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The DraftKings Millionaire Maker Series: 6 Tips for Victory

This is the occasion you have been looking forward to if you enjoy fantasy football. The Millionaire Series is presently being held at DraftKings. There will be several winners who will receive $1 million apiece. And there is a fair likelihood that they will succeed after paying the pitiful entry price of $27.

Let’s start with a dose of reality: earning the grand prize in DraftKings‘ Millionaire Series will require a lot of effort and some good fortune. You’ll be up against some of the site’s most skilled fantasy football players.

You can still succeed despite this. In reality, by employing a few shrewd draft tactics that I’ll tell you below, you can significantly increase your odds of winning. Finishing at the front of the pack will still net you a respectable payment even if you don’t take first place. Millions of dollars are on the line, and many of them will go to competitors who place far behind the top finishers.

Are you still giddy? Let’s define the purpose of the DraftKings Millionaire Series. The following six easy suggestions will help you increase your chances of winning.

The DraftKings Millionaire Series: What Is It?

In a nutshell, for $27 you may enter the fantasy football tournament and be eligible to win the $1 million grand prize.

The event is completely legal and ethical. It’s nothing new for DraftKings to offer competitions with huge prize pools. Many of its participants have experienced what it’s like to take home substantial amounts of those reward pools personally.

The Millionaire Series is so alluring because of this. Some club owners will strike it rich. The promotion is more than a publicity stunt.

Over the course of four months, a number of events make up the Series. Here is a list of the incidents:

Fifth week: The Millionaire Maker

Week 6: Part II of “Millionaire Maker”

Week 11: to be determined

King of the Beach, Week 14

World Championship in Week 16

It’s too late to join in the week 5 Millionaire Maker because it just concluded. However, there are still many of opportunities to win big during the Series. Five people will have made millions of dollars playing fantasy football by the time the dust settles.

You can participate in the Series by paying a $27 entry fee, as I described above. However, you can take part for as little as $0.25, which is a fraction of that price. How? by participating in one of the numerous qualifications and satellites that precede the major tournaments. Through October 12, satellites and qualifying for the Millionaire Series will be held nearly every day.

After clearing things out, let’s talk about the Series draft approach. You have a good start if you have been following along with my weekly DraftKings choices and sleepers.

#1: Make several lineups

By including some variety in your draft picks, you want to diversify your bets. Players that you anticipate having a great week occasionally falter. A poor performance by your quarterback or star wide receiver can ruin your chances of winning if you’re placing all your eggs in one combination.

Similar to choosing a high-tech stock. The price of the stock plunges if the company fails its earnings projection. You buy additional stocks to diversify your holdings.

In the Millionaire Series, follow the same procedure. To provide variety, make several lineups. You have additional teams that can assist you make money if one of your teams falters.

#2 – Be careful not to overvalue projections

In almost every sort of fantasy competition, from head-to-head matches to leagues with 50 players, projections can provide you an advantage. But when you’re taking part in tournaments with a big field, they’re less helpful.

Think of a standard 50/50 to comprehend the rationale. A big score is not necessary to win. Simply scoring more points than half the field will do. The payment structure for a 50/50 is flat, thus there is no incentive to act differently. The cash award for winning is the same as the award for just missing the cutoff. In these competitions, projections are useful since they can provide you the tiny advantage you need to place in the top half.

Having a tiny advantage won’t cut it in a large-field competition like DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker. You require a significant advantage. The payment system is typically top-heavy and only a smaller portion of the field receives compensation. This indicates that you shouldn’t expect Brees or Manning to have a better night than usual. You require an additional item. You’re hoping Phillip Rivers or Ben Roethlisberger will have a wild night. You want to do well enough to surpass the other team owners.

These types of draft picks are unlikely to be revealed by projections.

3. Keep an eye out for players who might have a breakthrough week.

This idea was briefly mentioned earlier, but it merits further discussion. First, in large-field tournaments, volatility is your friend. When one or more of your players goes above and beyond your expectations, it’s what enables you to pull away from the competition.

How can you make your lineup more unpredictable? by selecting dependable underdogs. You want to select players that other team owners are passing over in the draft. Nobody anticipates much from them on the field. As a result, you’ll frequently see people working for cheap pay. They can be acquired for less than their potential, leaving you with plenty of money to draft a few top prospects.

Picking sleepers does involve some risk, to be sure. They can’t be trusted. They cannot be relied upon in the same manner that Brees and Manning can. However, if they turn in a standout performance, they might be able to secure your place at the top of your industry.

#4 – Seek Out Successful QB/WR Combinations

Find a quarterback first who has accumulated a lot of passing yards this season. Currently, the three quarterbacks in front of them are Andrew Luck of Indianapolis, Matt Ryan of Atlanta, and Drew Brees of New Orleans. Many quarterbacks are also approaching the 1,200-yard plateau, which is respectable at this point in the season.

Focus on their wide receivers next. Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton are typically the targets of Luck’s passes, however he frequently distributes them to other receivers as well. Julio Jones is frequently the target of Ryan’s pass attempts. Brees frequently looks to Marques Colston when Jimmy Graham is not available for a pass.

In theory, if the quarterback is tossing the rock, the receivers must be catching it. Their activities complement each other. So why not capitalize on their cooperation?

It should go without saying that you should steer clear of quarterbacks who struggle to complete passes. For instance, this season has not gone well for players like Mike Glennon (Tampa Bay), Nick Foles (Philadelphia), and Drew Stanton (Arizona). Even selecting them as sleepers would be a risk for me.

#5 – Become familiar with tournament variance

Whether you’re taking part in a large-field event or a head-to-head match, you’ll encounter variation. There is no getting around that. But it’s crucial to understand that the degree of volatility varies depending on the contest style. Learn about how variance affects large-field tournaments before you sign up for DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker or King of the Beach.

This isn’t meant to be a lesson on weekly fantasy football variance. To put it simply, it plays a significant role in large-field events. The payout structure for a large tournament is narrow and top-heavy, unlike a 50/50 where half the field wins. A smaller portion of the field receives compensation, while the top 1% of finishers receive the majority of the prize money.

There isn’t much you can do to make tournament variance disappear. But comprehending it will demonstrate why a specific lineup dominates the competition one week before getting destroyed the following.

Avoid heavily owned players (number 6)

There are several players that are almost a lock to be selected by a sizable portion of the field. Men like Brees and A.J. Green come to mind. Everyone anticipates their performance because they are dependable players. It follows that it is not surprising that everyone drafts them. Some of these players can be found taking up approximately 60% of the lineups. For the Millionaire Maker at DraftKings, that equates to more than 50,000 rosters.

You’re better off playing against the crowd unless you’re depending on a highly owned player to serve as the cornerstone on which you construct some unpredictability into your team. The “easy pick” that everyone else makes in the draft will only normalize your score to the average of the group.

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