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Hockey is by far the least popular of the four main professional sports in the US. It’s unfortunate because, from the perspective of fantasy sports, it’s one of the most lucrative games. Hockey enthusiasts are just as devoted to the daily fantasy version of their sport as they are to the actual game played on the ice.

Following are some queries and responses regarding daily fantasy hockey:

Hockey tournaments are available from all of the top daily fantasy sports sites. Unsurprisingly, the largest games over the widest spectrum of buy-ins are hosted by DraftKings and FanDuel.

What is the NHL daily fantasy system?

Each player in an NHL game is given a wage and categorized by position:

• Center

• Winger

• Defense

• Goalie

Users combine positional players to create their starting lineup. Site-specific requirements for lineup composition vary, but most use one to two goalies in addition to two to four skaters from each group. A Utility position is available on some websites, like DraftKings, and it can be filled by any skater.

Salary-cap competitions are the norm for DFS. Users are free to create whatever legal player combination they like as long as the total of the wages stays within the established limit.

For several DFS sites, the lineup requirements are as follows:

Site Salary Limit

DraftKings $50,000 2 3 2 1 1

FanDuel $55,000 2 4 2 0 1

With five-man rosters, Draft also offers daily fantasy hockey in its snake-draft model.

Then, users’ lineups are placed against one another in competitions with a range of buy-ins and contest forms. Typically, edits are allowed up until the beginning of each player’s game, although some websites restrict all users once the competition starts.

What types of NHL daily fantasy games are available?

Entry fees must be paid in order to participate in any contest with a cash prize. (Some competitions have free entry and may or may not have prizes.) To make money, the website keeps a portion of each entry.

Contests can be divided into a few categories:

• Guaranteed prize pools (GPPs): A site with a maximum number of entrants offers a predetermined prize pool, which at the biggest sites is frequently in the hundreds of dollars. Whether they fill up or not, they continue to run.

Cash games: Participants can enter already-running competitions or start their own. These GPPs are smaller and less certain to run.

• Head-to-head: A competition where the winner takes home the full prize fund sets two players against one another.

• 50/50: The top half of the field doubles its investment while receiving nothing from the bottom half of the field.

There are also a variety of buy-ins for contests. Tens of thousands of dollars are guaranteed daily on the major sites. There are busy days and slow days in the daily lobbies, though; they follow the league’s schedule.

NHL games can also be played in FanDuel Friends Mode and DraftKings Leagues.

What lies ahead for hockey daily fantasy?

There has been a lot of legislative change leading up to the 2017–18 NHL season. By the time the Stanley Cup gets its next inscription, a few more states are expected to join the nearly 20 that have already made fantasy competitions lawful.

Although daily fantasy sports are still mostly illegal in Nevada, Las Vegas is the center of attention for hockey fans everywhere. The Golden Knights, the city’s expansion team, kicked off play at T Mobile Arena, just a short distance from the casinos on the Strip. In Sin City, you can place wagers on Knights games, but if you’re a local supporter, there is no DFS action available.

NHL sponsor DraftKings has affiliations with several of the league’s teams and arenas.

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