Beginners Fantasy Sports Platforms

For beginners, a Quick Overview of Fantasy Sports Platforms

Major sports websites provide fantasy sports products to boost game viewing on TV and interest in sports overall. Popular fantasy sports websites like,, and were also created by major corporations.

Playing fantasy sports not only improves players’ knowledge of the game but also fosters closer relationships among team members in private leagues. Fantasy players can potentially profit handsomely from paid competitions with huge prize pools. In reality, a number of fantasy sports participants are now working as professionals. The players on fantasy sports websites are also pampered with bonuses and given loyalty points for participating in paid competitions.

Fantasy sports enthusiasts no longer need to rely on their desktop computers to play the game thanks to advancements in Internet and gaming technologies. They can play on Facebook as well as on cellphones and tablets.

Mobile Fantasy Sports Gaming

Nothing, according to many experts, compares to the thrill of playing fantasy sports on a smartphone or tablet. It makes it simple for fantasy gamers to keep track of their leagues and remain current with sports news. To play their preferred fantasy sports, users only need to download a fantasy sports app on their smartphone or tablet. Players can participate in paid or free contests, choose their starting lineup, ask friends to join private leagues, and obtain the most recent sports news, highlights, and stats very easily with mobile fantasy sports apps.

Nearly all of the top fantasy sports sites listed on have mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. Needless to say, DraftKings, FanDuel, and FantasyDraft are some of the best mobile fantasy sports websites.

Mobile FanDuel

FanDuel is well-known throughout the fantasy sports industry, and all serious players have accounts there. is a big website that hosts profitable competitions with sizable prize pools that have the potential to produce millionaires, so fantasy players who choose not to create an account there are undoubtedly missing out on a lot.

A mobile fantasy sports app is available from and may be downloaded for free from the App Store. Additionally, has a web app that enables users to access the service straight from their mobile browsers without the need to download any additional software.

Mobile DraftKings

With its paid fantasy sports competitions, DraftKings, the second-largest fantasy sports website in the world, also produces millionaires. In addition to supporting a web app, DraftKings also provides free fantasy sports apps for iOS and Android users.

Despite having a smaller user base than FanDuel, many players favor DraftKings Mobile because of its superior software and capacity to highlight matchup advantages when drafting lineups.

Mobile FantasyDraft

A mobile app is also available from FantasyDraft, and it functions well on all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. is 100% mobile friendly and offers a product that is potent enough to compete with established industry heavyweights, albeit behind DraftKings and FanDuel.

Due to the fact that the FantasyDraft mobile app is a web application, users do not need to download any software on their mobile devices. They can use their mobile browser to directly access the service.

Mobile Apps Helping

To help them pick a winning roster, serious fantasy gamers must invest several hours in study and strategy development. Apps that assist players in researching and learning methods are widely available in the market. The majority of these apps are charged, but they assure fantasy players of success. Fantasy Cheat Sheet (iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows 8.1, and Fire Phone) and RotoWire Collection are a couple of these practical applications (iOS). Players can get the CBS Sports Fantasy App for Android and iOS for free if they cannot afford to purchase a paid app to help them with their fantasy sports activities.

Play Facebook games

Another intriguing venue for fantasy sports that players can utilize to organize a fantasy league is Facebook. In addition to allowing gamers to take part in fantasy leagues, Facebook also enables them to interact with friends. Players can invite Facebook friends to their private leagues on Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and the NFL, but they can also utilize two apps to play fantasy leagues right on Facebook.

There is already a group of over 300,000 fantasy sports players on Facebook that utilize the Citizen Sports app from Yahoo. Custom settings, free live scoring, Yahoo content, live drafting, access to mobile devices, and much more are available in this app. It allows users to participate in a fantasy football league at Yahoo Sports directly from Facebook.

Users of Facebook can play fantasy football directly on the social networking site with the help of another free app that is accessible at Players can interact with one another on their Facebook wall and invite others to join their leagues.


What are fantasy sports, exactly?


Fantasy sports are video games that provide users the opportunity to manage sports teams and choose the starting lineups for professional athletes. Then, based on the players’ on-field performance, points are allotted to fantasy players, and the ones with the most points win prizes.

2. Is it acceptable to play fantasy sports on mobile devices?


Fantasy sports are not listed as gambling games under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. The majority of US states view fantasy sports as competitive games that are therefore lawful. Therefore, it is acceptable to engage in fantasy sports on mobile devices.

3. Are free mobile fantasy sports tournaments available?


Both free and paid competitions are available on fantasy sports websites. For as long as they’d like, players can play for free.

4. Do winnings have to pay taxes?


You will indeed be required to pay taxes on your winnings.

Which mobile fantasy sports website is the best?


You can register at any of the best mobile fantasy sports sites listed by

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