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Review of SBK Sportsbook

2019 saw the launch of SBK, an ambitious sportsbook product from Smarkets, a respected business that runs an exchange betting platform. SBK is a sports betting service that can only be accessed through a mobile app. It combines competitive pricing with cutting-edge social features to give sports bettors in the UK an amazing sports betting experience.


• Exceptionally user-friendly interface

• Consistently advantageous odds, including SBK Price+

• Social elements that are seamlessly integrated

• Acceptable payment options


• Live streaming will not be available.

• The sole usage of apps may deter some users from taking this course, which is not appropriate for horse racing.

Review of SBK

SBK is a sportsbook with a lot to offer that is only accessible through its mobile app. The odds supplied are typically among the best that the market has to offer, and it offers a user-friendly layout that makes betting easy. The UK’s SBK is a welcome newcomer to the world of online sports betting, and because to the skillfully incorporated social media-style elements like tips and comments, it does a wonderful job of differentiating out from the competition.

Why Place a Bet with SBK?

• ‘Smooth as silk’ app with simple navigation

• Generally advantageous odds, including SBK Price+

Innovative social innovations with cutting-edge technology • A range of practical payment options

Make a deposit with SBK right away to receive £30 in free bets when you play (click the image above to claim)

The SBK sports betting app has a good first impression. Being a solely mobile app-based operator, SBK has taken great care to make sure that its app is of the highest calibre, responsive, and simple to use.

A number of betting alternatives, including live markets, betting advice, and trending bets, are easily accessible from the main screen.

It’s nice to see a bookmaker with a home page devoid of advertisements and special deals; SBK relies instead on its promise to offer odds that are better than those provided by rivals on as many markets as they can.

In order to publicly disclose, to the precise percent, how many of its markets on a given event offer better pricing than the big competitors, SBK makes the “best odds guaranteed” claim known as SBK Price+. Having this level of openness is nice in a market this competitive.

According to SBK’s Price+ guarantee, they would match or better the odds provided by a handful of the most recognised bookmakers in the industry.

The most popular sports among UK gamblers are football and horse racing, which are covered by SBK. Other well-known sports including tennis, golf, and American sports are also extensively covered by SBK.

Due to the outstanding political betting options it offers, SBK stands out from the competition.

In addition to sports betting, political betting is another field in which SBK excels. They offer a staggering variety of markets available on all different types of political events occurring in the UK and around the world.

The smooth social component integration is another SBK-specific feature that adheres to the mobile-first philosophy. Users can, for instance, react to other users’ bets and winnings and monitor tipsters’ moves.

Customers of SBK have access to a variety of payment options, some of which include e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

The app’s live chat feature is easy to find, and SBK’s staff members are responsive and willing to help. SBK also offers top-notch customer support. Additionally, a thorough help centre is accessible from both desktop and mobile browsers, which is quite helpful.

In particular, for more seasoned bettors who believe they have an advantage, SBK’s large limits and welcoming attitude toward winning players are two more ticks in the “what a brilliant small bookie this is” column.


• Live streaming will not be available.

The sole usage of apps may deter some users from taking this course, which is not appropriate for horse racing.

SBK is a relatively new business that has already made a name for itself as a major force in the UK’s online sports betting market. Even said, there are still a few minor areas where the product may be improved.

Real-time streaming is the first subject. Since more and more individuals now enjoy the option of placing wagers while the event is still taking place and since live streaming of sports makes this form of betting an incomparably more delightful experience, this has quickly become a significant incentive to provide potential bettors. Consequently, it is very disappointing that SBK does not now offer any kind of live streaming.

The two sports that see the highest betting activity from gamblers in the UK are football and horse racing. By providing a vast number of events and markets, SBK does a wonderful job of satisfying football bettors, but its horse racing selection falls short of its other offers in terms of quality. On the website, racecards for the daily UK and Irish fixtures as well as a decent number of international races are available. However, the markets that can be bet on are only racecard and place, which is a far lesser selection of betting possibilities than what is offered by other top bookmakers.

Last but not least, even though it is a significant selling point for many, the fact that SBK is only available as a mobile application may put off some bettors who would prefer to use their desktop computer or mobile browser instead of downloading yet another app to place their wagers.

Offer for SBK Sign-Up

Make a £10 deposit and get £30 in free bets.

Only new users from Malta, the UK, and Ireland. The first deposit can only be made using a debit card or Trustly, and it must be a minimum of £10 or €10. Free bets can only be used for a total of 90 days. There are terms and conditions.

Every new user who registers with My Betting Sites will receive free bets of £30 from SBK:

How to Benefit from the New Customer Offer from SBK?

1. To download the SBK app, just click the “Claim” icon at the top and follow the on-screen directions.

2. Open an account and deposit a minimum of £10 using Trustly or a debit card.

3. Receive free bets worth £30 to utilise.

The SBK Bet 10 Get 30 Offer is subject to T&Cs.

• You must deposit at least £10 in a single transaction to be eligible for the welcome bonus of £30 in free bets.

If you take advantage of this promotion, you can claim free bets worth a total of thirty pounds. For instance, consider

– Customers can receive £30 in free bets after making their initial payment of £10;

The player is entitled to receive the same amount in free bets if they make an initial deposit of at least £30.

• Free bets will be added to your promotion balance, but they are completely worthless and cannot be taken back.

• You can place free bets on any sport you want.

• You can place free bets in increments of ten, twenty, or thirty pounds.

• If it is decided that your free bet was successful, the winnings will be added to your withdrawal balance:

– Your earnings will be credited to your withdrawable balance in the amount of £30 if you use your £10 free bet to wager on a selection with odds of 3/1 (4.0), but your initial deposit of £10 free bet will not be returned to you.

• The stake connected with the free bet will be returned to the customer if a free bet was used on a selection that was later determined to be invalid.

• If you don’t utilise any free bets added to your promotional balance during the first 90 days, they’ll be forfeited.

• Only new users making their first deposit with Trustly or a credit card are eligible for the promotion.

This deal is not available to users who make their initial deposit with a virtual or prepaid card, Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. This also applies to virtual Monzo cards, therefore it’s vital to keep in mind that these initial deposits will not qualify for the welcome bonus.

• The sign-up offer is strictly limited to one per individual, family, household, email address, identical payment account number, shared computer, or IP address. Even if multiple people reside at the same address, this still holds true.

• The offer is only valid for new accounts opened and deposits made between 17:45 GMT on March 18, 2022 and 16:00 BST on April 29, 2022 by individuals who are residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Malta, providing they are not currently SBK/Smarkets Exchange clients.

• This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other sign-up offer we currently have.

The standard SBK promotion terms and conditions are in effect.

Visit view the full T&Cs, go to SBK.

Frequently Asked SBK Questions

How can I benefit from the SBK promotion of £10 bet, £30 reward?

1. Just click the link, download the app, and follow the on-screen directions to create an account.

2. Put down £10.

3. Receive free bets worth £30 to utilise.

Only new users from Malta, the UK, and Ireland. The first deposit can only be made using a debit card or Trustly, and it must be a minimum of £10 or €10. Free bets can only be used for a total of 90 days. There are terms and conditions.

Do I Need an SBK Coupon Code to Benefit from the Welcome Offer?

No coupon is necessary! Click here, then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Could SBK stand for Smarkets Sportsbook as an acronym?

Yes. Smarkets was founded in 2008 as a peer-to-peer betting platform (often referred to as a betting exchange) that enables users to wager with other users on a range of markets, such as sports, politics, and others. Following in the footsteps of other well-known exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets recently debuted a sportsbook. The Smarkets sportsbook is run under the auspices of the SBK brand.

The SBK Sportsbook is only accessible via mobile devices, right?

Yes, in order to access the SBK odds, you will need to download the SBK mobile app. With this novel approach, SBK stands out from its market competitors, virtually all of whom still offer fully functional desktop websites. The SBK app has a terrific design and a tonne of interesting features that are entertaining to play around with.

What is the best place to find promo codes for SBK Sportsbook?

We at My Betting Sites have not conducted a thorough analysis of all of the SBK promotional codes that are available online because you do not require a bonus code to take advantage of the SBK £30 free bets offer. This is a result of the possibility of finding these codes online. You can immediately qualify for the promotion by creating an account by clicking the linked link and doing as instructed on the screen.


Due to the SBK sportsbook’s exclusivity as a mobile app, placing bets may at first feel a little unusual for UK bettors utilising it. This contrasts with the experience they have while utilising different, more conventional sportsbook options. However, it is clear that SBK put a lot of effort into the user experience because it is straightforward to navigate the programme and find the markets and bets you are looking for.

Soccer from SBK

Football markets are a mainstay of any top UK bookmaker’s portfolio, and SBK is a brand-new app-only sportsbook, but it doesn’t change the fact that!

For football bettors, SBK’s Price+ promise is a crucial component. According to SBK, the costs for at least half of all the football games examined throughout the study for this assessment were lower than those provided by top rivals. This was established by contrasting the odds provided by SBK with those provided by top rivals.

Football odds at SBK are consistently better than those at several of its competitors.

You can wager on a wide range of different markets, including match odds, goal lines, handicaps, and even the player who will score the game’s first goal. Additionally, it’s great to visit card stores and flea markets.

Overall, SBK doesn’t offer quite the same range of markets as some other bookmakers do, but as you can see from what has been demonstrated thus far, all of the crucial alternatives for placing a football wager are fully covered.

Almost all of the major professional football leagues played in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world currently offer pre-match markets.

Additionally, there is a wide selection of outright markets that cover the top competitions both domestically and overseas.

Esports by SBK

Esports betting is available in both pre-match and in-play markets.

Esports betting is a growing sector of the sports betting market that isn’t likely to slow off anytime soon. There are many specialised esports bookmakers, and a sizable percentage of the most reliable UK online sportsbooks now offer fantastic esports markets.

Even while SBK esports betting isn’t the best available option, it’s still not terribly bad either.

Bettors on SBK can wager on the most significant CS:GO and LOL competitions.

In addition to winner and match winner markets, spreads and totals markets are now available, which should meet the needs of the majority of esports bettors.

It would be advantageous for SBK to add a few more diversified games, such Dota 2 and/or sports-based games, to the selection of games they provide in their esports sector. There is no doubt that they will attempt to do so in the future as esports continue to gain market share.

Competing in SBK races

Great horse racing odds are available at the SBK sportsbook thanks to the affiliation between SBK and its bigger brother Smarkets. Another significant activity for UK bettors is horse racing, which is also one of the most watched sports on Smarkets.

As is to be expected, all of the daily racing events in the United Kingdom and Ireland are thoroughly covered. Additionally, there are enough international races available for betting, including events in nations like Australia and Japan.

Racing enthusiasts at SBK have the option to wager on a variety of international events in addition to the daily races that are held in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The betting options, however, are very limited when compared to those offered by top bookmakers in the horse racing sector, like Ladbrokes. Most events only have two betting options: who will win and where the race will finish.

Another thing that must be disregarded is the lack of a live streaming option. If you are the type of horse racing bettor who, for instance, prefers to join the market late based on how the horses are behaving as they line up in the stalls, or if you just want to watch the action once you have put on the race, a bookmaker like Bet365 is the better bet for you.


If we were to publish a thorough analysis of SBK without at least briefly mentioning its older sibling, Smarkets, we would be behaving in a manner that is unworthy of us. Smarkets is a betting exchange, so users can place bets against one another rather than a bookmaker, as is the case with traditional gamblers, on sporting events.

For instance, a bettor may believe that Team A, which has odds of 1.6 (3/5), has a higher probability of winning than Team B. Another bettor has the ability to “lay” that wager if they think the odds of 1.6 on Team A are too low (i.e. take the other side). By subtracting a small fee from clients’ overall purchases, exchanges make money.

Smarkets first launched its peer-to-peer betting exchange in 2008, and the company has now debuted its sportsbook product, known as SBK, by capitalizing on the ongoing success of that enterprise. This is very reminiscent of the strategy used by Betfair, the most well-known betting exchange in the world, to launch its sportsbook back in 2012.

SBK’s political views

SBK is gifted not just in sports but in many other areas as well. Building on the good reputation that Smarkets has established for offering precise pricing of important political events like general elections, SBK offers a wide variety of political markets in addition to other types of specials.

Political markets at SBK are the best in the business.

For instance, SBK would be the place to back Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the 2024 US presidential election if you think he can create a government that is “of the people’s elbow, by the people’s elbow, and for the people’s elbow.”

No other top bookmaker comes close to SBK’s selection of political markets.

Markets are offered by SBK on a wide range of subjects, such as whether or not secretaries of state will remain in their positions, the results of election commissions, average party polling, mayoral elections, party leaders, independence referendums, and more!


Simply put, SBK is totally committed to the mobile app. It occupies a particularly distinctive position in the UK industry because it is a sports betting platform that can only be accessed through mobile apps. This shouldn’t surprise anyone in the modern world because there are already social networking sites, banking, and many more services available only through apps.

You had better have a top-notch app if you exclusively use a mobile app to conduct business as a bookie. Thankfully, SBK have succeeded in doing just that.

The software is user-friendly in every way, from placing bets to managing your account information, including the how it looks, how simple it is to switch between and within markets, etc.


For usage on iOS devices, the SBK software can be purchased and downloaded through the App Store.

On any iOS-powered device, the SBK app may be downloaded for nothing from the Apple App Store.

It is a small, portable product with an easy-to-use interface that will look great next to all of your other stylish Apple programmes.

Unlike some of its rivals in the UK’s online sportsbetting business, SBK Android can be downloaded straight from the official Google Play Store. Nice. This saves you the trouble of trying to find the right way to download the.apk file, change the permissions on your device, and blah blah blah, etc. This is an indication of both quality and trust.

App Smarkets

If you’re looking for the sportsbook product, make sure you install SBK and don’t install the two apps in error. Big brother of SBK’s exchange betting Additionally, Smarkets provides a mobile app for iOS and Android users.


Make a £10 deposit and get £30 in free bets.

Only new users from Malta, the UK, and Ireland. The first deposit can only be made using a debit card or Trustly, and it must be a minimum of £10 or €10. Free bets can only be used for a total of 90 days. There are terms and conditions.

In the UK’s very competitive online betting business, SBK represents a revolutionary foray. Due to the numerous advantageous features it provides over what the competition provides, SBK is able to set itself out from the competitors.

SBK Auto Account

Online bookmakers in the UK have made a big push in recent years toward the implementation of Bet Builders and other technology. Even if SBK does not offer a product that is intended to be used as a bet builder, it is very straightforward to combine different markets on your betting slip to obtain the same type of customized multiple.

The SBK auto Acca will prove to be a helpful tool for bettors when choosing their accumulator bets.

The Auto Acca feature of SBK presents a distinctive viewpoint on a gaming element that is otherwise well-known. After you select the auto Acca option, SBK will automatically create a multiple bet for you. The markets in this multiple bet will include a wide range of sports and marketplaces.

This is a wonderful innovation that fits in well with the app-first environment and may provide you some suggestions for bets when you are unsure of the markets that are available.

SBK Tips are an additional feature that works very well with SBK’s social focus as an app-only solution.

One further benefit that improves the whole SBK experience is the chance to follow and react to tips.

You can follow and compete against friends or other top tipsters, as well as respond to and comment on other people’s picks.

Many other businessmen have attempted but failed, to establish a presence in the fiercely competitive sports social media industry alongside platforms like Twitter and Instagram. By successfully incorporating social media capabilities into the primary betting service in a supporting role, SBK might have hit the nail on the head.

SBK Live Chat is currently accessible.

The SBK app’s ‘account’ section gives users immediate access to the business’s 24/7 live chat customer support service. This is a nice change from the methods used by certain bookmakers, who bury the live chat feature under multiple levels of websites and query clients with phrases such, “Are you sure that this problem can’t be resolved by searching in our Frequently Asked Questions section?”

Anyway, My Betting Sites is happy to tell that SBK’s live chat gives prompt and beneficial responses to enquiries regarding anything and everything, as stated in the live chat’s promise that it does (as long as it is pertinent to betting on SBK, of course).

IMPORTANT: Although the SBK sportsbook can only be accessed using a mobile app, you can access the SBK support centre using a desktop browser. It’s crucial to have this knowledge.

In order to contact SBK, bettors can do so through phone, email, or Twitter message. beautiful work

Payout to SBK

Like the bulk of the other top online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom at this point, SBK offers a respectable cash-out option.

As the odds change, cash-out offers are frequently updated in-play, and thanks to SBK’s close relationship with the Smarkets exchange, you can be confident that you’re getting a good cash-out offer in this case.

Livestreaming of the SBK

Although live streaming is one of their strengths, SBK falls short of some of the other UK bookmakers in this regard. It is challenging to present any kind of in-depth analysis of the service that is offered at SBK because live streaming is not an option.

Offers to Existing Clients of SBK

Comparing the SBK platform to more traditional online bookmakers, it is organised in a fairly unusual manner. Smaller screen real estate on mobile-only apps makes it more challenging to display significant deals and betting incentives. This is one of the causes of the situation.

One of SBK’s most distinctive qualities is Price+.

Instead, SBK focuses its current efforts on customer retention on highlighting the firm’s competitive advantages. Due to its close ties to the Smarkets exchange, the company is able to offer higher odds than many other sportsbooks, which is one of its most significant advantages.

The green triangle in the SBK Price+ should catch your attention because it denotes the best odds available on the market for the SBK.

The SBK Price+ offer might be viewed as having the “best odds guaranteed.” On as many markets and sports as they can, SBK wants to outperform top bookmakers like Bet365, SkyBet, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Unibet.

Payment options accepted by SBK

Players from the UK have a range of payment methods to select from thanks to SBK. Given how recently SBK joined the market, this is a fantastic success for them. Deposits made in the following ways are now accepted:

Open Banking, Visa debit, Solo/Maestro, MasterCard/Eurocard, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, and PayPal are just a few examples.

Except for PayPal, which requires a deposit of £20, all payment options have a minimum deposit requirement of £10.

The period of withdrawal for SBK

You just won big on the 16.45 at Sedgefield or on your 4312/1 accumulator, and you want to withdraw your winnings so you can treat yourself to something nice.

How long will it take after the money has been placed for it to appear in your bank account? The estimated current SBK withdrawal times are listed below:

Visa debit: 1-6 business days; Solo and Maestro: 1-6 working days; Open Banking: 12 hours

• Visa, American Express, and Discover: one to six working days

Neteller: one to two business days

• Skrill: one to two business days

Trustly takes 1-2 business days, Money Transfer by Bank takes 5-10 business days, and PayPal takes 1-2 business days.


Make a £10 deposit and get £30 in free bets.

Due to its distinctive mobile app-only strategy, SBK stands out in the UK industry for online sports betting. By offering a top-notch, user-friendly sports betting platform that is also among the most competitive in terms of its odds, SBK truly delivers the goods.


The well-known betting exchange Smarkets’ sportsbook brand SBK launched in 2019 with the stated goal of providing the “fairest and funnest” app for betting on sports and politics. Smarkets is the owner of SBK. To achieve this, it relied on the existing Smarkets infrastructure to provide transparent pricing and improved the betting experience with in-app social features.

The SBK app was created by the engineering department at the Los Angeles headquarters of Smarket. Currently, it focuses mostly on the British market, but there are plans to expand operations in the not-too-distant future to cover the lucrative American markets as well.

The company that runs SBK, Smarkets (Malta) Limited, has a licence from the UK’s Gambling Commission (with the number 39173). SBK can be accessed through their website. Additionally, it is authorised and governed for usage outside of the UK by the Malta Gaming Authority.

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