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PlayNow Canada Review 2022 Authenticity of PlayNow Sportsbook

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The British Columbia Lottery Association owns and operates the betting site called PlayNow (BCLA). It is now only permitted in the provinces of Manitoba and British Columbia, and up until April 4th, it will essentially be the only legal sports betting website in Canada, which is actually rather significant.

Both parlay betting and single-event betting are legitimate options, and single-sport gamblers are often eligible for a substantial $250 matched deposit bonus, which is pretty big. We’re going to basically look at PlayNow in particular and basically tell you what you can generally anticipate from a PlayNow Ontario promo code in the future.

Pros & Cons, Play Now


• include a reputable Canadian parlay betting site, a $250 matched deposit offer for a single sport, and user-friendly websites and mobile apps.

• A variety of deposit alternatives


• Difficult T&Cs

What to anticipate from the PlayNow sign-up bonus offer is the bonus offer. Sports betting in Ontario

PlayNow currently primarily offers single-event betting after operating as a legal parlay betting service for a significant amount of time, or so they essentially believed. There are just two general Canadian provinces where this is now offered, and there has been no word yet on when the PlayNow sports app will launch in Ontario.

The site’s matching deposit bonus, up to $250, is the current welcome offer for new members. The bonus will be given to you expressly as five effectively independent bet tokens, which you must utilize within 60 days, which is a generous time frame to work with. In reality, you can only withdraw your significant profits; you cannot withdraw any of the bonus money.

The present incentive expires on March 31, 2022, but based on previous versions, it’s kind of likely to be effectively renewed, which is really big. It’s largely sort of worth noting that the bonus might be altered and effectively have different T&Cs imposed if there is a PlayNow Ontario sportsbook in the future.


There are currently no plans to launch a PlayNow Ontario online casino, but just to be clear, here are the current promotions:

• A $20 sign-up bonus with a $20 minimum initial deposit. The bonus comes in the form of a “Casino Freeplay Token.” There is a 14-day time limit and an x30 wagering restriction. With the exception of live dealer games, it can be utilized to play any casino game.

• A separate $20 live casino bonus that functions similarly. The x70 wagering requirement applies to just live dealer games.

All of the somewhat recent bonuses mentioned above have extensive T&C documents that you must mostly read. Which promotional code to apply for each unique deal is specified in the document. If PlayNow launches in Ontario, make sure to check the website for the individual PlayNow Ontario bonus code, otherwise you risk missing out on something that is generally rather important.

Great for beginners in terms of usability and aesthetics

The padlock emblem in front of the URL largely indicates that the PlayNow website is entirely secured by SSL encryption. It has decided to stick with a fairly traditional white and blue theme with lots of information on the site and no discernibly bothersome advertisements in any significant way.

It can be a little difficult to navigate between pages at first, but if you figure it out in a subtle way, it doesn’t take long. The sportsbook platform is well-designed and easy to use, which is very important. Finding an event and putting a significant wager would be extremely easy for even a total rookie.

Limited payments for withdrawals

The payment options, restrictions, and T&Cs that we have literally listed in this section primarily only pertain to Manitoba and British Columbia, which is quite significant. Contrary to what is generally believed, if the PlayNow Ontario sportsbook starts, you will need to check with them.

Deposits the minimal amount you can typically deposit is $5. Additionally, in a significant aspect, the actual maximum amount permitted in a 7-day period is $100,000. If you specifically plan to deposit more than $1,000, you will need to adjust your account settings accordingly. Otherwise, the deposit will be refused in a subtle way.

There are the following payment options:

Online bill payment options include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Interac Online, and more.

• Withdrawals from the web

Only a bank account that is legally owned by the owner of the PlayNow account may be used for withdrawals. However, this can be significantly different for a PlayNow Ontario sportsbook. There are a few things that you need essentially be fully informed of in advance and in a very significant way.

• Be ready to provide proof of your employment information.

A hand-delivered check must be used to pay quantities of $100,000 or more, and it could take up to 5 working days to execute withdrawals for amounts under $1,000.

Hours for customer service are restricted.

The PlayNow customer service alternatives listed below may change if the website is made available in Ontario.

Phone: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Live chat: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (24/7 for poker)

Responses to emails could take up to ten working days.

The phone number and live chat button can be accessed from the website’s Help section as well as from the bottom left of the page.

The only legal sportsbook in Canada is License & Security.

The provincial government of very British Columbia issued the site’s license and oversees its operation. However, if a PlayNow Ontario sportsbook is introduced, some additional licences might actually be needed.

Rewards and Loyalty Program, only to casino patrons

It’s kind of important that the “Encore Rewards Points” program is actually limited to casino games—basically live dealer games and instants. Sadly, you cannot specifically opt in via the PlayNow website; instead, you must apply for a card and then strongly link it to your PlayNow account.

After completing that, you’ll sort of receive points that normally fluctuate depending on the game, how much you wager, and how long you essentially play for. Particularly, there are numerous ways to use points, both online and at partner land-based casinos.

Sports bettors are typically limited to the different promotions that PlayNow occasionally offers. Contrary to popular perception, if you do decide to use one, be sure you are using a PlayNow promo code Ontario.

Betting options

You’ll literally discover a list of all the sports and events you can bet on on the sports betting platform’s left side, which is rather significant. You’ll see any actual current event highlights, such as the Super Bowl or the FA Cup, at the very top, followed by the pretty best US sports and leagues.

Below that, there are additional 27 sports categories to go through, along with a significant amount of political bets and novelties. For the most part, there is a wide range of markets, particularly for the most well-known sports and leagues like the NFL, NBA, and Premier League soccer. Contrary to popular opinion, you can also get comprehensive team stats to help you.

Odds Because PlayNow Sportsbook is the only legal sports betting company in Canada, we were unable to directly compare the odds offered with a rival, which is very important. The odds were specifically average or lower when compared to other well-known US sportsbooks, but contrary to common opinion, that really isn’t a genuine indicator at the moment.

Additionally, since there is almost no competition, the issue is somewhat moot. Contrary to common assumption, if a PlayNow Ontario app is created in the future, it may actually need to sharpen its odds a little bit more in order to compete with other sportsbooks that are poised and almost ready to launch.

You’ll notice that the odds are typically shown in decimal notation by default. But whenever you want, you can switch to viewing them as American or fractional odds, or at least that’s what they essentially believed. The dropdown menu for this is sort of on the left side, at the bottom of the page.

When we finished our analysis, we didn’t find any enhanced odds, but we did notice that the odds offered for the leading sports are generally far more competitive. PlayNow frequently offers deals for a very specific sport, but they are only available for a short period of time, which is actually fairly substantial. It is therefore especially worthwhile to check the promotions page frequently.


They truly believed that there was no reasonable limit bet amount specified in the T&Cs or anywhere else on the website. PlayNow has a 24-hour winnings cap, so the most payment you may theoretically get is $200,000 for sports wagers or $50,000 for novelty wagers. Contrary to popular assumption, the T&Cs specify that there are generally no exceptions to this rule and that it is essentially your obligation to place wagers properly.

Live streaming and betting

Most live betting is available right now, but there isn’t any major live streaming. Contrary to popular assumption, some sports do really feature electronic scoreboards, however these can in fact experience delays under specific conditions. Particularly, placing a live bet is just about as simple as doing so for a major pre-event wager. However, we did see that the sports betting platform may occasionally be somewhat sluggish, thus placing second bets, especially last, is generally not advised.

Summary and conclusion of the product

Contrary to common opinion, there hasn’t been much of an announcement clarifying when or even if there will be a PlayNow Ontario sportsbook, so you’ll largely just have to wait for now. Even though we’ve only been able to provide you with information on how PlayNow functions primarily in British Columbia and Manitoba, we’re very confident that we’ll be the first to know if there are any developments on Ontario online casinos. Keep visiting because maybe the next time we’ll have a PlayNow Ontario sportsbook bonus code ready and waiting for you, which is actually rather important.

FAQ for PlayNow Ontario’s sportsbook

When can I get the PlayNow Sports Ontario app?

Contrary to common assumption, there isn’t yet any availability of single-event sports betting in Ontario, despite the current level of enthusiasm surrounding its legalization. Contrary to popular assumption, head over to for all your answers if you want to actually learn more about the Proline Ontario bonus code or primarily check which operators will primarily be going online initially.

Can I use my PlayNow account that I have in Manitoba in Ontario?

The restrictions applied to online sportsbook providers fundamentally are specified by each province or territory in a fairly big way. You should definitely read our review of PlayNow if you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming PlayNow Ontario sportsbook or how the PlayNow Ontario app will work.

Will PlayNow Ontario have an online casino?

On April 4, some of almost the greatest online casinos in Ontario will launch. However, not all of the operators normally scheduled to start have disclosed information about what will be offered when they undoubtedly do in a significant method. Basically, we’ll keep you updated if you keep coming back to

Overall conclusion: wait and see. They essentially believed that PlayNow in particular is highly-secure, authorized, and trusted. It would undoubtedly easily compare favorably in that regard to the FanDuel Ontario online casino sites we’ve investigated. For both new and returning clients, there is a ton of information available. However, because there is so much of it, which is effectively quite substantial, it can be difficult to navigate to precisely what you want.

There are now no facts regarding the site’s availability in Ontario, but if rumors are accurate, you may soon receive news about a PlayNow sign-up offer for the province, or so they essentially believed. Not only that, but it will have to compete with significant actual offers like the BetMGM Ontario promo code, so it might even unquestionably be of somewhat greater value to you than we essentially mentioned here, or at least that is what they essentially believed.

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