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Guide to Sites for Daily Fantasy Sports

The top daily fantasy sports websites in your area are listed below. The welcome bonus, DFS betting possibilities, user experience, special promotions, payment methods, and other factors could be to blame for this.

Daily fantasy sports are very new in comparison to fantasy sports, which have been around for decades. With the introduction of Fantasy Sports Live and NBC’s SnapDraft the following year, daily fantasy sports can be traced back to 2007.

2009 saw the establishment of FanDuel shortly after that. FanDuel is currently hailed as the biggest DFS platform in the business. In 2012, DraftKings, the second-largest DFS business, was also established.

Despite FanDuel and DraftKings‘ early beginnings, the DFS market didn’t really take off and completely emerge until 2014. FanDuel’s partnership with Major League Baseball during that year helped to further establish DFS as a staple of the fantasy sports and gaming industries.

The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and many more major sports organizations are currently partners with FanDuel and DraftKings.

However, DFS is a far larger industry than just DraftKings and FanDuel. We now have access to a plethora of new platforms with novel DFS ideas thanks to the growing popularity of daily fantasy sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports: What are they?

DFS is a daily-formatted fantasy sports idea. You select your team once per game rather than selecting one and sticking with them for the full season.

In other words, depending on the sport you are playing and the schedule on a given day, if you draft a team and it is a bust and/or injury-stricken, you can try again the following day or later in the same day or night. You can see that this is very dissimilar to conventional fantasy sports.

Excellent daily fantasy sports websites

DFS FanDuel

FanDuel was established in 2009 and quickly became the leading DFS platform in the market. FanDuel, one of the leading suppliers of salary cap DFS, now provides a wide variety of competitions to cater to all participants.

In addition to providing a wide range of game kinds and sports markets, FanDuel also offers the most banking alternatives of any of its rivals and the greatest customer support.

Except for Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington, 44 states offer FanDuel DFS.

DFS DraftKings

The second-largest DFS provider in the market, DraftKings, comes to mind when you think about FanDuel. DraftKings was established in 2012, and it rose to the top of the Daily Fantasy Sports food chain with FanDuel.

Due to their size and reputation, there are also enough game kinds, banking alternatives, and sports markets available to meet the needs of every participant.

DraftKings offers competitions just for beginners to equalize the playing field, similar to FanDuel. Additionally, they have a recently added pool option that provides cost-free pick’em competitions with cash prizes.

44 states, excluding Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington, offer DraftKings DFS.

DFS PrizePicks

PrizePicks, in contrast to its rivals, is the most recent and cutting-edge DFS game. PrizePicks is one of the greatest Pick ’em-focused DFS services in the business, while typical DFS sites provide lineup creation and salary caps.

Although PrizePicks is a relatively young player in the market, Adam Wexler established the business in 2015 under the name Performance Predictions.

With PrizePicks’ Over/Under Pick’em games, you compete against the house rather than other participants. These forecasts are based on stats or projected fantasy totals. You must correctly forecast as many events as you can in order to win. In a multiplier-style game, the more correct answers you receive, the more you win.

More than half of the US can currently access PrizePicks DFS, including, among other states, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

DFS Monkey Knife Fight

Another Pick’em-style DFS platform, Monkey Knife Fight was established in 2017 and is a division of FantasyDraft. MKF is played in a multiplier-style versus the house, just like PrizePicks. Depending on the contest you choose, you might win up to 100 times your buy-in.

Monkey Knife Fight is regarded as a DFS platform and is accessible in jurisdictions where Daily Fantasy Sports is permitted, while having elements of sports betting, particularly player props.

Contests are easy for a new user to understand. If you are interested in player props, MKF has what you are looking for whether you prefer to participate in conventional Over/Under Pick’ems, Rapid Fire, or Stat Shootouts events.

Defeatist Fantasy

A number of well-known investors, including Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, and Future, created Underdog Fantasy in Brooklyn, New York, in 2020. While other platforms provide DFS competitions in the Best Ball manner, Best Ball is UnderDog‘s mainstay.

Along with daily snake drafts and a version of pick’em competitions akin to those at PrizePicks and Monkey Knife Fight, Underdog also offers a season-long Best Ball competition.

Although Underdog is still a young company, it is expanding quickly. Due to the distinctive game types available on the site, they will soon be addressed in the same language as FanDuel and DraftKings.

Currently, every state except Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Nevada, Louisiana, and Washington has legalized Underdog Fantasy.

StatHero StatHero provides a really distinctive way to participate in daily fantasy sports. On this site, you play against the house rather than other players, but you still create your lineup under a salary cap, and much like on FanDuel or Draftkings single-game slates, you select one player to be your MVP and receive 1.5x points.

Additionally, StatHero will show you one of their lineups before you compare your lineup to it. You double your bet if you win.

Contests for the Player and Team Survivor modes can be found on StatHero. You will once more create a lineup for Survivor competitions while adhering to the predetermined cap. Additionally, the player pool is bigger even though you will still compete against a specified StatHero lineup.

You will move on to the following round if you succeed in defeating the StatHero lineup in a certain round. Nevertheless, you will choose a different lineup for the second round. The problem is that none of the players you chose in the first game are available.

The aforementioned procedure will keep going until you either win the entire Survivor Pool or are eliminated from the competition. The prize pool is substantially bigger in Survivors.

34 states, including California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas to mention a few, offer access to StatHero.


An additional DFS platform for building lineups is SuperDraft. However, they do away with the salary cap. Players are given a multiplier total rather than a cap amount.

The multiplier decreases with player skill. Lineup creation is just as crucial at SuperDraft as it is on FanDuel or Draftkings, but with a special multiplier twist.

SuperDraft will be just up your alley if you are tired of the standard salary cap DFS sites but still enjoy lineup constructing.

In addition to Canada, SuperDraft is accessible in 34 U.S. states.


Daily Fantasy Sports are given a unique twist by Drafters. One of the first platforms to offer daily or weekly snake drafts as opposed to salary cap lineup building. It is easy to win money because it is so comparable to your season-long leagues.

Following Best Ball’s meteoric rise to fame, Drafters now provides season-long Best Ball drafts and competitions in addition to their regular daily and weekly snakes.

Although Drafters Fantasy is one of the lesser DFS sites, it’s still worth checking out, especially if you have some experience and an advantage over less experienced players.

Except for Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, for example, Drafters is available in 36 states.

How to Select the Top DFS Website

Daily Fantasy Sports is very popular, thus there are many different DFS platforms to select from. Not only FanDuel and DraftKings anymore.

There are already more than 10 DFS apps available on the market. While some are comparable, the majority differ in terms of the kinds of games, sign-up bonuses, and sports markets available.

You must select the DFS platform (or platforms) that work best for you when deciding which one to join.

You may want to focus on what FanDuel and DraftKings have to offer if salary cap games are more your thing. However, Underdog or Drafters might be the better option for you if you’re more interested in Best Ball and Snake Drafts.

You may also play in a Player Props or Pick’em fashion, in which case you might be interested in games like Monkey Knife Fight, Underdog, or Prize Picks.

Who knows, you might enjoy participating in a wide variety of competitions on many websites like I do. Then, in order to benefit from what each DFS platform has to offer, it would be in your best interest to join a couple of them, just as you would join several sportsbooks.

If you choose to go this path, you should also make use of all the sign-up bonuses that DFS sites are now giving their new members.

In the end, you want to make certain that you are selecting the best option for you and focus on the DFS sites that will benefit you the most. There isn’t just one method to go about it.

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

• Select the sport you want to play by going to the lobby of the DFS App you have chosen to use.

• After that, choose the contest and its format (cash, GPP, pick’em, etc.).

• Select your team now, but make careful to keep inside the salary cap.

Unless otherwise stated, everyone can use the same players from the player pool (Best Ball). Keep in mind the ownership proportion.

• You must outscore your competitors in order to win.

• You will receive a portion of the prize pool if you place in a position to win.

Sports that are offered on DFS sites

Not every DFS website is made equally. Sports markets are featured on some platforms more than others. All of the products on the market as a whole are listed below:




• eSports


• Rugby (Aussie Rules)



• Tennis

• Soccer (EPL)


• Golf (PGA)

•DFS Game Genres

The categories of DFS competitions that are available across all platforms are as follows. But not all platforms provide the same kinds of games or competitions.

• Tournaments (GPPs): A sizable tournament with a huge guaranteed prize pool.

• Novices Only: Participants with prior expertise are not permitted in this competition.

• Beat the Score: Competitions where the prize money is divided among the champions. FanDuel assigns a score to beat in order to win.

• Pals Mode: Create and play in a personal league with your friends.

• Multipliers: Winners can double, treble, or quadruple their winnings depending on the type of multiplier they enter.

• Head-to-Head: Compete with a single opponent.

• 3-100 Players Mode: Play in a tournament setting, albeit with fewer players than in GPPs.

• 50/50: In order to win, you must place in the top half of the player pool.

• Satellites and Qualifiers: Enter this type of game to win entrance to a bigger competition.

• Single Game: This is an off-the-schedule contest with a salary cap.

• Daily Snake: You and your opponents participate in a live draft in this game. The same player cannot be on two different teams.

• Best Ball: A real-time draft with your rivals. There can be no duplicate players. The computer will construct your weekly lineup with the highest-scoring players after your draft is finished. There are no trades or other roster adjustments during this season.

• Salary Cap: For some DFS competitions, you must create a lineup within a predetermined salary cap. These are comparable to redraft or dynasty auction leagues.

• Pick’em: Pick’em competitions resemble player-versus-player prop games.

• In Over/Under Pick’em Prop Contests, you must select whether a predetermined player total for a statistical category is Over or Under. comparable to placing a Player Prop bet at a sportsbook.

• Pick’em Player vs Player Competitions: You will select the player you believe will produce the best statistical results. You may have the option to choose which players will have more fantasy points than the competition in addition to the usual statistics categories. These games occasionally involve a player handicap on one side (think Point Spread).

How to Register on a DFS Website

Make sure to use a new user sign-up incentive before registering for a DFS platform. Two methods exist for doing this:

• If you click the “Get Bonus” button on this page, you will be redirected to the DFS website of your choice. The button serves as the key to opening your bonus.

• You may also utilize a promo code to access your new-user sign-up bonus by visiting the DFS website or App of your choosing.

Here’s how to sign up now that the sign-up bonus has been resolved:

• You must go to the app store for your selected device if you want to utilize the mobile app. Once you’ve found the DFS website you wish to register for, click the download option.

• Typically, you will be required to enter your username, email, password, DOB, and promotional code on the first page of the sign-up screen.

• You’re in and ready to play after submitting the sign-up form and accepting the terms of service. Just make your initial deposit.

You must next make your initial deposit in order to activate your sign-up bonus before continuing.

Options for Payment for DFS Players

Deposit options include credit card, debit card, gift card (on certain platforms), PayPal, online banking, Venmo, wire transfer, and Apple Pay. Withdrawal options include credit card, debit card, PayPal, online banking, and check.

Where Can I Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

•        Alabama

•        Alaska

•        Arizona

•        Arkansas

•        California

•        Colorado

•        Connecticut

•        Deleware

•        Florida

•        Georgia

•        Illinois

•        Indiana

•        Iowa

•        Kansas

•        Kentucky

•        Louisiana

•        Maine

•        Maryland

•        Massachusetts

•        Michigan

•        Mississippi

•        Missouri

•        Minnesota

•        Nebraska

•        New Hampshire

•        New Jersey

•        New Mexico

•        New York

•        North Carolina

•        North Dakota

•        Ohio

•        Oklahoma

•        Oregon

•        Pennsylvania

•        Rhode Island

•        South Carolina

•        South Dakota

•        Tennessee

•        Texas

•        Utah

•        Vermont

•        Virginia

•        West Virginia

•        Wisconsin

•        Wyoming

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