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Tips For Beginners in Daily Fantasy Sports

The daily fantasy sports (DFS) sector is a growing one in the online gambling industry. It will be enormously well-liked, especially in the United States. This is primarily because the games are easy to play and they are legal to play as a hobby. Just two of the markets this specialty serves are disgruntled sports bettors and dislocated poker players. Fantasy sports participants are also getting engaged.

Daily fantasy sports offer plenty of opportunities for smart players to make money, but there is a learning curve. Nobody ever becomes a professional poker or sports bettor overnight, and the same is true of daily fantasy sports.

This page’s goal is to give newcomers some guidance that will accelerate their learning process.

Our guidance will help ensure that everyone is adequately prepared because several areas of daily fantasy sports can be difficult when bettors aren’t ready for them.

Just keep in mind that no matter how many beginner’s guides to daily fantasy sports you read, nothing will get you up to speed as quickly as actually entering the ring. Therefore, the best advice we can give is to simply get started as soon as possible. Sports aficionados will particularly enjoy how entertaining this hobby can be.

Select the Best DFS Website

Utilizing the finest sites is crucial to getting the most out of playing daily fantasy sports. Thankfully, most of the selections are enjoyable locations to play, although there aren’t many that are particularly top-notch. If you want to know where we suggest playing, please check out our list of the best daily fantasy sports sites.

Please remember that using numerous sites has some benefits and that you don’t have to limit yourself to playing at just one. Additionally, we advise gamblers to choose the sites they intend to use based on what is best for them. There is no use in signing up somewhere that doesn’t have golf contests if you want to play fantasy golf in addition to, say, fantasy football. In a similar vein, it doesn’t make much sense to register with a smaller site that only hosts contests with a tiny field if your goal is to win the highest rewards.

Make the most of bonuses

The majority of daily fantasy sports websites provide new users a 100% sign-up bonus. That means that simply by signing up, your bankroll will increase by twofold. Please be sure to read the small print in order to receive this bonus because in many respects, it can seem too good to be true.

It’s important to keep in mind that different websites have different maximum deposit bonuses. For instance, Site A might only provide a maximum of $200. There is no further incentive offered for deposits over $200. However, Site B might only provide a maximum of $600. Here’s why it’s important.

If the bettor elected to deposit the entire $800 to Site A, he would only be eligible for $200 in bonus funds.

The same bettor would obtain a more comfortable sum of $600 in bonus money if he transferred his full $800 bankroll to Site B.

He might have earned a substantial amount of $800 in bonus money by making deposits of $200 to site A AND $600 to site B, which would have been the most advantageous course of action.

It’s simple to maximize the value of the bonuses offered at daily fantasy sites with a little advance planning, so keep that in mind. You should continually be on the lookout for opportunities to increase your expected value if you’re serious about trying to win money.

Bettors need to be aware of another detail in the tiny print about these bonuses. As you participate in real money competitions, they are gradually released into your account instead of all at once. Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions for bonus offers, and then make sure to take the necessary steps to receive the most money possible.

Keep in mind the salary cap

Salary caps are typically not used in season-long fantasy leagues. Participants pick players in turns throughout the draft, which lasts virtually the entire day because once a player is chosen, he is no longer available to the other participants. There are significant contrasts between that setup and the setup used by daily fantasy systems.

It doesn’t take long to put up a line-up, which is one benefit of the daily fantasy sports hobby. However, since line-ups cannot go beyond the allotted salary cap, they must be kept within a budget. The “salary” paid to each player is decided by algorithms specific to each site. These algorithms consider the player’s past performance as well as his anticipated performance.

Finding value that others overlook is necessary to succeed in daily fantasy sports. The number of points a player might earn each dollar must be calculated by bettors. Most people don’t learn how to play season-long fantasy sports because they lack this competence.

Additional Information

When picking fantasy sports teams, we’ve produced a strategy essay that explains how to get the best deal possible.

This is full with excellent tips for making the most of your money.

Play Around with Various Contest Formats

You might only be participating in daily fantasy sports for the entertainment value. If that’s the case, make sure to enter the many contests that are offered. Based on how much fun you had, decide which ones you prefer, and play more of those in the future.

On the other hand, you can be adamant about turning your new interest into a business. In that situation, it might make sense to concentrate more on the cash games. For instance, you may concentrate mostly on head-to-head matches where one player competes against the other for the prize money. These are low-variance games with generally modest payouts. A skilled player can perhaps routinely win more than half of these games. Players who participate frequently in this kind of competition are known as grinders.

As an alternative, you might be the kind of person that likes to make a great profit. If so, you’ll adore the games featuring a tournament structure. There is less probability of winning, but the monetary awards are substantially larger. For instance, in a competition with 1000 participants, only the top 100 finishers will receive prizes. Additionally, the prizes are distributed in a stepped manner according to your score. For instance, first place can pay twice as much as second place.

Suitable Reading

Before you’ve tried them all, it’s nearly impossible to determine which competitions are best for your unique temperament and objectives. We advise reading our post on the various daily fantasy sports contest kinds in order to gain a better understanding of how each type operates.

How to Manage Your Money Well

Effective bankroll management is one of the most important aspects of any gaming strategy. Determining how much to put into a bankroll for the hobby is the first stage in this process. Only set aside money for fantasy sports with the understanding that you’re willing to lose or spend it. Do not use rent or grocery money for this, for obvious reasons.

Even for players who consistently win, the basic goal of bankroll management is to keep from going broke. This means avoiding betting your entire money on a single game. There is always a danger of losing, and it is incredibly simple to go bankrupt if you bet all of your money on one contest. There is still too much risk involved, even if you place half of your money on one contest and the other half on another contest.

Depending on the kind of contests you enjoy playing, different players have different bankroll needs for daily fantasy sports. You should only enter competitions where you can afford to pay at least 10 entry fees if you mostly play cash games, where 50% of participants are paid out. Even better is twenty. This indicates that if you have $1,000 in your account, it would be better to enter 20 contests at a price of $50 each rather than 10 contests at a price of $100 each.

You must consider the increased challenge of winning when you play mostly in tournaments. Ideal bankroll size ranges from 40 to 80 times the admission cost. With $1,000, you should consider competing in tournaments with a $25 or $10 registration fee.

Recall that staying out of debt is the main objective. But good bankroll management won’t help you if you’re a losing player. There are methods that can make you successful over the long term.

Prepare yourself for the commissions.

The terms vig or vigorish are undoubtedly well-known to sports bettors. The commission that sportsbooks and bookies charge their customers is sometimes referred to as juice. In essence, that is how they earn a living. Daily fantasy sports websites charge commissions since they must also generate revenue.

Additional Information

There is an article in our sports betting guide that you might find interesting to read if you don’t place many bets on sports or simply don’t know what the vig is. We’ve covered all the various methods that bookmakers can profit inside.

Compared to conventional sports betting, the commissions for daily fantasy sports are a little greater. Here is the distinction.

When you wager $110 at a sportsbook, you forfeit the entire sum if you lose. You receive your $110 back plus a profit of $100 if you win. Due to the vig that the sportsbook levies, even if you win 50% of the time, you will still lose $5 on average per wager.

In daily fantasy sports, if one player wagers $100, their rival will do the same. The winner receives $180 in prize money, with the website keeping 10% of that. If you only succeed 50% of the time, each wager will cost you $10 on average.

What the aforementioned demonstrates is that daily fantasy sports commissions are essentially double as high, which leads some people to believe that their commission is too high. We don’t think that’s the case though, especially not for Americans. The pros of playing an entirely legal game and being able to use legitimate deposit and withdrawal methods far outweigh the cons of paying a slightly higher commission.

Here’s another point in favor of daily fantasy sports. You’re betting against other people in daily fantasy sports, many of whom might not be as good at picking a winning roster as you are. When betting against a bookmaker, the people on the other end of the bet are almost certainly more knowledgeable than you are. If they’re not, then you’re one of the exceptional sports bettors and this entire page is probably not applicable for your situation.

So, yeah, playing daily fantasy sports means paying extra fees in commissions but that’s okay in our view.

Specialize and Focus

It’s difficult to be an expert at a lot of different things.

If you have dozens of goals and can’t focus on them all, you’ll likely fail at achieving them. If you specialize, though, you can focus on just one or two goals, and have every chance of achieving them.

To win at daily fantasy sports, you’re going to have to be considerably more skilled than the competition. That requires developing a lot of knowledge and insight into the relevant sports. If you focus and specialize on just one sport to begin with, then you’re much more likely to find some success. Two sports might be okay as well.

However, once you start trying to master fantasy sports for three or four different sports, you’ll almost certainly start losing the ability to get an edge. It’s unlikely that any beginner is going to be able to master the intricacies of that many sports at once. So our advice is to just focus on one at first.

The Vegas Lines Are Your Friends

No one in the world is better at calculating how the games are going to turn out each week than the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. This information can be used to your advantage when playing daily fantasy sports if you know what to look out for.

For example, one of the most common bets offered by a Vegas sportsbook is the over/under. It’s a bet that a game will go over a certain number of points or under that number of points. Theoretically, there’s approximately a 50% chance of winning such a bet.

Suppose a game has an over/under bet of 47. For a bet on the over to win, the teams would have to have a combined score of 46 or less. For a bet on the under to win, there would have to be a combined score of at least 48 or better.

The games with the high over/under bets are the teams which are expected to score the most points. Stacking players from both sides of those games is one way to use the Vegas line to make a decision about your line-up.

Combining that information with the point spread to determine if that’s worthwhile or not is certainly a smart approach. If, for example, the spread is only 3 points, then it’s clear that Vegas expects that game to have almost the same number of points on each side and still have a high scoring game. It would, therefore, make sense to pick players from both teams. On the other hand, if one team is favored by 14 points in that situation, it might not want be such a good idea to stack players from both sides of that game.

Make friends with the Vegas lines. There are all kinds of ways to use that information to help you get an edge at daily fantasy sports.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

You’re new to the hobby. So what? Everyone was new at one time. Everyone’s had losing streaks. It’s not the end of the world. By following our advice about not risking money you need for something else, like the rent for example, then losing at fantasy sports isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s just part of the learning process.

Repeating the same mistakes is something else entirely but, even then, beating yourself up accomplishes nothing. Take the following attitude to heart: no shame, no blame. There’s no need to be ashamed if you have some bad luck and there’s no need to blame yourself. As long as you’re learning and improving, then there’s no reason not to be content.

In fact, maintaining this attitude will help you become a winner in the long run. Calm people make better decisions and learn faster.

Have Fun & Gamble Responsibly

Daily fantasy sports are a lot of fun and that’s really all that matters for most people that play them. Unless you’re determined to be a pro and make a living from them, you really should focus on just having fun. Winning money is enjoyable of course, but try not to let that become the main priority. Even if you do go down the route of playing professionally, it’s still important to enjoy playing. No-one should have a career that they hate.

It should also be noted that one of the tell-tale signs of gambling addiction is continuing to wager even when you’re not enjoying yourself any more. That’s compulsion in action and it’s ugly. So here’s a simple but vital piece of advice.

When you stop having fun, stop playing daily fantasy sports.

You can always pick the hobby up again later, after taking a break, to see if it was just a mood swing on your part. Everyone needs a break from something once in a while, even when it’s something that they love. However, please get help if you believe an addiction to gambling is a possibility. Don’t ruin your life and the lives of your family members.

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