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Even if legal sports betting has become more widespread in the US, daily fantasy sports (DFS) remain highly popular. NFL football is the most widely played daily fantasy sport, just like with legal gambling.

Daily fantasy NFL competitions let you take part in a fantasy football game where you can select a different roster each time.

The majority of daily fantasy websites offer a wide variety of contest possibilities. Rules, entry numbers, entry costs, and prize pools all differ amongst them.

However, the bulk of competitions are comparable. In fantasy football, you assemble a team in accordance with the rules of the website and take on other players.

You receive a percentage of the cash award if your roster ends up being among the best in the contest you entered.

Despite the fact that both owners now own prosperous online sportsbooks, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to dominate daily fantasy sports. They provide the widest variety of competitions, including the most popular games on the market.

Prize pools for certain competitions’ top six figures. FanDuel and DraftKings both held Super Bowl contests where the winner took home $1 million.

What is the NFL daily fantasy system?

NFL daily fantasy operates mostly in the same way as other DFS games. You build a team that meets the site’s specified roster requirements. The only possible scenario is that you submit a legitimate lineup while staying inside the allowed salary cap.

Your chosen squad will next face off against other teams that have the same roster requirements.

If your team scores more fantasy points than the majority of other teams, you may be eligible to win money depending on the contest’s regulations.

While contests differ in many ways, they all follow similar regulations. Some may simply contain one game, while many competitions feature the entire Sunday’s worth of games.

How to enter a DFS competition

The first step is to register for an account on a website that offers daily fantasy sports contests, such as DraftKings or FanDuel.

You can access the lobby of available contests happening that day after registering an account. You can choose your players by selecting the contest you want to enter, and then choosing the “Draft Team” option.

DraftKings and FanDuel are by far the two biggest brands in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) market. They both feature the most number of contests, users, and prize pools.

Sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have settings in place so that you may compete against people of similar skill levels, which is one of the best things about DFS.

Both websites provide games to help novice users get used to playing daily fantasy sports without competing against seasoned players.

Both “beginners only” and “rookies only” games on FanDuel exclude users with prior expertise. Additionally, it displays a legend that categorizes other users as “experienced” or “very experienced” based on how many previous competitions they have participated in.

Similar options are available in the “casual” and “beginning” lobbies of DraftKings.

Those who have played DFS games in the past are not eligible to enter these events.

What football DFS games am I able to play?

Because they both provide so many different ways to play, DraftKings and FanDuel are the market leaders in daily fantasy sports.

On both daily fantasy sites for the NFL, you can enter the following contests:

Amounts promised as prizes (GPPs)

These competitions are frequently featured games and are likely the most well-liked ones. They will take place regardless of the number of entries and offer a guaranteed prize pool of a specific dollar amount.

The biggest contests are often included in GPPs, and there is a predetermined cap on the number of entries.

These kinds of contests frequently feature over 20 different ones, each paying out at least $1,000. These can occasionally even top $1 million, like in the Super Bowl.

Casino games

Another popular way to play NFL DFS is in cash games. These are often smaller competitions with fewer entries than GPPs. You can participate in already-running cash games or even start your own that other players can join.

You can choose whether your generated contest will be a public or private game on both DraftKings and FanDuel. With your pals, you can now play NFL daily fantasy exactly like you would regular fantasy.

The fact that none of these competitions are guaranteed to run is their lone flaw. Some games won’t take place until all the available spots are filled, depending on the registration fee.

Competitive games

DFS participants also have the choice to compete against a single opponent. In head-to-head competitions, there is only one opponent, and the winner receives the entire pot of money.

With this format, your odds of winning are increased, and you can play against just one of your pals.


The NFL 50/50 contest is another well-liked DFS event. The top half of each contest’s submissions are exactly what get paid out in these games.

For instance, if there are 10 participants in the game, the top five teams will almost quadruple their earnings while the worst five teams will receive nothing.

For each of the aforementioned competitions, there are numerous versions.

You can participate in “traditional” games that have a typical, complete fantasy roster. Players have a wide range of game possibilities with this contest mode.

You can also participate in a competition using only players from a single NFL game. While you can choose any game on the calendar, these are frequently shown during primetime events like Monday Night Football in the NFL.

Other variations typically relate to the number of players needed for a roster and the positions that are included. Both DraftKings and FanDuel have different contest rules available.

Additionally, as was already noted, both websites provide casual and novice games geared for new players who are just beginning to play DFS.

How are fantasy football scores calculated?

Many common fantasy leagues score their matchups similarly to DFS fantasy leagues. Points are awarded to players for yards, receptions, and touchdowns.

For DraftKings and FanDuel, the daily fantasy football score is as follows:

NFL DraftKings Scoring


Receiving TD 4 4

25 yards of passing, 1-1

Receiving or Rushing TD 6 6

10 Receiving or Rushing Yards 1 1

Reception 1 0.5

Particular Teams or

Defense TD: 6 of 6

1-to-2 Conversion 1 1

Mistake Lost -1 -2

Thrown Interception: -1 -1

Sack 1 1

Recovery from an Interception or Fumble 2

Kick Blocked, Conversion Return, and

Safety 2 2

Allowable Defensive Points -4 to +10 -4 to +10

bonus for passing 300+ yards,

100+ running or receiving yards in three 0

The biggest distinction between the two websites is that DraftKings rewards players for reaching a yardage goal.

Running backs and receivers must accumulate 100 yards in order to gain a 3-point bonus, while quarterbacks must complete passes of 300 yards.

The points per reception are another significant distinction. FanDuel’s scoring system is set at 0.5 points per reception, whereas DraftKings’ scoring model, known as full PPR, awards one point for each grab.

Which states allow NFL DFS play?

Daily fantasy sports are slightly more complicated than legal sports betting in terms of regulation and legality. The way that different states perceive daily fantasy sites varies because DFS isn’t regarded as being the same as sports gambling.

The majority of operators have abandoned daily fantasy sports in the following states because of new regulations:



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Hampshire, New

Jersey, New

North Mexico

A new York

N. Carolina

Dakotas, North





Providence, RI

Carolina, South

Dakota, South







North Carolina



Utilize our daily fantasy sports tracker to learn more.

How is NFL DFS governed?

Different laws apply in different parts of the country to daily fantasy football.

While some states consider daily fantasy sports to be unlawful gambling, others have legalized it. The majority of states permit the use of DraftKings and FanDuel even in the absence of legislation.

NFL competitions are accessible in every state using daily fantasy sports sites. There are still some states without DFS. This is frequently decided by the state’s attorney general.

DFS versus regular-season fantasy

Although daily fantasy football and regular fantasy have many similarities, it also differs significantly in some key ways.

The biggest difference is that you can choose new players for each DFS event you participate in.

Daily fantasy sports provide you the freedom to choose any player who is available at any given time, as opposed to choosing a team at the start of the season and being locked into these players.

There is less commitment because each DFS battle frequently starts and ends on the same day.

You need to be aggressive with waiver adds and trades if you want to succeed in season-long fantasy. You have the choice of when you wish to participate in daily fantasy.

The number of teams you’re participating in makes a significant influence as well. DFS allows you to select the number of opponents, although standard fantasy typically has 10–14 people. You can play against tens of thousands of people or simply one person.

Additionally, earning money is very different. Winners are paid out quickly in daily fantasy because the game only lasts one day. The goal for regular fantasy players is to finish among the top finishers at the end of the season.

Which NFL DFS major championships are there?

Both FanDuel and DraftKings run unique competitions with a $1 million grand prize up for grabs. Users are eligible to participate in these enormous GPP games every week.

The best thing about some events is that they don’t have prohibitive entry fees. Many of these $1 million championships only cost approximately $20, despite the fact that some competitions cost well over $100.

DraftKings featured its $4 million Super Bowl LIV Millionaire, and FanDuel hosted its $3 million Big Game Bowl for this year’s Super Bowl. For each of these, the winner received $1 million.

What makes NFL DFS worth playing?

The distinction between daily fantasy and season-long fantasy leagues contributes to daily fantasy’s popularity.

The biggest difference between the two is that daily fantasy allows you to choose a new roster for each contest you enter.

DFS lets you start over every time so you’re not stuck with the players you chose in a bad draft or dealing with an injury to one of your finest players.

Additionally, there is a lot less commitment.

For the span of a season, you are not required to actively add players through waivers or keep track of everything that occurs in your league. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to DFS.

You can choose how many players you want to play with in DFS as well. DFS can be as small as a head-to-head matchup or as large as thousands of entrants, whereas normal fantasy leagues typically include roughly 12 players.

Daily NFL betting offers far quicker financial success than season-long fantasy betting.

If you manage to finish among the top entries in a competition, you’ll get paid that evening. After the full year, regular fantasy leagues often only offer a few payments to the best teams.

The NFL and DraftKings reached an agreement in September 2019 to designate the DFS service the league’s official daily fantasy partner. The new alliance, which offered DraftKings an exclusive NFL sponsorship in the DFS market, was a first for the NFL.

NFL and DraftKings contract

DFS and the gambling industry as a whole took a big step forward with the recent agreement between DraftKings and the NFL.

Single-game sports wagering was previously only authorized in Nevada; now that it is legal across the nation, there are many more prospects for sports leagues and teams.

Earlier, the NHL and MLB reached similar agreements with DraftKings. The NBA and FanDuel are partners as well.

This was a huge move for DraftKings because the NFL is the most popular sport in America in terms of spectators and money. In addition to the exclusive agreement, NFL branding is available to DraftKings for its platforms.

In addition, DraftKings may be utilized by the NFL in its media, such as NFL Network.

Can you play daily fantasy college football?

2018 saw DraftKings bring back college fantasy football after a brief absence. Users can now participate in college DFS tournaments on DraftKings and FanDuel in states where they are legal.

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