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Review of DraftKings Fantasy: Fantasy Sports Made Real

You’ve probably heard of DraftKings if you’re a fan of fantasy football or enjoy the concept of testing your sports knowledge in competitions for cash payouts. Heck, you’ve probably seen their advertisements even if you’ve only recently watched a sporting event. No matter what platform you like to use, DraftKings Fantasy offers a variety of contest types to play through its website and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Of course, you might be curious as to how daily and weekly fantasy sports competitions function if, like me, you’ve never played for cash outside of tiny pools with your fantasy league. After all, it’s better to understand what you’re getting into before you risk money, especially when it comes to placing bets on sporting events online. To find out if DraftKings Fantasy is a good fit for you and your interests, as well as how it can give you a little extra cash in your pocket for the next time you go out to watch the big game at your preferred sports bar, read our review of the site.

DraftKings Fantasy: What is it?

Daily and weekly fantasy tournaments are the company’s main revenue generator, despite the fact that DraftKings also provides casino games and a sportsbook for sports betting. Jason Robins, Paul Liberman, and Matthew Kalish founded DraftKings in 2012, and since then it has grown to become one of the most popular fantasy sports websites available. The website offers a wide variety of esports competitions beyond the NFL, including leagues like the MLB, MMA, Nascar, NBA, NHL, and PGA, even though fantasy football is what it is best known for.

DraftKings has paid out a staggering $5 billion to users of its fantasy platform to far, which is obviously the kind of number that would entice new users eager for a piece of the action to dangle their toes in the waters of daily fantasy sports competitions.

What distinguishes Daily Fantasy Sports from Season Long Fantasy?

In a conventional fantasy sports league, such as one offered by ESPN Fantasy, you would select a team of athletes and compete against other league participants each week. All the excitement and activity of a daily fantasy sports competition is contained within a single tournament. If you’re anxious to try out a different style of playing, you can select to participate in traditional draft events or choose additional contest kinds like the Flash Draft or Single-Game Showdown (more on these below). Finding the best format for you and your playing style is simple because each contest type has its own peculiarities.

What’s the process in DraftKings Fantasy?

New users can easily and quickly register with DraftKings Fantasy. Your account will function for DraftKings Fantasy if you already have one for their online sportsbook. The first step is to click the Sign Up button, after which you can begin entering data to create your account.

You’ll then need to confirm your information for security reasons. Sharing your first and last name, date of birth, address, and the last four digits of your social security number are all included in this.

Additionally, you might need to take a few extra steps to confirm your identity and account. Once more, this is done for security reasons and to make sure that you are adhering to local laws regulating online gambling. Your driver’s license can be scanned to gain an instant approval.

You’ll also need to reconfirm your location after you’ve verified your identification. This helps to maintain the integrity of the game and helps to make sure you’re using the platform properly. For instance, if you reside in Illinois, you are in a somewhat different situation because DraftKings depends on Casino Queen to function. After establishing your identification, you can fund your account and start playing. Making a one-time deposit with a credit or debit card is simple. A DraftKings gift card or PayPal are additional options.

What is the price of DraftKings Fantasy?

The buy-in for a contest on DraftKings Fantasy primarily depends on the type of competition you are playing. However, most players discover that a first investment of $5 to $10 is more than enough to get going by participating in competitions with entry costs as low as $0.25. If a player has their eye on competitions with entry fees between $1 and $3, they might also wish to make a larger initial deposit of $20 or $30.

You’ll need to do some arithmetic if you want a deposit bonus and some freerolls. This is due to the current 20% deposit bonus on initial deposits, which is valid up to $500. You can also get a free entry to any $3 paid contest in addition to the cash bonus. Even if your free bet is redeemed when you make a deposit of any amount, it wouldn’t hurt to think about what kind of financial benefit you might be seeking in addition to your $3 free contest participation.

Features of DraftKings Fantasy

Web or Mobile Experience

The user interface of DraftKings Fantasy is straightforward and simple to use. This makes it ideal for adjusting your lineup on a desktop computer during the week and watching the game with your smartphone in hand on the couch or at your preferred sports bar.

Contest Formats

The fact that DraftKings Fantasy offers a range of contest categories to accommodate various skill sets and playstyles is one of its strongest features. Explore each of these contest categories in greater detail below.

• Classic. The fantasy competitions that are most familiar to regular fantasy sports players are those that DraftKings offers. The players you choose to draft for your team will determine whether you succeed or fail in the game. There is a salary cap for Classic events, so keep that in mind. This means that you’ll need to keep a look out for players who could be gems in the rough or add value to your team and elevate it to the next level.

Draft in Flash Flash Draft may be the tournament for you if you enjoy drafting or believe you are a quick draw when it comes to selecting the best players still in the draft pool. As you rush to finish your draft in a race against the clock, Flash Draft throws curveballs in the shape of numerous in-game multipliers at you.

• Showdown in a single game. Want to take your watching experience to the next level? In a single-game showdown, you can choose your team from two opposing teams, which significantly increases the fun element when you watch the game in person. There is a salary cap in Single-Game Showdown as well, so you’ll need to consider which roles and players might actually break out throughout the game.

• Draft in Tiers. Tier drafts are a simple method to start participating in fantasy sports, as they include smaller player pools and no salary limitations.

• Draft in-game. Are you eager to use the most recent information on each player’s performance to guide your draft strategy? You can play during the first half of a game and draft during the second half of a game. Never before has overtime been so thrilling!

• Double-ups. Double-ups are a terrific method to spread your bets out and increase your chances of winning. If you place in the top 45% of competitors in double-up competitions, your winnings will automatically double.

• Qualifiers. The King of the Baseline Qualifier, one of many qualifiers offered by DraftKings Fantasy, has a sizable prize pool and allows players to enter for as little as $3. In most qualifiers, there are numerous rounds, with the winners advancing to the following round each week. With rewards all the way down to 100th place at $400, the top prize in a qualifying round can be as high as $20,000.

Options for cash-out

The FAQ section of DraftKings states that winnings and/or earnings are withdrawable. It is not possible to withdraw any form of promotional credit or pending bonuses. In order to withdraw money from DraftKings Fantasy, you must first receive a refund for any qualified deposits made during the previous 90 days.

Any unrefunded portion of your withdrawal balance may be paid to you by check or PayPal.

For whom is DraftKings Fantasy ideal?

Fantasy addicts or any fantasy sports enthusiast will have a field day with DraftKings Fantasy since there are so many different ways to play the same fantasy sports concept. DraftKings Fantasy offers a large selection of options and variants to satisfy even the most devoted fantasy gamer if you want to push your skills outside of your annual league to up the ante and excel in a wide range of competitions.

Regular sports viewers. DraftKings Fantasy is a fun, low-risk option to enhance your pleasure of selecting games if you watch sports every day of the week, regardless of whether your team is competing or not. Because of the extra commitment, your fantasy pic to give to the competition, you’ll interact with what’s on-screen in a new way.

Who is a bad candidate for DraftKings Fantasy?

Someone seeking substantial financial gain. While it’s true that you may make some good money playing DraftKings Fantasy, you shouldn’t give up your day job just because you’re winning. Despite the fact that some Fantasy tournaments may offer guaranteed prize pools, this type of sports betting should be only be used for entertainment purposes and not as a means of support.

People who have gambling issues. It can be a lot of fun to add an extra layer of excitement to your fantasy sports hobby by placing bets or playing for cash, but it can also turn into a major issue. It’s recommended to stick to more conventional fantasy sports activities if you have an addictive nature or have previously struggled with gambling.

Cons and benefits


• Mobile and desktop apps. Regardless of the platform, you are using, you can take advantage of DraftKings’ mobile app and web-based browser experience to maximize your performance in fantasy competitions.

• Low initial cost. It is simple to invest $5 to understand the platform and get a feel for what DraftKings Fantasy is all about because many contest entries cost only a quarter.

• Increases enjoyment. Sports can be considerably more fun to watch if you place tiny bets and participate in fantasy games, especially for games you wouldn’t otherwise have a stake in.


• Not all 50 states have made it lawful. In spite of being legal in the majority of the country, DraftKings Daily Fantasy contests are still prohibited in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada.

• Finding the proper contest requires some investigation. For DraftKings Fantasy, the sheer number of competitions to enter is a double-edged sword. While this implies that there is something for everyone, it also implies that you could feel overwhelmed while seeking for the best competition for your play style.

• Welcome bonuses encourage greater deposits. Although there is a welcome offer for new players, in order to maximize the 20% match up to $500, you must be prepared to make a sizable deposit to your account.


FanDuel also offers daily fantasy games, however, their minimum deposits and minimum withdrawals are higher than those of DraftKings. It’s also important to note that FanDuel’s welcome bonus is a little bit less generous than DraftKings’ current welcome bonus.

Sportsbook at the bar

Although Barstool Sportsbook has excellent material and blogs that might assist direct your fantasy strategy in a platform like DraftKings or FanDuel, it isn’t really a destination for fantasy football betting. They provide similar capabilities to DraftKings Sportsbook as a sports betting platform, but fantasy players who also want a one-stop shop for their sportsbook needs might be better suited choosing DraftKings rather than attempting to manage two different accounts.


Which nations permit DraftKings Fantasy?

The majority of US states, as well as Austria, Canada, Germany, Malta, Ireland, and the UK, permit the use of DraftKings Fantasy.

Can I exchange or redeem my tickets for money?

No. Once you’ve paid for a contest ticket, you must enter the contest using that ticket. It can’t be given back in cash.

What happens if I’ve signed up for a contest but one of my players gets hurt?

If you have enabled push notifications, you will receive a notification if a player in your starting lineup isn’t anticipated to participate before a game. This will give you the opportunity to make a substitution before the start of the game. You will receive a notification identifying the player, their updated injury status, and the final window for replacing them.

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