Review of TVG

TVG immediately became a national leader in the horse racing betting industry after making its cable television debut in 1999. In 32 states, both iOS and Android users can now download the TVG horse racing betting app.

The Triple Crown is now being contested, and the Belmont Stakes will be held on June 11. Therefore, this is the perfect time to open a TVG account. Anyone with an interest in horse racing should read the review that follows since it explains why we believe TVG is a company that needs to be looked at.

TVG, which is a member of FanDuel Group and provides betting, only offers horse racing wagering; it does not offer wagering on other sports. TVG is currently offering a very sizable welcome bonus to new subscribers.

Through July 2022, a TVG horse racing coupon is valid.

First-time single horse bettors who lose will receive up to $200 of their winnings back from TVG. Utilize discount code 200TVG! The aforementioned conditions and restrictions are valid.

To qualify for the TVG Horse Racing promotion, click on our unique Claim A $200 Win Wager Back link. You have 15 calendar days from the time you sign up for the service to make your first wager. The bet must be a win/place, win/show, or win/place/show bet in order to qualify. You can do this in any race, at any location. Exotic wagers are not permitted; only one horse may be the subject of a qualifying wager. You should be aware that only the winning portion of a win/place, win/show, or win/place/show wager will count toward eligibility. If your original wager is unsuccessful, you will receive a bonus up to a maximum of $200 that is equivalent to the amount you staked. Any remaining bonus monies in your TVG account that are not used after 30 days will be removed.

Comparing this incentive to those provided by other of TVG’s competitors, it stands out favourably in terms of both its financial value and the manner in which it is administered. For instance, some other programmes provide up to $200 in bonus funds, but the funds can only be withdrawn after meeting a four-time playthrough requirement, which means the player must wager $800 in total before collecting the entire amount.

TVG Provides Betting on All Three Triple Crown Events

The Belmont Stakes on June 11, 2022, will mark the conclusion of the third and final leg of the Triple Crown. Rich Strike’s unexpected victory in the Kentucky Derby, where he defied odds of 80-1 to win, gave this year’s Triple Crown a head start.

To compete in the Belmont Stakes, Rich Strike will return to the contest. Due to an injury, Rich Strike was unable to compete in the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown. There won’t be a horse that completes the Triple Crown in 2022. The last horse to capture the Triple Crown in 2018 was Justify. Earlier this year, he did so.

The Preakness Stakes in 2022, which took place at Pimlico Race Course, were won by Early Voting. Epicenter was the clear favourite to win the Preakness Stakes after placing second in the Kentucky Derby. He did not, however, prevail in the wager.

The morning line odds and post positions for the Belmont were made public on June 7.

The 2022 Belmont Stakes morning line odds

We the People had a 2-1 advantage as the betting favourite according to the morning line odds. He triumphed in his most recent contest, the Peter Pan Stakes, which was held at Belmont Park. It’s possible that the Belmont Stakes will take place under similar conditions given that this event was held on a wet track. Rain is possible on Saturday, with a 40% chance of occurring, according to the forecast.

The only quick horse in the field is We The People, and the pace of the Belmont Stakes is expected to be considerably slower than that of the Kentucky Derby.

Mo Donegal is a colt you should keep an eye on at the Belmont Stakes. The Wood Memorial Stakes champion participated in the Kentucky Derby but came in sixth.

Nest is the name of the sole filly entered in the Belmont Stakes. She just came in second place in the Kentucky Oaks, narrowly behind Secret Oath, who took first place.

The top-notch TVG Mobile App quality (five out of five)

The TVG horse racing betting app is one of the most dependable and practical options available. When using the TVG app, you have access to more than 300 tracks from around the globe. The competitions are broadcast live in HD (HD). Additionally, new clients will be able to benefit from the unique handicapping data that TVG offers, which includes race replays and past results. Whether it’s the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, or the Breeders’ Cup, you may set up notifications for every race. Both novice and seasoned gamblers will find all they require on the TVG app when it comes to making bets.

Apple customers

Users of Apple’s iOS operating system can easily download the TVG app from the Apple App Store. The only two states in the US where this isn’t the case are Arizona and New Jersey. The only way to access an account is on a desktop computer, and the only way to place bets is through the TVG wagering hotline number because mobile betting is not permitted in Arizona (1-888-TVG-Wager.) Despite the fact that mobile gambling is permitted in New Jersey, TVG does business there under the name 4NJBets.

Apple Users

TVG does offer a mobile app for Android devices, but as of right now, only residents of Illinois and Indiana can utilise it. For users in specific states, the app is accessible on the Google Play Store. The good news is that people living in other states can still use any web browser to access’s mobile website and have a nearly identical experience on their mobile devices.

Creating a profile for the account

The registration process will be quite easy for you to complete after you have downloaded your app or found the mobile website. Simply click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page, then adhere to the prompts that appear on the screen.

Depositing Funds into Your Account

The selection of deposit options offered by TVG is wide-ranging. Before making a deposit, users should take the time to review the list of accepted deposit methods because some of them have fees and others don’t. The following payment options have no additional fees: paying cash at a participating track or at a retail location using the PayNearMe function; using an e-check, money order, check, or Green Dot MoneyPak. A wire transfer will cost you $15, and you can also pay with debit and credit cards, PayPal, or TVG Prepaid Cards. However, each of these methods carries a $5 fee.

Setting Up Your First Bet

You can place your first bet once you have deposited money into your account. On TVG, the next races are shown right at the top of the home screen. Just below this are going to be the most popular races of the day. Additionally, you can search for races by inputting the track’s name. You can view the whole field of horses vying for that race by clicking on any of the races. Any horse may be the subject of a “win” wager by simply touching on its name on your bet sheet. You’ll also see options for placing a number of other extra types of bets at the very top of the page.

Options for TVG wagering

TVG does a great job of giving you access to all of the betting options you would typically find at a racetrack. This is something you may anticipate seeing at a track. Even better, you can finish the entire process from the comfort of your home, saving you from having to stand in line at the betting window.

Play-at-Home Betting

Horse racing pari-mutuel wagers are those made on the races themselves. Instead of competing with the casino or the sportsbook, picture yourself competing with the other players at the table. The total wagers made on a specific betting market are combined into one pool, and the winners split the money (after taxes and track fee). It may take some getting used to for bettors who wager on sports where the odds are set by the bookmaker and cannot be changed after a bet has been placed. In pari-mutuel gambling, the payout odds are calculated by factoring in both the total size of the betting pool and the number of bets that have been placed and won.

wagers on the outcome of sporting events

You may be familiar with the expression “win, place, and show.” This phrase, which has its roots in horse racing, describes the standard wagers made on a single horse in that activity.

A win bet entails a wager that the horse of your choice will finish the race first.

Place bet: Your horse must finish first or second in order for you to win this wager.

In order to win the Show bet, your horse must finish first, second, or third in the race.

You can also place separate bets on a horse’s likelihood to win, place, and show by placing a stake “across the board” on a single animal.

Bets on several races

At TVG, wagers can be made on a variety of horses that are participating in many races. While playing the Daily Double, you must select the winners of two consecutive races. In order to place a Pick-3 or Pick-5 wager, the bettor must accurately pick the winners of three or five different races.

Unusual Bets

The following are some uncommon bets that may be made at TVG, and depending on the number of horses involved and the odds given to each horse individually, the potential rewards for these bets might be significant.

Put money down on the front and rear horses in the exact order that they cross the finish line.

You must pick the horses that place first, second, and third in the right order to win a trifecta wager.

To win the “Superfecta,” wager on the first, second, third, and fourth horses in the correct order.

On specific games, bettors have the option to “box” their wagers. There is no predetermined order in which the horses must finish the race; you will just have to pay more.

TVG Live Racing and Betting received a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

On your mobile device, TVG allows you to view live HD broadcasts of more than 300 different songs. This service, which is available to anybody with a TVG betting account at no cost, allows you to watch the vast majority of races. There’s a chance that certain racetracks won’t offer live streaming, and major events occasionally have exclusive broadcasting deals with TV networks.

The ability to use the TVG Horse Betting App (3.5 out of 5)

It’s interesting to note that TVG is not only available but also entirely legal in many states where other forms of sports betting are prohibited. In 30 of the 32 states where TVG operations are based, the betting app can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store. The only states that do not allow mobile betting are Arizona and New Jersey, where TVG operates under the trade name 4NJBets.

On the other hand, only two out of the 32 states—Illinois and Indiana—can make the TVG Android App available through the Google Play Store. Fortunately for residents of the other 30 states, the mobile website at offers a nearly identical experience to that offered by the mobile app.

The TVG Horse Betting Mobile App received a 4.6 out of 5 rating overall.

By adding together and averaging each category’s individual marks, one may determine the total TVG score. In the end, the only variable that significantly affects this number is the limited availability of some goods. Thanks to the TVG app, bettors have access to everything they need to improve their chances of winning at the racetrack. This program comes highly recommended when it comes to wagering on horse racing.

A FAQ for the TVG betting app

Is it illegal to download and use the TVG betting app in the United States?

Yes, provided that you satisfy the conditions of being a resident of and having your physical location within one of the 32 states in the United States where TVG conducts business. The following states are the ones where TVG is currently willing to deal with customers: AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, ID, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MT, NH, NM, NY, ND, OH, OR, PA, RI, SD, VT, VI, WA, WV, WY.

Where can I get the TVG mobile app for my smartphone to download?

With the exception of Arizona (desktop only) and New Jersey, the iOS app may be downloaded via the Apple App Store (operates as 4NJBets). With the exception of users in Illinois and Indiana, who can access TVG through the Google Play Store, Android smartphone users can currently only access TVG on their devices by accessing the mobile version of

The results of the horse races staged at TVG are available where?

You can reach the results section by choosing More from the menu that displays in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Where can I get a horse racing live stream that I can watch?

A blue “Watch Live” button will show at the very top of the screen for viewers to click if a live stream is offered for the race they have picked.

Can live wagers be made on the TVG racing app?

Regrettably, wagers can only be placed prior to the start of the race.

What kind of bonus is offered for joining TVG, if any?

Yes, the current welcome bonus offers brand-new customers the chance to win up to $200 on a single horse wager, with the money returned in the form of credits if the bet is unsuccessful. The aforementioned conditions and restrictions are valid.

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