DFS.

The legality of daily fantasy sports in the US has been a subject of some debate, and it has evolved through time. The largest query is, however, whether daily fantasy sports vary from conventional sports wagering, and for the majority of states, the answer is yes. State-run daily fantasy sports competitions are not prohibited by federal law in the United States. The states themselves will determine whether or not to permit them. And the majority of American states permit DFS betting.

Except for Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state, daily fantasy sports fans throughout the United States can currently participate in competitions. A daily fantasy sports betting option is available in every other state in the union. Although it may eventually bring DFS competitions back to Oregon, DraftKings does not currently operate there as of 2021. In approximately 90% of the states around the US, including Louisiana, which only recently authorized daily fantasy sports, tournaments are permitted. This percentage may eventually approach 100%, although in some areas, like Nevada, it will be challenging to legalize daily fantasy sports because of the popularity of conventional sports betting.

There is one exception to the list of places where daily fantasy sports are legal, since certain jurisdictions permit sports fans to participate in DFS but not in college sports. There are several states that expressly forbid collegiate DFS in addition to the five states (Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state) that do not permit DFS sites. For instance, Indiana has made it illegal for residents to wager on college DFS. Although most states now permit college DFS, there are still a few that don’t.

2021’s newest sites for daily fantasy sports

When it comes to the top sites in the fantasy sports industry, DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest players in the daily fantasy sports market, followed closely by Monkey Knife Fight. Having said that, innovative thinkers are constantly coming up with fresh ideas for the DFS sector.

Allowing competitions other than the standard salary cap DFS contests that both DraftKings and FanDuel offer is one of the more recent developments that DFS services are moving toward. For instance, we just evaluated ParlayPlay, a great software that provides a different method to wager on daily fantasy sports. You choose numerous athletes at ParlayPlay to essentially go over or under a total. When it comes to a DFS site, there is a different way of going about things, but at its foundation, it is still daily fantasy sports.

There are a variety of daily fantasy sports websites, but there are also weekly fantasy sports competition websites like OwnersBox. OwnersBox is somewhere in the middle because it offers weekly contests, whereas DFS first offered season-long fantasy competitions before switching to a more daily style. OwnersBox demonstrates that there are always individuals looking to differentiate the market and provide fresh concepts and methods for partaking in daily fantasy sports betting. There will undoubtedly be someone out there trying to corner the monthly fantasy sports market now that we have daily, weekly, and complete season fantasy sports competitions. There will be someone out there who creates a new DFS site for it if there are new methods for this area to evolve.

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