Winning Draftkings Part 2

10 Tips for Winning at DraftKings: DraftKings Strategy (Part 2)

The first five keys to winning at DraftKings were covered in Part 1. For quick reference, here they are:

  • Change your draft strategy based on the contest type.
  • Exercise Caution When Drafting Sleepers
  • View The Most Recent Injury Report
  • Learn How to Use Bonus Points at DraftKings
  • Your Bankroll Metrics: Establishing

We’ll examine the final five secrets to succeeding in daily fantasy sports competitions in Part 2. After reading this entire page, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build.

Before we begin, a couple of short points. Even though the season hasn’t nearly begun, I’ll start by using football examples, as I did in Part 1, to help explain things (where appropriate). However, keep in mind that all daily fantasy sports can benefit from using all ten tips, and they should.

Second, some of the points made below beg for further clarification. These specifics will be covered in upcoming posts. We’ll stick to the fundamentals in order to keep this page brief. Not to worry. You will have a competitive advantage over most other DraftKings players just by virtue of that.

Let’s go on to the remaining keys now that it is over!

Draft a number of lineups (When You Can)

Your budget determines how much you can spend each day or each week. You only have a small amount of money available. Given this situation, you must find a technique to lower your risk while still giving yourself the highest chance of succeeding. In the realm of investing, that is referred to as diversification. When playing daily fantasy sports, it’s a wise move to do so.

This is how it goes:

Let’s say you funded your DraftKings account with $500. You may find a variety of exciting tournaments with huge prize pools in the lobby. There are some with expensive buy-ins ($100 or more), while others have considerably lower ones ($1 or less).

Join a tournament with a reduced entry cost and draft multiple lineups rather than paying $100 to enter it with a single lineup.

Here are a few competitions from last season, for instance, that I entered toward the conclusion of the season.

  • Gridiron NFL $22K ($27 entrance fee)
  • NFL $17K Play Action; $2 entrance charge

Paying $27 to play in the “NFL $22K Gridiron” would make sense if you have a ton of experience and a history of consistently winning games. However, it would be much better if you entered the “NFL $17K Play Action” with 13 different lineups if you’re just getting started. The cost of admission would be almost the same. However, you would spread out your risk.

You have more versatility when you create multiple rosters. You might, for instance, try various QB/WR combinations. Put Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones in one lineup and Patrick Mahomes and Calvin Ridley in the other. With Mahomes at quarterback, you should perform around averagely. The important thing is that having several lineups provides you multiple chances to win.

You can create several teams for tournaments and qualifiers using DraftKings. For 50/50s (double-ups) and head-to-heads (H2Hs), you won’t be able to accomplish this, but you wouldn’t want to given the flat payout structures of those two formats.

View Predictions Made by the Bookmakers

The majority of fantasy team owners still disregard this strategy. Vegas odds can provide a wealth of useful information about an impending match. Point spreads and over/unders can therefore aid you in making informed selections in the draft.

This could be a nice illustration.

Say a game between the Eagles and Redskins is arranged. Suppose the oddsmakers project a final score of 54 points for the contest, and they set the point spread as follows:

Redskins -3 Eagles +3

What can you infer from those data, then?

It will be a high-scoring game, to start. Any sum greater than 50 is considered such. That typically indicates that the QBs will post acceptable numbers. It might also imply that their running backs and receivers will have a successful evening.

Second, the game will be close. If the spread is minor, both teams will contribute to the total. In contrast, you would anticipate one team to control the scoreboard if the spread was +/-7 or higher.

Third, you can determine how many points each team is expected to score. How? The total points should be divided in half. After that, split the spread in half. Subtract the latter from the former after that.

So, after doing the arithmetic…

Redskins -3 Eagles +3

54 points total.

The formula for the Eagles is as follows: (54 / 2) – (+3 / 2) = (27) – (1.5) = 25.5 The Redskins’ equation is as follows: (54 / 2) – (-3 / 2) = (27) – (-1.5) = 28.5

Throughout the course of the game, both starting QBs should score two or three touchdowns.

Let’s say you’re participating in a contest. Building more than one roster would be a terrific idea right now. One lineup would be built around Carson Wentz (Eagles), and the other would be built around Alex Smith (Redskins).

next ascertain Wentz’s and Smith’s standard ball handling techniques. Do they toss a significant number of touchdowns? Or do they typically give their running backs the ball? You can handcuff them to the appropriate receivers or RBs with the aid of those details.

Create a strong draft schedule

It’s acceptable to approach each draft without a strategy if you’re just planning to participate in one or two events each week. You have time to thoroughly research players.

Having said that, you’ll squander a lot of time and energy. As soon as you begin entering multiple contests each week, the issue becomes dramatically worse.

There is an easy fix.

Veteran team owners have a routine that they rely on. They follow a step-by-step procedure for each document. For an NFL game, it could seem as follows:

  • Step 1: Write down the teams that will be playing.
  • Step 2: Research the season’s QB, WR, RB, and TE stats.
  • Step 3: Review the point spreads and over/unders from Vegas. Calculate each team’s expected points.
  • Step 4:Check the most recent injury report in.
  • 5. Search for elite quarterbacks who are up against vulnerable defenses.
  • Step 6: Seek for strong QB/WR and QB/RB combinations.

When it comes time to create your roster, it would be ideal if you already have a list of resources available. Create a bookmark for your preferred websites to check NFL player statistics, Vegas odds, and recent injuries. Make a note of it in your bookmarks if you utilize an online application to crunch data. The moment you sign into your DraftKings account, you should be able to use your “tools.”

A routine makes the draft more efficient and saves you a ton of time. Additionally, it guarantees that your strategy is constant. That is essential. Consistency is the key to developing a successful track record once you’ve found a reliable formula.

Avoid Competitions With High Buy-Ins

In Tip #6, we briefly discussed this topic, but we did it in the context of spreading your risk. We’ll talk about it now in terms of avoiding sharks.

With a few notable exceptions, you can assume that skilled daily fantasy team owners can be found in competitions with high entry costs. That might not be a problem if you have a lot of experience. Because you are competent, you can compete with confidence.

However, if you’re just getting started and testing the waters, you’ll inevitably find yourself outmatched and ultimately outplayed.

In competitions with hefty buy-ins, you will confront skilled competitors. They have participated in countless leagues and competitions, perhaps thousands, and have perfected a draft strategy that suits them. They have resources that are essentially unavailable to inexperienced club owners. Some of them also play full-time, so they have the time to spend hours learning about different teams and players.

This is not meant as a warning against entering competitions with high entrance costs. Just be aware that those seas are frequently home to sharks eager to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

That takes us to our final DraftKings daily fantasy sports winning advice.

Take Advice From Veteran Daily Fantasy Players

You shouldn’t be surprised that many experts cover daily fantasy sports. There is a lot of money up for grabs, and millions of individuals participate.

Don’t discount the opinions of the wise.

Listen to interviews with owners of fantasy teams that consistently win. Review the predictions and picks of the players whose lineups appear to be a constant among the top fantasy winners. Examine the rosters of the owners of the teams that frequently prevail in 50/50s and tournaments. Try to comprehend the rationale behind their proposed judgments.

You’ll become a better daily fantasy gamer by paying attention to the pros. You’ll start winning more of the competitions you enter as a result.

You can develop a tailored plan that makes it easier for you to cash out more frequently using the 10 keys we’ve discussed here and in Part I. Take the first step and register at DraftKings if you haven’t already.

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