Dfs Apps 2022

The Best DFS Apps for 2022, ranked

As we approach 2022, daily fantasy sports are more well-known than ever, with over 45 million players participating in roughly $5 billion in annual games. It should not be surprising that new DFS operators are joining the market at a record rate given the level of demand.

Finding a DFS app with the features and competitions you want can seem impossible with so many options available for both Apple and Android. Here are the top 10 DFS applications according to our most recent rankings for 2022.

Rankings for DFS apps were updated on August 2022.

Fantasy of the underdog

In 2022, Underdog will be the best daily fantasy sports app. They provide a market-leading range of game formats, including our best ball offering, which is rated number one, and our player prop option. For every NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB slate, Underdog also provides daily snake drafts.

These drafts will fill up quickly due to the enormous player pool, so you can choose the one you want, choose your team, and move on with your day. There are 2 to 12 owners for snake drafts, and entry costs range from $1,000 to $3,000.

The app itself has a user-friendly structure with the option to switch between bright and dark modes, making it perhaps the best-looking software in the DFS sector. Simply choosing your sport, contest type, and entrance cost will help you find the competition you’re looking for. There is no need for any sorting, filtering, or scrolling.

Player prop competitions function in the same way as a player prop parlay at a standard sportsbook. The more you correctly predict the over or under for 2–5 players across a variety of metric variables, the more you win.

The Benefits of the Underdog App

• The best overall DFS user experience.

• Contests with a unique focus that no other industry app fills.

• Compared to contests on rival applications, every contest offers a greater payoff and is simpler to win.

• A large selection of deposit and withdrawal alternatives.

Areas for Improvement in the Underdog App

• Despite the fact that Underdog currently has one of the finest bonus offers in the business, they have a history of being less active with new player incentives than both Fanduel and DraftKings.

Second, DraftKings Daily Fantasy

One of the most well-known businesses in the DFS sector is DraftKings, which was established in 2012. By making an undisclosed investment in DraftKings in 2013, Major League Baseball contributed to the company’s rise to prominence. It was the first time a professional sports league in the United States has invested in daily fantasy sports, so this was a historic event.

More contests and games are available on DraftKings than on any other DFS program. Additionally, their bonus system is among the best in the current DFS industry. New users of the DraftKings app can get up to $500 in free credits as well as a free entry into a contest with a maximum prize of $1 million.

DraftKings is able to provide the biggest prize pools in the DFS business thanks to its sizable player base. Every week of the NFL season, every major golf tournament, and several other significant athletic events are covered by DraftKings Millionaire Maker competitions.

As one of the top-rated apps in the sector, DraftKings presently shares a 4.9-star rating in the App Store with Lucra and Underdog.

What Makes the DraftKings DFS App Great?

• The biggest industry competitions, with top rewards worth $1 million awarded each week.

• An app with excellent game features and a clean appearance.

• Widespread accessibility throughout the US, with sports betting available in 14 US markets.

• A 4.9 rating and more than 600,000 reviews overall in the App and Play Stores

Areas for DraftKings DFS App Development

• Complex bonus offer structures.

• Compared to other DFS apps on our list, DraftKings and FanDuel both have higher costs.

Vivid Picks.

Formerly known as Betcha, Vivid Picks is our fastest-rising app on this list and a small but formidable participant in the Daily Fantasy Sports sector. We believe that the way they handled their over/under competitions was the most creative manner a DFS program has ever dealt with player props.

You can select the first two players you want to play with using Vivid Picks from a list of possible pairings. You can add more players of your choice once you’ve selected one of these two players for each pick. Choose the over/under correctly for five players to win 9 times the amount of your entry.

Vivid Picks stands out from the competition thanks to its original strategy, but its social aspect may be its most distinctive trait. You can add friends to Vivid Picks, keep track of their submissions, and even compete with them to see who can pick the most accurate games each week. Better then, they will give you an additional $100 for each person you bring to the Vivid Picks app.

The lack of variety in this software is a drawback. For any athletic event, there are often just three possible player combinations, and the app only offers the over/under game type at the moment. Having said that, Vivid Picks has the financial support of its parent company, Vivid Seats, which enables future investments in and improvements to the app. This app has a lot of momentum going into the 2022 NFL season after the acquisition and rebranding.

The Vivid Picks App: Why We Love It

• The best incentives program offered by a DFS owner.

• Enter sports-related contests; with 4 accurate responses, you can win up to 9 times your entrance.

• A selection of more than 10 sports, including F1 racing, esports, and collegiate sports.

• Exclusive social features, such as the ability to create a fame wall and track friends’ participation in competitions.

Areas for Improvement in the Vivid Picks App

The DFS sector’s lowest total bonus offer.

• Fewer contest choices than in Underdog Fantasy.

4. AwardPicks

PrizePicks, which entered 2022 with a lot of momentum, was undoubtedly the daily fantasy sports market’s fastest-growing app in 2021. In December, the business welcomed several well-known investors, including Tracy McGrady, Matt Ryan, and Gabby Douglas.

Regarding design and overall user experience, the PrizePicks app is by far the best alternative to Underdog. The app’s diverse selection of sports and competitions seems to be a big hit with users. PrizePicks currently offers more sports, including eSports and collegiate sports, than any other DFS provider. Additionally, they are the only prop-style DFS software to provide competitions for both halves of games.

PrizePicks falls behind our top three rated apps in DFS because they only partially meet one item, which is contest variety. PrizePicks exclusively offers pick’em style competitions, and while they excel in that market, gamers seeking a season-long or salary cap option should instead turn to Underdog, FanDuel, or DraftKings.

We anticipate PrizePicks will use that money in 2022 with an aggressive marketing strategy and probably a few significant project updates given the sudden flood of new participants and investors. PrizePicks may be a serious challenger by the time the 2022 NFL season rolls around, given how nicely the current version of the program is implemented.

Motives for Our Love of the PrizePicks App

• Excellent bonus deals with clear terms.

• Only props app that offers tennis, soccer, and first half/second half competitions.

• Flex play offers you protection on three or more picks.

• The availability of online and in-app chat help around-the-clock.

Areas for Improvement in the PrizePicks App

• The app is presently only accessible in a few states.

• A lack of alternatives to prop pick’em games.

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports

FanDuel has been in business since 2009 and has proven to be among the top providers of daily fantasy sports. FanDuel presently employs around 1,500 workers and 6 million users. Because of its commitment to providing excellent customer service, FanDuel has established one of the most well-known brands in the DFS sector.

FanDuel has a clever rewards system with a sizable payout for referring friends. FanDuel can offer a wide range of alternatives to fit your DFS demands due to the size of their user base. At FanDuel, there is a top-notch DFS game for every kind of player.

Due to its strength, FanDuel’s DFS home page is among the finest in the industry today. All of the FanDuel users will find this convenient. It’s convenient to have all of your fantasy sports data in one place. Throughout the NFL season, FanDuel offers a weekly $1 million tournament similar to DraftKings. They also host some of the biggest college basketball and football tournaments in the business.

Our favorite aspect of FanDuel may be the way it welcomes new participants. In FanDuel’s beginning contests, new DFS players have the option of competing just against other new players. FanDuel is a great option if you plan to play daily fantasy sports.

The Benefits of the FanDuel App

• A wide selection of sports and competition formats.

• Cashier options and customer service that lead the industry.

• For most sports, FanDuel offers season-long best ball (snake drafting) competitions aside from salary cap competitions.

• In addition to DFS, FanDuel runs the country’s biggest sportsbook at the moment.

Problems with the FanDuel App

• Compared to most other daily fantasy apps in the market, FanDuel tends to provide fewer bonuses to new participants.

• Although prize pools are superior than those of the bulk of operators on this list, they still fall far short of those of the best competitions at DraftKings.

Thrive Fantasy

Another prop fantasy product with a strong website and mobile app is Thrive Fantasy. The largest assortment of eSports offered by a DFS app is accessible on Thrive, which provides 9 different sports. CSGO, Dota, LoL, and Valorant are the current four eSports that fall under this category.

The software has amazing visuals, is simple to use, and has some fun game aspects. Prop contest payouts are competitive with or better than those offered by similar apps from rival developers.

Its prop contests are the one aspect that makes Thrive stand out. You will utilize them to place a number of over/under prop bets; the user who predicts the outcome the closest will win. These competitions are a pleasant alternative to the conventional prop fantasy offerings and can have top rewards of $10,000 or more.

Thrive’s app is currently unavailable in Canada, unlike Underdog and PrizePicks, although being accessible as of August 2022 in 30 U.S. states. We’ll have to wait and see if Thrive is able to add any further markets before the 2022 NFL season gets underway.

With Thrive, deposits and withdrawals are simple because they accept PayPal, electronic checks, and credit cards. Your account will receive bonus funds right away, but they are subject to a 4x rollover.

What Makes the Thrive Fantasy App So Great?

• Numerous sports with a wide range of prop possibilities.

• The top eSports product available.

• Positive comments on both the App Store and Play Store.

• Higher payouts than the majority of rival apps.

Areas for Thrive Fantasy App Development

• Underdog and Prizepicks have a more polished user experience on the website and mobile app.

• Identity and location verification is cumbersome.

7. Survive DFS

The foundation of Outlast DFS is the idea that conventional Fantasy Sports are simply too complex. The typical sports fan doesn’t have time to spend learning about rosters and salary caps since they are too busy with their jobs, kids, and life in general. Outlast eliminates all the extraneous details and streamlines the process.

Outlast only has three games available, in contrast to other standard DFS programs that might have an infinite number. The Outlast Over/Under game is fun if you only want to play against the house. For instance, you might wager on whether Chris Paul will have more than 8.5 assists or fewer than 8.5 assists.

You’ll adore Outlast Survivor Pool or Purse if you enjoy playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) against other enthusiasts. You have a choice between three distinct payment schemes with Outlast Survivor Pool: Tiered, 50/50, or Winner Take All. For ardent golf enthusiasts, Purse is a fantastic DFS game.

The Outlast DFS app doesn’t have many drawbacks. Only the fact that Outlast only accepts three different types of deposit methods raises some mild concerns. They do accept all of the major credit cards, however that is a minor annoyance.

The Benefits of the Outlast DFS App

• You can play against friends or by yourself.

• Easily accessible in 22 states.

• Users need only be 18 years old (19 in Nebraska), as opposed to the typical sports betting age of 21.

• Simplifies the DFS sector of the market.

Areas for Outlast DFS App Development

• Just three deposit options

• The app could be a bit quicker.

8. SuperDraft.

Caesars Sportsbook employees developed the DFS app known as SuperDraft. In addition to standard DFS games with a salary cap, SuperDraft also provides a wide range of additional possibilities for players who like to take a different path. Different score multipliers are used in several of SuperDraft’s DFS competitions, which can add excitement to the entire experience.

Since its launch in 2019, SuperDraft has quickly established itself as one of the leading DFS companies. One of the best reward programs in the nation, Caesars Rewards, is connected with SuperDraft, which we adore. We also appreciate the fact that SuperDraft provides a variant called Freerolls that enables novice DFS players to participate in tournaments for nothing.

SuperDraft only raises a few minor issues. First, withdrawals aren’t handled very swiftly. According to several clients, it took 8 to 12 business days for them to get their money. ACH and Paypal are also not accepted by SuperDraft.

The SuperDraft DFS App: Why We Love It

• A huge selection of DFS games.

Players have the choice of playing a regular salary cap game or a less complex one.

• SuperDraft participants are signed up for Caesars Rewards.

• The Apple App Store gave it a 4.7 rating.

Areas for Improvement in the SuperDraft DFS App

• Withdrawals take too long to process.

• Does not take ACH or PayPal payments.

9. OwnersBox.

OwnersBox With a format resembling that of Underdog’s best-ball leagues, Fantasy Sports positions itself as the home of the Superflex. Every match is a 2- to 16-team league that can last from two weeks (two teams) to four weeks (16 teams). Owners use a live snake draft system to assemble their squad (the last pick this round gets the first pick next round).

The fact that you are selecting a Superflex squad and placing a premium on quarterbacks is obviously a major limitation in this situation. These leagues are pretty difficult when you consider that and the various tournament lengths. For NFL games, OwnersBox uses a rather simple point-per-reception (PPR) scoring system.

The website, iOS app, and Android app all function well despite lacking some of the bells and whistles found with the top brands on this list. No matter what gadget you use, finding a draft, keeping score, and withdrawing winnings are simple tasks.

The OwnersBox app gives conventional DFS a distinctive spin. one that combines the greatest aspects of season-long and daily fantasy sports.

Motives for Our Love of the OwnersBox App

10% flat rake for all competitions.

There are weekly and monthly competitions available.

Check, credit card, and debit are all acceptable forms of payment and withdrawal.

The OwnersBucks system streamlines the collection and redemption of incentives.

One of the biggest offers in the sector is a $500 deposit bonus.

Areas for OwnersBox App Improvement

restricted to snake draft competitions.

OwnersBox does not provide access to any collegiate sports.

available only in 35 states.

10. Knife-fighting Monkeys

Money Knife Fight, often known as MKF in the world of fantasy sports, can be the ideal app for you this year if you enjoy placing prop bets and having a large selection of DFS games to pick from. Even better, Monkey Knife Fight will appeal to you if you adore the concept of prop betting but reside in a place where sports betting is still illegal.

The dashboard on MKF is among the nicest we’ve used because you can log in and quickly view the status of every contest you’re currently participating in. Beyond only the gameplay, Monkey Knife Fight makes it simple to browse and discover new games to play.

The hefty bonus structure of MKF is another element that is helping it gain significant traction. For new customers, MKF is now providing a 100% match bonus up to $100. Only DraftKings can compete with MKF in terms of benefits, making this one of the finest bonus offers in the DFS industry.

The only issue I have with MKF is how difficult it is to use their app. Navigating it might be challenging, especially if you are new to DFS. Additionally, despite the great variety of games and competitions offered by MKF, some of them can be challenging for beginners to grasp. MKF is still one of the top apps for seasoned DFS players in our opinion.

Why We Adore the MKF App

• A large selection of competitions, sports, and statistics.

• Access to games for each game’s major players.

• Bonus offers comparable to or superior to those of most rivals.

Areas for Improvement in the MKF App

• Nothing distinguishes the product from PrizePicks or Betcha.

• An better user experience and design would help the app.

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