Review of Spreadex

Customers can bet on a range of sports and buy and sell different kinds of financial assets on Spreadex, an online betting and trading platform. Since Spreadex offers spread betting in addition to the more conventional fixed odds, it differs from other online sportsbooks. Another choice is the Spreadex Casino, which offers a wide variety of games.


  • A spread betting service that has received numerous honors
  • betting calculator
  • great mobile application


  • Zero PayPal payments
  • Not suitable for those new to gambling


Simply because it is one of the most unusual sports betting sites currently accessible on the market, Spreadex is one of the online bookies that we recommend the most. You may attempt spread betting, which has its own set of risks but offers the chance to win even more money if the choice you make turns out to be the right one.


The market’s most-awarded spread betting website, which has long been the leader in its field.

In addition to a distinct software for financial trading, there is a mobile betting app available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

A sizable live streaming archive with a wide selection of sports, including snooker, football, tennis, and more.


Only bank accounts or credit or debit cards are accepted for deposits. Electronic wallets cannot be used to make deposits or withdrawals.

Some people may find it challenging to comprehend the spread betting markets, and they carry more risk.


In addition to spread betting, Spreadex also provides fixed odds betting, but it is the latter that makes signing up for Spreadex valuable. It is more appropriate for skilled intermediate to advanced bettors.

Even though the site seems vintage, the technology it uses is fully modern, and everything functions without a hitch. You won’t have any trouble locating anything you need.

Spreadex is not suitable for all investors, much like spread betting in general. Spreadex’s stellar reputation within the industry has good cause. It has the potential to be an excellent substitute for set odds if you take the time to grasp how everything works, and there is a good reason for that reputation.

Review of Spreadex

The FT1000 named St. Albans, Hertfordshire-based Spreadex as one of the top 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2017. It is also largely regarded as one of the most prosperous betting companies in the UK.

Because the organisation has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, if you are interested in spread betting and want to get started, the service is good and the platform is just what you need.

Spreadex’s introductory offer, which includes of free bets, is a good place to start, and there will be further benefits available to you moving forward.

Spread-free bets and the Refer & Earn offer are two examples of entries in this section, along with news and blog posts, which you may find under the Promotions heading.

The website primarily concentrates on horse racing and football markets, but it also has links to resources about other significant sports. By clicking on any event, you can view all of the spreads as well as the fixed odds.

Spreadex has placed a small symbol next to each prospective wager so that users can click on the icon to learn more about the wager’s terms. Since each spread betting market has specific needs, this is essential.

Once you’ve gone through each market, you’ll notice that everything is really well arranged and easy to understand. The site does not have a section dedicated to fixed odds; rather, you must look at the odds that are fixed for each individual event.

There are numerous different wagering options available with the Spreadex football betting package.

By visiting the mobile website or installing the app, which is available for both the Apple iPhone and the Google Android operating system, you may also place bets using a mobile device.

Numerous channels, including email, live chat, and the regular phone number, offer excellent customer support.

There are alternatives to eWallets on the list of accepted payment methods, including debit cards, bank transfers, checks, and direct debits. One of the minor shortcomings is this.


Get incentives of £40.

50 free games and 7 free bets worth £5 each.

You must place a qualified fixed odds wager for a minimum of £25 at odds of 1/2 or greater. The qualifying wager cannot be placed during play or cashed out before to the event’s end. A first free £5 fixed odds wager will be credited to the customer’s account following the settlement of the qualifying bet. On subsequent days, your account will receive four separate bonuses totaling £5 in cost-free fixed odds wagers. After you place your first free bet at fixed odds, you will also get a free £5 Total Goals spread bet. After creating an account, you have 28 days to claim your free bets and spins. There are no wins associated with the free bet or spin stake. Applying terms and conditions 18+ begambleaware.org

You can receive a bonus of forty pounds if you sign up for Spreadex through My Betting Sites today and place a qualifying wager.

How to benefit from the Spreadex sign-up promotion

To open a new Spreadex account, click the “claim” button as seen above.

Make a £25 fixed-odds bet with a payout of no less than 1/2 the odds (1.50)

Get 50 bonus Starburst spins, five free bets of £5 on fixed odds, and two free bets of £5 on total goals spread betting.

Terms & Conditions for the Spreadex Join-Up Offer

You must make a fixed odds wager of at least £25 at odds of 1/2 or more to be eligible.

The qualifying wager cannot be placed during play or cashed out before to the event’s end.

After placing the winning qualifying bet, you will receive credit for your first free £5 fixed odds wager.

A total of four free £5 bets with fixed odds will be added to your account over the following four days.

You will immediately receive a free £5 total goals spread bet after your first free bet at fixed odds is completed.

Your free bets and spins must be claimed within the first 28 days of opening an account.

A free round’s wager or spin stake does not contribute to any wins.

Conditions and Terms Apply

only for adults, begambleaware.org

To discover the whole terms and conditions of the Spreadex sign-up offer, go to Spreadex.

Sportsbook Spreadex

The two most popular sports for wagering are football and horse racing, and the most renowned sports on Spreadex are the ones that draw the most interest in the UK. The most well-known sports in Spreadex also get the most interest in the UK.

There is a bet builder option available, and fixed odds football wagers are permitted. However, the selections on the bet builder are not quite as wide-ranging as they are on some of the other prominent UK sportsbooks.

There are numerous intriguing markets inside each game when it comes to spread betting, including the following:

Goals total

on the shirts are numbers (sum of all goalscorers)

Goal minutes overall

Corners plus Bookings plus Goals

Scrabbled Shirts (the sum of a player’s name’s scrabble points)

Additionally, you have the choice to wager on a full slate of games, giving you something to anticipate over the course of an entire weekend. You can take part in these markets for both the most well-known leagues and the less well-known games, and the majority of them are concentrated on goals.

Horse racing spread betting operates similarly to how it was previously described. In addition to taking part in the racecard markets, you have the choice to buy, sell, or wager on specific races.

The first, second, and third-place finishers in each race receive points. You are essentially betting on how many points your horse will score when you place a wager on the over or under for the total number of points for your horse.


A “spread” is just the betting site’s prediction of the outcome, and it is something that the site chooses for each market it provides.

As a result, the spread for football in a total goals market may be anywhere between 2.2 and 2.6. The choice is yours between “purchasing” the asset at 2.6 and “selling” it for 2.2.

The amount you win or lose depends on the difference between 2.6 and the total number of goals scored. If you were to buy at 2.6 for £10 per point, each goal would be worth £10.

No goals = loss of £26

1 goal = loss of £16

a £6 loss as a result of two goals

4p for a victory with three goals

Four goals resulted in a victory for $14.

Five goals resulted in a win for £24

A £34 victory courtesy of six goals

The numerous different markets that are available, as each sport has its own distinct set of marketplaces, may be a lot of fun to explore if you are new to this.

In golf, there is a sort of wagering called “leaderboard betting in play.” In that points are given to participants who place first or second on the scoreboard, this sort of betting is comparable to horse racing. The higher your selections place if you choose to buy, the more money you will win. Given that you get a bigger payment if the player places second instead of fifth, this is a terrific alternative to betting with set odds each way on golf.

Live Spreadex Betting (Spreadex)

On Spreadex, there are numerous opportunities to wager prior to a game as well as numerous opportunities to wager during the game.

In the in-play area, spread betting and fixed odds are offered for a number of sports, including football, cricket, tennis, snooker, and more.

In the game of snooker, you can buy or sell spreads on specific games, and in the game of tennis, you can do the same for specific games.

The selection of live basketball games, which includes competitions like the Syrian Women’s League, is also fairly strong.

“If you have been betting for a while and are searching for a new challenge, Spreadex is a great option to take into account. The site is primarily used by me for live betting on golf, but I also use it for football because I like to stick with a single stake over the course of an entire weekend. It should not be surprising that Spreadex has received numerous accolades given the high level of professionalism demonstrated throughout the service.”

Spreadex offers live streaming

When you are in the “in-play” section, you will see a tab that says “Streaming.” A list of potential events can be found directly beneath this tab.

The collection is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of themes when compared to other UK betting websites.

You may view the video on your computer or on a mobile device, and doing so is a great way to stay updated while keeping an eye on your bets.

Significant chunks of cricket, tennis, and other sports, as well as the majority of snooker tournaments, are aired live.

Making Money Using Spreadex

Spreadex offers a standard pay out option, and if you choose, you can also set up an automatic cash out.

If you are using the auto cash out feature, your wager will be automatically paid out after your profit exceeds a particular amount while the event is still taking place.

In all other situations, you have the option to stop a bet early, lock in a profit, or lessen losses by using the normal pay out.


It’s likely that the Spreadex Casino is an underrated component of the website, but given that it provides a large selection of games to pick from, it undoubtedly deserves more recognition than it currently receives.

If you are an experienced player, you will be familiar with the names of the game developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, from which you may choose from a wide variety of slot games.

Many different variations of roulette and blackjack provide this option, which enables you to play with actual dealers if you’re interested in doing so.


Do I have a chance to get free bets on Spreadex?

When you register for the Spreadex introductory offer, you can get up to £40 in free bets and incentives. How to make a claim is as follows:

Sign up for a Spreadex account.

Make a £25 fixed-odds bet with a payout of no less than 1/2 the odds (1.50)

Get 50 bonus Starburst spins, five free bets of £5 on fixed odds, and two free bets of £5 on total goals spread betting.

Any fixed-odds wager that is going to be considered must have odds of at least one-half. The bettor will receive credit for a first £10 free fixed odds bet as well as a £5 free Total Goals football spread bet following the settlement of the qualifying wager. You will receive a free £5 total goals football spread bet the next day in addition to a second free £10 fixed odds wager. The promotion may be redeemed for up to 28 days after the account is created. Any free bet stake will not be added to any winning bets. See the full terms and conditions for more information. 18+ begambleaware.org

What does the phrase “spread betting” mean?

When you place a spread bet, the bookmaker will set the “spread,” or prediction of the result, and you can choose to “buy” or “sell” based on whether you believe the result will be higher or lower. Being more precise will result in more prizes, while being significantly wrong will result in greater loses.

Does Spreadex provide fixed-odds betting?

Indeed. The option for “Fixed Odds” can be found toward the top of the page when you click on any of the events.

Spread betting: Is it riskier?

Spread betting exposes you to higher risk because there’s a possibility you could lose more money than you bet. Naturally, since it also works the opposite way, it is more lucrative, and you may win more by being even more correct. This indicates that the overall experience is more satisfying. You should first take into account the potential dangers and the level of volatility before locking in your Spreadex bets.

Does Spreadex have a bet builder built in?

You can use Spreadex to build football bets, yes. The outcomes, goal scorers, corners, booking points, handicaps, and a number of other alternatives are among the options.

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