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15 Strong Arguments for Participating in Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports are the fantasy industry’s future, and they are awesome.

Let’s assume that you are still undecided. You’ve browsed this website, looked over my guides on daily fantasy sports, read up on salary caps, and even chosen a few websites to create accounts on. You’re prepared for the spotlight.

However, for some reason, you haven’t fired the gun. You’re being hindered by something.

You must be aware of the numerous daily fantasy sports competitions offered by FanDuel, DraftKings, and Draft Street. You also notice that lots of people are having a great time every day and winning real money. You can without a doubt do the same.

But if you want to win, you have to participate.

I’m going to bombard you with reasons to participate in daily fantasy sports competitions below, including sports like basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. You won’t have a reason to put it off once you’ve finished reading this page.

Ready to take a look for yourself? So let’s get going.

No need to commit to a full season, according to rule #1.

“I can’t play all season; I’m too busy, I don’t have the time.” It’s been said before. Man up! This will be obvious to you if you have experience participating in leagues that last the entire season. You are already aware of the significant burden that comes with committing to a complete season. It’s a major time sink, the majority of leagues demand a sizeable financial “investment” (I use the phrase loosely), and early-season losses can completely obliterate your prospects of success.

You can enter and exit daily fantasy sports competitions in less than a day. Actually, the entire process could only take two or three hours, from the moment you enter a contest to the evening’s last match.

#2 – It’s Draft Day every day.

Every Day, Pick a New Team

I adore the draft day. I occasionally still participate in season-long fantasy leagues, and draft day is always my favorite part of those games (besides crushing the competition, of course). The issue is that it only occurs once. To improve my lineup, I can trade players, but that’s not the same thing.

Every day becomes a draft day when you participate in daily fantasy football or any other kind of 1-day fantasy sports game. You do get to choose a new team every day, after all.

No More Late-Season Desperation, No. 3

Remember the last time your fantasy sports team had a poor start? You probably started to have second thoughts after a few weeks about your ability to win your league. If nothing changed by the middle of the season, you might have even begun to perspire a little.

You don’t have to worry about things like that at websites like Because there is no late-season action, there is no late-season desperation. Keep in mind that these competitions end in one day.

#4 – No legal hurdles to clear

In the majority of the US, betting on daily fantasy sports is entirely legal (a few states, like Arizona and Montana, prohibit it). It’s simple to ignore that reality. However, if you’ve ever tried to play online poker, you know how irritating it can be to partake in an activity that is illegal.

Currently, daily fantasy sports betting is not strictly prohibited by the law.

#5: More Opportunities To Make Up Your Losses

You essentially have to wait until the next season to make up for your losses in a season-long fantasy league. Additionally, there is a significant probability that you will continue to fall deeper into the hole.

When you play at a daily fantasy website, the experience is very different. You can enter another contest the next day if you lose the one you’re currently in. It is possible to participate in multiple competitions each evening. You’ll succeed in some and fail in others. The key idea is that you don’t have to wait until the following season to balance your budget.

#5: You can select any player you like.

Traditional leagues frequently use a snake draft system. Each person drafts a player in turn. Your favorites may be selected in the draft, in which case you cannot include them on your roster. You were out of luck if picking up those players was essential to your plan.

The majority of daily leagues use a wage cap system. As long as you have enough money in your budget, you can choose any player you wish to draft. It’s similar to going on a shopping binge and purchasing everyone you can.

#7: It’s Simpler To Accept Players’ Injuries

Jay Cutler, the quarterback, tore his groin last year. Do you recall when Jermichael Finley’s back hurt? What about RB Doug Martin, whose shoulder was injured? It’s likely that you suffered just as much as they did from their injury if you had any of these players in your fantasy football squad (well, okay, maybe not that much). They were not playable or tradable. For the remainder of the season, perhaps, you were stuck with them on the bench.

Now imagine that you are participating in a daily fantasy NFL competition. Your quarterback stumbles into a dogpile and ends up being carted off the field with a shattered collarbone. At that point, your chances of winning your league may be incredibly slim. The good news is that the competition ends that evening. By selecting a different team the next day, you can start over.

#8: Huge Guaranteed Prize Pools Available

2014’s biggest NBA tournament

Fair enough, season-long fantasy sports leagues can have some very sizable prize pools. However, the number of participants and the registration price are always reflected in their size.

You can find so-called “guaranteed” games at, as well as at and These are competitions that, regardless of the number of participants, start out with a reward pool that is guaranteed. The awards are frequently enormous.

For instance, I’m currently considering a $120K NBA Super Slam at FanDuel. There is a limit of 5,362 participants. The important thing to remember is that FanDuel will pay out $120,000 even if only half of those people sign up. Even better, there is a $25 admission fee.

#9: Fantasy sports are available whenever you choose to play.

Each day, thousands of competitions are offered by the Big 3 daily fantasy sports websites. One competition finishes, and another one begins in its stead.

How does that make you feel? It implies that you’ll never struggle to find game-playing possibilities.

#10: Everything Can Be Done in Less Than Ten Minutes.

She stated as such. Earlier, I said how much I enjoy draft day. It is real. I do. The issue is that playing in a season-long league requires a lot of time. It can take the full day to draft guys. It might not be possible for you to play if you’re married, have children, or have a demanding job.

You can finish everything with daily fantasy sports in 10 minutes with baseball, basketball, and fantasy football. You are not required to wait on others. In the time it takes to take a shower and brush your teeth, you can make your lineup and confirm your registration if you know the players you want and have the money to draft them. Hell, you can even complete it while taking a lunch break and still have time for sleep.

#11 – There Are Always People Willing To Play.

You can stop asking your friends to join a fantasy league by calling them instead. There is no longer a search for other kids to play with. You join a sizable community of players when you sign up for an account on websites like FanDuel and DraftKings. A lot of people play almost every day.

#12 – The Automated Money Part of the Games

When did you last win your season-long league? You presumably believed you would receive the money on that day. Later, reality took over. Some of the people who owed you money abruptly stopped returning your calls or emails.

Hello, winning in your neighborhood fantasy sports leagues.

Try to guess what happens if you win a FanDuel daily fantasy sports competition. You are immediately paid. The whole procedure is computerized. It’s not necessary for you to act the part of a collections agent.

#13 – There are lower entry fees.

Serious season-long fantasy leagues frequently charge astronomical admission fees. Yes, you can occasionally get in for $20 at if you don’t mind playing with the crowd. However, competitive leagues will require hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.

Consider a scenario in which you have a tight budget and cannot afford to pay $500 or more to play. If that describes you, you’ll adore daily fantasy sports websites. Entry costs might be as little as $1.

No. 14: You Can Begin Playing For Free

Freerolls are available on all of the biggest websites, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftStreet. You can participate in these competitions without having to submit an entrance fee. It’s a great offer.

Freerolls do not award financial prizes for participation. However, you’ll gain useful, risk-free experience and have a chance to learn how the websites operate. Additionally, some freerolls provide you the chance to gain entrance into competitions that do have an entry fee and offer cash prizes.

#15 – You’ll Get Bonuses for Free!

Of course, the bonuses come with conditions (come on, nobody throws out free money). However, the possibility of receiving a bonus still represents a significant benefit versus participating in your local league. Once you become a member of the website, you can participate in ongoing promotions as well.

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