Fantasy Soccer Daily

Fantasy Soccer Daily

Although daily fantasy sports may have originated in American sports, European soccer has seen a boom in the popularity of the game. Daily fantasy soccer is becoming more and more popular in the US as the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League do.

For those who are not familiar with daily fantasy, participants put together a lineup of athletes from a particular sport on a particular day. The benefit is that players won’t be forced to play with a subpar lineup for the entire season, but they’ll need to be knowledgeable about the various matchups to succeed in any competition they enter.

Due to the nature of a soccer game, daily fantasy soccer can be a little different from other daily fantasy sports like football or baseball. While positions and stat lines in football and baseball are highly predictable, it’s not unheard of for a defense to score significant goals or contribute an assist in soccer. Daily fantasy soccer thus serves as a true test of a player’s general understanding of the game as well as their familiarity with the leagues, teams, and players they are using for their lineups.

Various Daily Fantasy Soccer Competitions

• Face-to-Face | simple contests where the winner takes all against another user.

• Tournaments | the most paid competitions frequently have a prize pool that is guaranteed for the top finishers.

• Qualifiers | Competitions with low entry costs that award free entries into higher-stakes tournament competitions.

• 50/50 | More compact formats that distribute the reward money equally among the winners.

• The multipliers of these bigger competitions promise winners to multiply their registration price by a specific amount, similar to 50/50.

• Freerolls | Free entry games where, rather than real money, admission tickets to other games on the website are at stake.

How to Pick Daily Fantasy Soccer Teams

A person’s daily fantasy soccer team will consist of eight players. Depending on the venue, the team will normally include of a goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two forwards, and either a third midfielder or a player from any field position. Typically, players must choose their daily fantasy teams from a variety of leagues.

The salary cap that players must work within is similar to that of other daily fantasy sports. With DraftKings giving a $50,000 cap and FanDuel offering a $60,000 cap, salary caps might vary depending on the platform. The cost of the best players in each league can reach $10,000 or higher, so building a strong team without spending too much on any one player is essential for success.

In Daily Fantasy Soccer, scoring

Draftkings and FanDuel Field Player Scoring Comparison

  • Scoring DraftKings FanDuel
  • Goal 10 15
  • Assist 6 7
  • Shot 1 N/A
  • 1 attempts on goal.
  • Cross 0.75 (in any circumstance) N/A
  • Chances Generated 3
  • 1 fouls drawn N/A
  • Foul Admitted -0.5 N/A
  • 1.3 Tackle Won
  • Interception of Pass 0.5 1.3
  • Clearance N/A 1.3
  • Shot Blocked N/A 1.3 (defenders only)
  • -1.5 Yellow Cards N/A
  • Rejected -3 N/A
  • Missed penalty: -5 N/A
  • Clean Sheet 3 (just for defenders) 5 (defenders only)
  • Draftkings and FanDuel’s goalkeeper scoring is compared.
  • Scoring DraftKings FanDuel
  • 5 – 10 Clean Sheet
  • Goals Permitted -2 – 2.5
  • Saves 2 3
  • Wins 5 7
  • 3 penalties saved N/A

Constantly review the daily fantasy rules

There are a few additional scoring-related points to consider. Since score regulations vary from site to site, you should always check your site before participating. Some websites only record clean sheets for players who play for a minimum of 60 minutes and show bonuses based on the final score.

The best results will almost always come from selecting the right goal scorers, but a lineup that performs well on one site might not be effective on another. While DraftKings will reward a more disciplined, well-rounded roster, FanDuel is far more focused on finding the official scorecard in a game. It’s also important to note that unlike DraftKings, FanDuel does not penalize entry for having players who pick up cards.

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain websites could demand that entries include players from various teams. FanDuel does not have the same limitations as DraftKings, which demands that entries contain players from three distinct teams. Therefore, supporters of a certain team should check the regulations before savoring the talents of their squad.

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